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  1. If they lose the Hornets name, call them the Spiders.
  2. Can I get one with this logo?
  3. 2 S.F. Demons hats 1 Demons Tie Dye shirt 1 Demons Inaugural Season Shirt 1 Demons mini helmet 1 Demons Football sign Yea, I was a Demons fan. Wish I had the Jersey.
  4. My understanding was this was a special design to save the wild polar bears. Like a special holiday edition.
  5. Or something like this... Pretty much sums up the WWE, you'd think after almost 60 years people would realize it's fake... There's a difference between being scripted and being fake. And it's a BIG difference. The storylines are fictional and the outcomes are pre-determined, but the physical toll on the body is very real. You do realize that's plywood they're landing on, right? Not only that, try & fake this:
  6. I personally think that the city colors be reserved for the respective Pro sports teams.
  7. Maybe it's me, but that logo suggests that it's launching to outer space.
  8. JBBlackwell

    Bmac's MLB

    Being a White Sox fan, I'll be nice about my feeling about the Cubs. I like the concepts. Although, I'm not sure how I feel about the solid white Cubs vest. I'm not saying it's bad. It's something great that's different. The White Sox concept is fantastic. I like the take on the late 70's era script on the jerseys. It reminds my of my very first White Sox game. Great job and I hope to see more. And one more thing, sorry for reviving a thread that hasn't been posted in for a few days.
  9. The only thing that I'm not feeling is the gray batting helmets. Especially the Orioles' one. Maybe it's the word mark on it, I'm not really sure. To me, it looks little league to me. But that's just my opinion. As for the uniforms, great job.
  10. My bad. I edited it to try to look closer to correct color.
  11. MLB: First and foremost; the White Sox. My first MLB game ever was when I was about 5 or 6. I remember sitting in the right field bleachers and seeing Chet Lemon wearing that infamous collered jersey. Also, seeing the showers in center field and harassing the opposing pitchers was it. I was hooked. The Cincinnati Reds. Johnny Bench was the reason I wanted to be a catcher in Little League. That, and I would always watch The Baseball Bunch every Saturday at noon when cartoons were over. Florida Marlins. Loved them from their very first game. In fact, my (then) future wife and I inadvertently wore the teal color to prom. NFL: Miami Dolphins. Not sure why, maybe it's because I like teal. Or whatever they call that shade of blue they wear. Indianapolis Colts. Just became a fan a few years ago. Before they beat "Da Bears" in the Super Bowl. And, I'm from Indiana. NHL: I don't follow a lot, but I like the Ducks, Sharks, and Blackhawks. I like the jerseys. College: U of Michigan. I love it when they beat the living snot out of Notre Dame. Plain and simple.