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  1. Pfft, I guess you haven't seen this shirt on this man. The kit is nice, but so is his face.
  2. Throw nike in the trash. This ish has been going on for years, where all their teams wear basically the same thing, just in different colors but now they're putting teams in other teams training gear? Garbage.
  3. Everton second and third, not sure which is which: The black and pink one is good but not great. Pink shorts could put it over the top but I hate the square collar trend. The white one is crazy, and depending on how it looks on a player (and what the shorts look like) I might love it or despise it.
  4. Arsenal - WOOF Everton - Not bad, would like to see it not buttoned all the way up, but that's a very clean kit, especially after the sweat-stains of this season
  5. As a Northwestern football season ticket holder, I love that I can now wear a purple Everton kit on days when both play.
  6. New Everton Goodison 125th Anniversary Kit to be worn against Seville this weekend.
  7. I think it may be the simplistic designs. The home screams training top, but this one feels like it's a more traditional Everton away kit.
  8. I love it. Very solid design with a traditional Everton away color and some nice modern touches. I also love that the Prince Rupert's Tower design hides in 'E' inside. EDIT: Actually the sublimated pattern contains a full "EFC".
  9. Personally, I think that's either a VERY cursory mock-up OR it's the white third kit. Because all the hype material for the away showed a much more traditional gray that Everton has used many times in the past. Plus there's the whole sublimated tower thing that's missing...
  10. New Everton cup font is the Peter Crouch of fonts.