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  1. I dig the gold as an accent color, but those stripes look a bit like tyre tracks to me. Still (almost by default) better than this years halves though
  2. The eye (and the tentacle) are there though, and the logo would be much lesser without them. Trying to compare the process behind the creation of a hockey logo in 2020 with that of baseball monograms from a century earlier is not so much "apples and oranges" as it is something like "apples and flying fish"
  3. Hardly a novel take here, but I could do without the name (although I don't hate it is much as some), but holy hell the rest of this identity is an absolute winner. Colors, both logos, sweaters, all absolutely A++. Also, this is almost certainly the Liverpool fan in me, but I always previously associated "Release the Kraken" with this, way more than Liam Neeson or anything else:
  4. Lol no. Asides from anything else, the Big Ten cares enough about academics to have been majorly antsy about the fact Nebraska got removed from the AAU on basically a technicality, there's no way they're even considering North Dakota State.
  5. Vince Carter came within 1 season of being an active player on the first 5 PlayStations. If Zdeno Chara comes back next season he will have been active player on all 5. EDIT And of course Jaromir Jagr, who was around early enough to have appeared on the Sega Genesis, and recent enough for the PS4/XBone generation.
  6. I actually really like this. Lands in the sweet spot for me of being unique whilst simultaneously sounding inherently "major league".
  7. Looks like training gear, not match wear.
  8. It's still incredible to me that the 2008 Patriots are the only Patriots team to miss the playoffs in nigh-on two decades(!), and they're the only team ever under the current format to go 11-5 and miss out, and that they did it all playing the backup QB literally the entire year.
  9. It used to be 10, but they changed it a few years back. It's now 5 games played to get a medal.
  10. After thrashing Crystal Palace today Liverpool are, for the first time, within one result of the title. It could be won as soon as tomorrow, if Man City fail to win at Chelsea, even if City win Liverpool will win regardless by avoiding defeat in their next match, which just happens to be at the Etihad.
  11. They did it in the NRL (Australian rugby league) with, somewhat inevitable, results
  12. Yeah I was just about to come in and do an edit saying that this was indeed your point. The problem isn't just that the park is in a bad location, it's also that the park itself sucks!
  13. This ain't wrong per se, and I'm not saying watching hockey in a dingy warehouse is good, but it affects the overall experience much less than watching baseball in said dingy warehouse.
  14. FWIW this was my read on that too; games where they are the designated home team and not a designated number of home games.