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  1. Pittsburgh Penguins I based this Penguins Reverse Retro concept off of the Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-28 jerseys, but I could have chosen any of the three jerseys that NHL team wore. I decided to use yellow pants mostly as an experiment, and also because I thought it might add to the vintage look. Thanks! Here's how it looks with blue equipment...
  2. This is great! I agree that you should stick with the green version, it works best with the gold bill.
  3. Montreal Canadiens The Montreal Wanderers only played four games in the NHL, but that didn't stop me from using them as inspiration for this Canadiens Reverse Retro concept. The jersey uses the Canadiens red and blue (instead of the Wanderers white and red), and the logo combines the Canadiens "CH" with the Wanderers shield.
  4. Philadelphia Flyers This was the obvious Flyers concept for this series, a Philadelphia Quakers jersey with orange and black reversed and the Flyers logo on the front. The arms would probably look better with fewer stripes, but I wanted to keep it accurate to the original.
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets The Cleveland Barons were the NHL's first team from Ohio, so I based this Blue Jackets Reverse Retro concept off of their jerseys. For the primary colour I choose the "Steel Blue" from Columbus' third jersey (also using the cannon logo from that jersey), and I made sure to include the Barons' Ohio state outline behind the sleeve numbers.
  6. Great series so far! I like all the changes you made to the Stars home and roads, and I also like how the alternate is reminiscent of their 90's jerseys (but better). The update with green pants makes the Reverse Retro much better.
  7. New York Islanders This is my take on an Islanders Reverse Retro based off of the Brooklyn Americans' 1941-42 jersey. Orange becomes the primary colour instead of white (I also swapped red for blue, and blue for white), while I used the Islanders alternate "NY" logo as the crest. The socks are actually from the Americans' 1925-26 set.
  8. Would make a great Winter Classic jersey!
  9. Colorado Avalanche I love the Avalanche's Quebec Nordiques inspired Reverse Retro, but for this series I chose to base my concept off of the Colorado Rockies instead.
  10. Ottawa Senators I've always liked the mismatching striping patterns on the Ottawa Nationals' jerseys, so I brought back that design for this Senators Reverse Retro concept. My initial plan was to use gold as the base colour, but it looked terrible so I went with silver instead.
  11. Thanks! St. Louis Blues This was a fun one to do, the Blues in the style of the short-lived St. Louis Eagles! The base colour becomes the bright blue from the Blues third jersey, while yellow and navy replaces the Eagles red and royal blue. The arched "Blues" script comes from their 1984-87 logo.
  12. Minnesota Wild Next up is a Wild concept based off of the Minnesota Fighting Saints. I chose "wheat" as the base jersey colour since the Wild have never had a wheat jersey before, but went with a green helmet since a wheat helmet wouldn't look as good (in my opinion).
  13. I've decided to do a series of Reverse Retro concepts, but as a twist all the concepts will be inspired by past franchises. To start off here's a Calgary Cowboys (WHA) inspired Flames concept. Calgary Flames The only changes from the Cowboys' actual jerseys are yellow replacing white, and the Flames logo replacing the cowboy hat logo used by the Cowboys. I probably won't make concepts for every NHL team, but it should be more than half the teams for sure.
  14. Bonus concept unrelated to this series (I didn't want to start a new thread). Seattle Kraken: There's nothing too crazy here, I just wanted to see how their "Ice Blue" colour would work for a third jersey (because I'm sure Seattle will have a jersey this colour at some point in the future).