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  1. At least one other sport is still running in some capacity. Theres a limited amount of horse racing going on right now, if that's your bag, including in Ireland, which seems to be, literally, the only sport happening in Europe at the moment.
  2. I took that from Wikipedia, didn't realize there hadn't been an official announcement yet - in which case @Bruhammydude you may yet be right.
  3. Barring a complete messing around with the schedule, this can't happen. None of the teams 'hosting' an international game this year (Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville x2, Arizona in Mexico) are down to host the Packers.
  4. Between the existence of the G-League, and the fact that there are plenty of functioning professional basketball leagues in other countries all round the globe, there isn't really the unfulfilled player pool out there for a "second-tier" pro basketball league in the same way that there is in football.
  5. Green bay Buffalo New England Minnesota Kansas city Cleveland New Orleans Atlanta Indianapolis Philadelphia LA rams Pittsburgh Houston Oakland Dallas Seattle
  6. Houston New England San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans Indianapolis Miami (yeesh) Baltimore Atlanta NY Giants Denver Oakland Seattle Philadelphia Kansas City Green Bay
  7. Baltimore Green Bay New England Seattle Houston NY Giants Philadelphia Kansas City Detroit Cleveland Minnesota Oakland LA Rams San Francisco Buffalo New Orleans
  8. Dallas Indianapolis Baltimore Minnesota Green bay Houston New Orleans Cleveland Carolina NY Jets LA Chargers New England Tennessee Pittsburgh Seattle Philadelphia
  9. Would have taken Chicago, understand if late Dallas New Orleans Cleveland Green Bay Carolina Jacksonville NY Jets Indianapolis Philadelphia Baltimore LA Rams LA Chargers Kansas City New England Seattle
  10. Yeah Orlando may get a lot of visiting tourists but I'd imagine few of them are going to Orlando, they're just going there because its where all the theme parks are
  11. Houston Cleveland Detroit Oakland Chicago New Orleans Seattle Atlanta Buffalo Pittsburgh Tennessee New England Green Bay Baltimore