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  1. Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe played for both the Detroit Red Wings (1687 games) and the Detroit Vipers (one shift), so I based this Red Wings Reverse Retro concept off of the Vipers jerseys he wore for that game. For the logo I chose the modernized D from Detroit's 2016 Stadium Series jersey.
  2. Chicago Blackhawks I based this Blackhawks Reverse Retro concept off of the jerseys worn by the WHA's Chicago Cougars, even though some of the charm is lost without the yellow and green colour scheme. I did keep the Cougars unique front number placement though, and I chose the Blackhawks alternate logo as the front crest.
  3. Great idea for a series! I was always a fan of the Thrashers original jerseys as well, and this version also looks really good.
  4. New York Rangers This concept was especially enjoyable to make, a Rangers Reverse Retro design in the style of the New York Americans' 1926-27 jersey (which happens to be the same year the Rangers debuted). I tried to match the name and number fonts to those on the aforementioned Americans jersey, and I added a star to the tan pants as an experimental idea.
  5. New Jersey Devils This jersey concept for the New Jersey Devils is based off of the old jerseys worn by the Jersey Devils of the Eastern Hockey League. I reversed the colours by swapping black and white, and I also recoloured the Devils logo.
  6. These are all great! I love the unique details (like Seattle's stylized striping, and Tri-City's steam cloud shoulder yoke). The Winterhawks one is my favourite though, it's such an improvement over their current set.
  7. Vancouver Canucks The Canucks could really use green jersey in their arsenal, so I did a Reverse Retro of the Vancouver Millionaires' jersey in green and navy. It was either going to be this or a WHL Canucks inspired concept.
  8. Buffalo Sabres I'd love to see the Sabres try another yellow jersey, here is one based off of the old Buffalo Bisons of the AHL. I went with white numbers to better match the Bisons' jerseys, but I'm now thinking blue numbers would have been the better option.
  9. San Jose Sharks I've seen many Sharks concepts based off of the California Golden Seals, this here is my version. As you can see, I chose white as the base colour (with teal and black stripes), and used the Sharks original logo as the front crest. The striping pattern follows the Golden Seals 1974-76 jerseys as accurately as I could.
  10. Arizona Coyotes The latest concept in this series is a Coyotes jersey based off the 1974-75 Phoenix Roadrunners. I chose "Desert Sand" as the base colour, and went with the logos from the Coyotes Kachina set. You'll notice the sock stripes don't match the jersey, they didn't on the Roadrunners original white jersey either.
  11. Pittsburgh Penguins I based this Penguins Reverse Retro concept off of the Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-28 jerseys, but I could have chosen any of the three jerseys that NHL team wore. I decided to use yellow pants mostly as an experiment, and also because I thought it might add to the vintage look. Thanks! Here's how it looks with blue equipment...
  12. This is great! I agree that you should stick with the green version, it works best with the gold bill.
  13. Montreal Canadiens The Montreal Wanderers only played four games in the NHL, but that didn't stop me from using them as inspiration for this Canadiens Reverse Retro concept. The jersey uses the Canadiens red and blue (instead of the Wanderers white and red), and the logo combines the Canadiens "CH" with the Wanderers shield.
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