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  1. I think you can still incorporate white into the Bengals helmet and have it match what tiger stripes look like by fading the orange to white at the bottom of the helmet. It doesn't have to be a gradual fade either (which wouldn't look great). The actually fade at the bottom of the tiger is not that gradual either, but that's where the motivation of the orange to white fade comes from.
  2. US soccer dropped the new kits late at night for some reason, but here they are, in typical Nike templated fashion. Meh.
  3. I wish teams had freedom to recolor their league patches on primaries (I'm guessing they don't?) like they do on secondary shirts, like this one.
  4. here are a few looks at the new ESPN graphics during the game
  5. I'm betting the jerseys have thin, white pinstripes similar to those socks. As much as I wanted to see the hoops come back, horizontal pinstripes would look good too. And the blue trim coming back is very nice.
  6. When in the world would they have not been able to wear the primary but could wear this? Besides, MLS teams have a tendency just to flip colors around and wear a white shirt in clash kits that gets so boring and tired. I appreciate the creativity and different colors on the clash kits.
  7. Here's a teaser. The question is how dark the blue sleeves will be
  8. Houston Dynamo clash shirt. No adidas stripes?
  9. haven't seen it posted yet, but the Timbers teased their new change kit on twitter a while back could be horizontal red, maroon, and black stripes all the way down the shirt with the rose barbs, would be a unique look
  10. thefridge15

    Crocodile Logo

    Just my 2 cents, but I like the logo with the mouth shut. I think if you had the teeth showing with the mouth shut and had the mouth line move up and down like a croc's does, it would most closely resemble a croc, especially with a few teeth showing out of the bottom and a few out of the top. I think that's one of the most defining characteristics of a croc is that you can see the teeth with its mouth shut and that they come from the top and bottom.
  11. My favorite teams is due for new duds for the 2015 season so I did some up. Not too much fuss, but made the yellow a bit more prominent and brought in the subtle hoops.
  12. Rumored USA clash kit for the WC, looks photoshopped. Certainly isn't the highest quality leak.