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  1. I'm not sure if this is why or not, but I know CONMEBOL had a round of World Cup Qualifiers (which are one big home and home round Robin which they're very behind on already) at the start of this week, so it's possible that they weren't able to work travel/potential quarantine arrangements with a neutral host in time for the Copa
  2. This is the lowest of possible bars to clear
  3. I may be wrong, but isn't the case with MLS that their preferred option is an SSS, but they'll allow otherwise as long as there's ownership crossover between the team and the stadium, because it's about not having their teams be tenants of somebody else. Hence how Arthur Blank's Atlanta FC are allowed to share Megatron's butthole with the Falcons, NYCFC sharing with the Yankees, and I assume the Sounders must therefore share owners with the Seahawks.
  4. England's 1986 FIFA World Cup squad had two players named Gary Stevens
  5. They'd better be shaped like the iconic jaws of Husky Stadium!
  6. Rightly or wrongly the continued regular success of Boston teams across all 4 sports so far this century means that Boston fans getting involved in the general hurly-burly of sports trash talk, especially when concerning teams who aren't necessarily their rivals, does have a tendency to come across as "punching down" and making fun of those less fortunate. It's somewhat of a cliche on both sides by this point tbh, but those are the breaks of being a sports fan. This board ≠ the internet as a whole. Just because people are saying it elsewhere doesn't mean similar things have to be aired on this forum, or anywhere else for that matter.
  7. Uh, that pick may not help things with your unsettled, wantaway, all time great QB
  8. Slater's dad (at least I assume that's who it was) is an absolutely enormous man
  9. 3 WRs in the top 10, all three reunited with their old College QBs EDIT LOL the Bears have traded up
  10. Once again, Tomlin's worst record with the Steelers is 8-8; you appear to have a seriously messed up understanding of the concept of a "bad season".
  11. Sorry but it's a hard disagree on this one. FIFA and UEFA may be being run awfully by people who are varying degrees of gross but they're built on ideas which are solid and proper. This is a terrible idea from the start which only exists because a bunch of really gross super rich dudes want to get somehow even more wealthy whilst screwing over everyone else.
  12. I don't disagree with any of this. I think the issue (and a large part of why this idea blows so hard) is that it's not setting out to include Europe's "best teams" as such, but rather the "biggest clubs" - two things which do not always entirely go hand in hand. Although even then I'm still struggling to find any way to look at it where Tottenham's presence isn't completely ludicrous.
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