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  1. I removed the logo from the OP b/c apparently no one saw the part where I said it was only there for proxy since I don't design logos well haha
  2. 01, 02, etc. Oh, ok. I suppose that could work, but I still think it would look odd. Bargnani wears "7", not "07". And "0" and "00" are considered different numbers - in the event that you have players on the team wearing 0 and 00, this might not work. Sorry if I'm nitpicking, and I do give you creativity points for doing the numbers-in-claw thing, but I feel like there are some minor problems with it. Not at all. That's a good point. I didn't think about the problem of players wearing 0 or 00.
  3. I was thinking about NBA teams that could use a total redesign of their jerseys, and the Raptors came to mind. I actually like their current logo, and the font is pretty cool. Anyway, I returned the team's primary color to purple (but a darker, more majestic shade), and I changed the complementary color from black to champagne. I've paid homage to several Raptors jerseys of the past, most noticeably with the nameplates, pinstripes, and original word mark on the alternate shorts. I obviously didn't put the raptor logo on the jerseys because that would be pretty cluttered, so I used 2 alternates: the circular claw logo, and a maple leaf. I actually spent a lot of time debating whether the waistband should be gold or purple on the home uni, and eventually settled on purple for the sake of contrast. Anyway, hope you guys like it. Feedback is appreciated.
  4. That alternate logo was fine for the AHL, but it's way too cartoony for the NHL. Other than that, good work.
  5. Great update. That away jersey is 10x better than what they have now.
  6. This concept was inspired by Conrad's "fiesta" one. Unfortunately, I didn't see the other Heat concept posted today (with a similar color scheme) till now. So, sorry to add to the flurry of heat concepts on the front page I didn't think that pink and orange would work well as a primary color scheme, so I made this one as an alternate jersey.
  7. I think I prefer the original. I actually think this could work better as an alternate jersey. So if the heat used their current white and red jerseys (scrapping their black ones), and then made this black one an alternate.
  8. I actually really like the silver helmet you had in the original. It's perfect. But I do prefer the color scheme in the update for the jersey. I'm curious though, why did you change the sleeve design in the update? I thought jersey stripe in the original was the best part of the jersey. Maybe you could use the colors in the update for the base of the jersey, and keep the more simple sleeve design from the original. I think the silver pants work well too. I guess a better way of phrasing what I just said would be this: I would use the original design, but swap every use of the blue in the first with the blue in the update (the color the seahawks use now). I hope that made sense haha.
  9. So I decided to create a "fauxback" of sorts for the Carolina Hurricanes. Technically the franchise is 40 years old, so I don't think it's too ridiculous. I darkened the shade of red and made the shoulder patch and hurricane flags off-white (they are both black in the current alternate). Hope you guys like it, and feedback is appreciated.
  10. A felony??????? Gees! Taking this a little bit too seriously maybe? And to answer your question, it comes from my imagination and I did it on a concepts forum. I don't see any rules or guidelines regarding the choice of colours in a posted concept. And to answer the other fella, if I wish to imagine a black jersey for a team that doesn't the color black in the colour schemem what is the problem with that? This is a concepts board guys.... Concepts board.... Think about it, cooooooooncepts! People have business creating what ever they want to create... My comment wasn't directed at you, man. You have every right to make whatever concept you like, and frankly I think you did a good job here. I'm simply saying that it's ridiculous that the islanders are getting a black alternate (or so goes the rumor).
  11. If you have no black in your team's color scheme, you have no business wearing a black jersey.
  12. I first looked at this and thought the colors were gaudy. Then after staring at it for a couple of minutes I started to really like it. I love the neck and waist trim, and the alternate logo is fantastic. The only change I would make would be to change the outline color for the name/numbers on the home jersey from turquoise to pink. The away jersey is great as it is. Other than that, awesome concept!