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  1. More soccer, this time in a country that actually calls it that. Colorado v New England.
  2. That's an interesting case, because the Patriots and Rams both changed sets for 2000 so these shouldn't have coexisted. Even ignoring the fact the Rams brought out a throwback, this was the only meeting between the 2017-19 Rams set and the Patriots. And on that note, the Rams only actually brought out the white horns once against the Patriots:
  3. And on that note, here's the last major update for every team. I'm defining it as either a primary jersey color change or something casual fans would recognize as a new set. Browns: 2020 Buccaneers: 2020 Chargers: 2020 Falcons: 2020 Patriots: 2020 Rams: 2020 WFT: 2020 Jets; 2019 Jaguars: 2018 Titans: 2018 Lions: 2017 Dolphins: 2013 Vikings: 2013 Broncos: 2012 (primary jersey color change; white jersey last changed in 1997) Seahawks: 2012 Bills: 2011 49ers: 2009 Cardinals: 2005 Giants: 2005 Bengals: 2004 Texans: 2002 (never changed) Saints: 2000 Ravens: 1999 (minor tweaks in 2000) Steelers: 1997 Cowboys: 1996 Eagles: 1996 (minor tweaks in 2003) Panthers: 1995 (never changed) Packers: 1989 (I'm counting the sleeve G as a separate set; otherwise 1961) Colts: 1987 (they've made minor tweaks here and there, but nothing outright new) Bears: 1973 Raiders: 1971 Chiefs: 1968 (I'm counting the addition of the sleeve stripes; otherwise 1963, never changed post-relocation)
  4. Because the Spiders were basically St. Louis' farm team for a year?
  5. Even if they don't introduce an alt, this is still adding black for black's sake.
  6. Raiders logos will remain the same. Any script logos which previously used "Oakland" were directly changed to use "Las Vegas" instead.
  7. At the very least, they should have spelled out "Sun Belt".
  8. I might as well go down the list. 2019 CAH: 49ers (pre), Rams (pre), Patriots, Eagles WAH: Redskins, Saints, Jets, Giants, Lions, Bears 2018 CAH: 49ers (pre), Texans (pre + reg), Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Colts, Giants, Rams (post) WAH: Panthers, Redskins 2017 CAH: Cardinals (pre), Broncos, Cardinals, 49ers, Redskins, Falcons, Raiders, Eagles WAH: Rams (pre), Giants 2016 CAH: Seahawks (pre), Redskins, 49ers, Packers, Steelers, Vikings (forced), Giants, Eagles WAH: Rams (pre), Browns 2015 CAH: Chargers (pre), 49ers (pre), Giants, Redskins, Packers, Bills WAH: Eagles, Saints, Buccaneers, Dolphins 2014 CAH: Chargers (pre), Dolphins (pre), Seahawks, Jaguars, Giants, Bears, Eagles, Redskins, Packers (post) WAH: Titans, Rams
  9. The extra stripe appears to be a downgrade.
  10. "49ers" is staying around, and the shark mascot is replacing Prospector Pete. Wikipedia isn't trustworthy on the May 2020 date.
  11. Ordinarily one-off jerseys wouldn't qualify, but the Mets are already Hershiser's wrong team, so...
  12. If anything, OKC Hornets CP3 would be right team/wrong uniform.
  13. On that note, the Steam version of 2K9 also included the Thunder, despite being primarily based on the PS2 version. (Steam, of course, is also patchable.)
  14. And on the topic of Chris Paul in Oklahoma City...
  15. Probably not. Most Oregon uniform sets (across all sports) include that dark green.
  16. Even assuming they aren't style-guide restricted, this makes a tiny bit of sense for two reasons: The modern Rays use this cap when throwing back to 1998. The legitimate cap is also selectable in-game.
  17. The better option with the Cowboys, then, is to use a different silver. Or stick with the two silvers they have.
  18. At least we're all in agreement on the fact yellow is best.
  19. While we're running with Bautista images... (Can't find an embeddable Bautista Devil Rays picture)
  20. I see the Marlins' name provision as similar to the Angels' provision from 2005. It could change if both parties want it to. But I believe we're getting off topic.
  21. The Motre Bame set added green, which breaks things a bit.
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