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  1. Kansas City San Francisco Houston Jacksonville Buffalo Green Bay NY Giants Detroit LA Rams LA Chargers New Orleans Seattle Dallas New England
  2. Bulgarian fans got really racist last night
  3. New England Carolina 0-0 tie (but seriously Washington) Kansas City Seattle Baltimore New Orleans Philadelphia LA Rams Atlanta Denver Dallas LA Chargers Green Bay
  4. Seattle Philadelphia Houston Baltimore New England Buffalo Arizona Chicago NY Giants Carolina New Orleans LA Chargers Dallas Kansas City San Francisco
  5. Green Bay Baltimore Indianapolis Houston NY Giants Tennessee LA Chargers Kansas City New England LA Rams Seattle Jacksonville Chicago Dallas Pittsburgh
  6. Christian McCaffrey is really rather good
  7. Jacksonville Minnesota Buffalo New England Philadelphia Kansas City Dallas Atlanta Green Bay Tampa Bay (what an ass matchup) Carolina Seattle Houston San Francisco LA Rams Chicago
  8. They've given up over 100 points already, having played just two games. Yeesh.
  9. Whoever decided the Panthers should wear this combo should never be allowed to make even the most basic decision ever again
  10. Carolina Green Bay Seattle Tennessee Baltimore Buffalo LA Chargers Dallas Houston Cincinnati New England Kansas City Chicago LA Rams Philadelphia Cleveland @Alex Houston heads up, you picked both the Lions and Chargers, and not the Dallas Washington game
  11. Chicago Kansas City Minnesota Cleveland Buffalo Baltimore Philadelphia LA Rams LA Chargers Seattle Dallas Tampa Bay Detroit New England New Orleans Denver
  12. This is depressingly accurate
  13. Liverpool playing 7 competitions is a slight misdirect, considering 2 of them are one off matches in August, hell one was the Community Shield last weekend!