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  1. Where can I find the images from your “World License Plate redesign” thread? They've all rotted and aren't even available in the Wayback Machine.

  2. I'm sorry... I just saw the post about using my template.  Still interested?

    1. Hālian
    2. oldschoolvikings


      Ok... send me an email address

  3. I need those White Sox change, Astros change, and Kansas City primary jerseys yesterday. (And the reason I worded it like that is because I totally could see Nike ditching the tradition of white at home and gray/colors on the road.)
  4. May I please have permission to use your football templates? I love the way they look and would be more than flattered to be able to use them myself. ?
  5. When do I get to buy a Misty Mountains Avalanche home jersey? and do they come in 6X tall?
  6. I like the team logo concepts so far, and can't wait to see uniforms. Why not suffix the names of the teams with e.g. AFC (American Football Club) or GFC (Gridiron Football Club), in the vein of a lot of sports teams in Europe and South America? The city name by itself isn't sufficient enough to name the team, I wouldn't think. As for the league logo, maybe a partially laced football, with the laces that are present forming a cross shape?
  7. I just saw your concept on ESPN, of all places — they used it in a bit about the major sports events to be hosted in Los Angeles in the future, alongside the announcement that they're going to host the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad in 2028.
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