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  1. Winning fixes everything,if they just focus on getting good young players in and surrounding them with veterans nobody will care about their uniform.I myself like the colors,dont love the logo or the script on the jerseys but for the most part I dont hate it.
  2. That's what I meant,if you rebrand the team without a bright or unique color he can't go on doing his shtick.He could keep on using the 2012-2017 red/orange jersey,but that will get lame quickly.A pink or coral jersey will allow him to go on.
  3. As long as they have an alternate coral/pink jersey all will be right in the world.Marlins man will not continue wearing the orange jersey and another bright color like coral/pink will do,the guy clearly needs a hobby.
  4. I kinda like the red or reddish wine/ beige combo with pinstripes for the home uniform.They should also wear a beige road uniform kind of like the Padres had,I've always thought all the gray road uniforms were boring but better than the baby blues that some teams wore in the 80's.It would be weird to see the Marlins not have teal in some form in the uniform but things change and just because the 2012 Marlins won't have teal doesn't mean the 2017 Marlins won't bring it back.I would be fine with a darker teal/green combo with beige but please no orange,does nothing for me.As far as that rainbow logo for the stadium,I hate it in every way possible so no rainbow uniforms or baby blues.