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  1. I initially thought this was a newer Nuggets home court, but it's the same as the last few years. Nvm.
  2. Not sure I like the uniforms but I do like that simple alternate color scheme than the assortment they have now, but that's just me.
  3. The new Knicks jerseys look better in up front in higher definition. They grew on me.
  4. You guys complaining about the cut offs. Wait til they start slapping ads on these uniforms...
  5. So glad the Knicks got rid of the V-Neck. It works for the Nets though.
  6. Apparently, rumors are they missed the deadline. So they may debut them in 2013-14.
  7. I bet they plan on putting ads on their jerseys. Look at all that space.
  8. I wouldn't be shocked if they didn't change this year. They're going to do what the Knicks did last year and annoy us all with the inconsistency. Also, It's about damn time the Spurs get a silver alternate. Suns technically could introduce new uniforms this season. Anybody know if they put in a notice to the league? Knicks had the lockout as an excuse. I wonder what's the excuse for the Suns?
  9. That concept looks very nice. Too bad they couldn't get the privilege to incorporate the Empire State building.
  10. Are we in agreement that the Phoenix Suns logo from 1992 to 2000 are better than the current? I loved those.
  11. Those are from the NBA store website. 2012 Knicks Jersey Launch
  12. The numbering on those NY uniforms won't look like what was shown in the reveal.
  13. The Celtics have a solid waistband. Granted they have a clover in front of there's.
  14. This was as of last season (Knicks are now crew neck obviously):