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  1. When I see the new NWL emblem, I think of "happy little trees".........it's so soothing to look at, from the colors to the symmetry of the landscape....and yet, the roundel, the initials and the baseball solidify the identity that this logo portrays..... a baseball league of the Northwestern US.
  2. Old logo is on the left, new logo on the right
  3. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store was doing some national promotion on Fox and Friends this morning, when I noticed some subtle differences between the logo they have used for a while now, and the logo they were using.....it's not drastic, but it is noticeable, and I feel worthy of discussion I have looked everywhere, but I can't find anything else about it.......so I suppose I'll be the first to post this EDIT: My apologies......I should've indicated which is which. the old logo is on the left, and the newer one is on the right.
  4. Actually, I think the pants are indeed correct......the bagginess of the jersey just overhangs on the pant waist stripe in the pic
  5. I just came back from Daytona Tortugas batting practice this afternoon, where I made a weird discovery. Along with the rest of their uniform set, which consists of green hats, green alts, green scripts and numbers, and green stirrups, their batting helmets are black. They are the THIRD team (that I know of) in Minor League Baseball that uses a predominantly green palette but uses a black helmet. Is there some unwritten/unknown rule in MiLB that forbades green batting helmets from being used? This is going to drive me crazy all season because this look was would be perfect if it wasn't for this one thing.
  6. The Tortugas swinging turtle logo was actually designed by Studio Simon......so, it's really an MiLB-wide design phenomenon
  7. Robbie Aaron of the Tortugas posted this on Twitter today Looks even better in real life!
  8. So, they're not the Pawtucket Red Sox anymore, Now the Pawtucket Pawsox? I guess that's fine, but I have a question that burning my mind.......why are ALL these teams adding light blue jerseys all of a sudden, even when the parent club doesn't have the color in its palette(sp?)? Unrelated note, here's a SWINGING Tartouga!!!!
  9. Here's a better look at BOTH Home and Road Uniforms Same Colors, Same Piping, Same Arching Font, Same Numerals, SAME Cap and (presumably) Helmet.......on BOTH Uniforms Nickname on Home White, City on Road Gray...... These are as perfect a set of baseball uniforms as you can get. 11/10 if possible
  10. I always called us DAYTONIANS, but I guess that was incorrect the whole time LET'S GO 'TUGAS!!! clap clap clapclapclap
  11. You do know that Studio Simon, Brandiose etc do not choose the names right? How embarrassing for me. No I didn't. Now I do
  12. As for Daytona, ANY NAME that's not "DAYTONA SPEED" should be fine with me, and given Studio Simon's past work, I don't think we're going to see a name like that. (fingers crossed)
  13. I'm not dissing Brandiose (everyone knows I'd give anything to be in his spot).......but why is it that we don't hear as much good about Studio Simon as we hear bad about Brandiose? When was the last time Studio Simon did a Minor League team? I can't remember.
  14. I'd bet you my last dollar it won't be "Daytona Reds" Anyway, I will be at the unveiling in person next Thursday.
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