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  1. Black uniforms can GTFO, the rest of its, I dunno, fine, sort of, I guess. It ain't terrible, which in itself is kind of a victory, but looks WAY too much like a group of 5 college team for me to be a true NFL uniform
  2. Yeah solely on a geographic basis the NFL alignment would/should be what Brian in Boston posted for the AFC and then the current NFC but with Carolina and Dallas swapped. But, especially in football where only one game is played a week, I definitely think they made the right choice maintaining existing rivalries at the expense of geographic 'perfection'
  3. It's so NFL, and so terrible, that the trophy handoff, and subsequent first speech goes to the damn owner
  4. Yeah this, I mean I'm probably biased as a Panthers fan but SB 50 was an awful game, and not that I was around at the time but if I was I would have gotten pretty sick of the run of blowouts in the 80s
  5. Super Bowl XXI: Phil Simms' (11) pass bounces out of the hands of Mark Bavaro (89) and into those of Phil McConkey (80) for a TD to make it 33-10 Giants
  6. Eli Manning (10), to David Tyree (85), then Plaxico Burress (17) for 7 points, to make the Patriots 18-1
  7. This is the most Hedley Lamarr post of all time
  8. New Orleans New England (I sincerely hope I'm wrong)
  9. Green Bay Dallas Tampa Bay New Orleans New England Miami Houston Philadelphia Chicago LA Rams Seattle Pittsburgh Baltimore Kansas City LA Chargers Indianapolis
  10. Tennessee LA Chargers Cleveland Dallas Minnesota Indianapolis Miami New England Green Bay Houston Atlanta LA Rams Chicago New Orleans Kansas City Denver
  11. Kansas City Houston Denver Atlanta Detroit Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Minnesota Tennessee Jacksonville Baltimore Seattle New England LA Rams New Orleans