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  1. The Rays, and that includes the Devil Rays era.
  2. Championship shirts/hats. I just don't like the concept of hiding the jerseys you sweated and bled in all season underneath some corporate-branded POS.
  3. Here's Fox's new NHL score bug: And here you can see the new replay wipes:
  4. I've found what appears to be the 2014 World Series logo, in the video game MLB 14: The Show. (I don't actually own the game, I'm going by a YouTube video of the Blue Jays' victory celebration.) For those of you unable or unwilling to open the video... I'm saddened to report that the logo appears to be exactly the same as last year's, just with the year removed. This is a distressing development, as MLB was the last holdout of the Big 4, in terms of making a unique logo for its championship every season.