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  1. When I see the new NWL emblem, I think of "happy little trees"'s so soothing to look at, from the colors to the symmetry of the landscape....and yet, the roundel, the initials and the baseball solidify the identity that this logo portrays..... a baseball league of the Northwestern US.
  2. Old logo is on the left, new logo on the right
  3. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store was doing some national promotion on Fox and Friends this morning, when I noticed some subtle differences between the logo they have used for a while now, and the logo they were's not drastic, but it is noticeable, and I feel worthy of discussion I have looked everywhere, but I can't find anything else about I suppose I'll be the first to post this EDIT: My apologies......I should've indicated which is which. the old logo is on the left, and the newer one is on the right.
  4. Actually, I think the pants are indeed correct......the bagginess of the jersey just overhangs on the pant waist stripe in the pic
  5. Color me weird or whatever......but I had a dream that the Jags switched to Teal helmets and Teal socks.......and didn't look half bad, TBH. A person can hope, I suppose. (I couldn't think of another thread to put this in)
  6. Will the Athletics ever wear their Yellow jerseys again?
  7. First 6th and 7th round picks; next they'll be making their 1st round picks being based in London. The NFL seems very adamantly set on having the Jaguars being the London "test dummy" before they shove them over there for reals. I would love to know what so many have against the Jags staying in Jacksonville when they can actually outdraw Tampa Bay in a given season. Is it just because it's Jacksonville?? It boggles my mind to think that, even with the stadium renovations, past and future, as well as developments of land near the stadium by Shad Khan, people believe that this team will just up and go when they want to. If Shad really wanted to take the Jags out of Jax and to London, he wouldn't invest a single dime in ANYTHING inside Jacksonville, because that would be a huge waste of money, and therefore bad business sense. Khan didn't become a billionaire by making stupid business decisions. So what if there's one game in hasn't been increased beyond one game. I'm just so annoyed that people want to take my team away. /rant
  8. I just came back from Daytona Tortugas batting practice this afternoon, where I made a weird discovery. Along with the rest of their uniform set, which consists of green hats, green alts, green scripts and numbers, and green stirrups, their batting helmets are black. They are the THIRD team (that I know of) in Minor League Baseball that uses a predominantly green palette but uses a black helmet. Is there some unwritten/unknown rule in MiLB that forbades green batting helmets from being used? This is going to drive me crazy all season because this look was would be perfect if it wasn't for this one thing.
  9. The Tortugas swinging turtle logo was actually designed by Studio, it's really an MiLB-wide design phenomenon
  10. Yeah......where's the "L" in the actual logo? I've been looking at this for 5 minutes and cannot find it.
  11. I submitted a design......and I know for a fact that my design is better than the all the pieced together photoshopped ones. I hope it would win, but it won't because there's still a lot of good ones out there.
  12. Robbie Aaron of the Tortugas posted this on Twitter today Looks even better in real life!