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  1. On that note, the Steam version of 2K9 also included the Thunder, despite being primarily based on the PS2 version. (Steam, of course, is also patchable.)
  2. And on the topic of Chris Paul in Oklahoma City...
  3. Probably not. Most Oregon uniform sets (across all sports) include that dark green.
  4. Even assuming they aren't style-guide restricted, this makes a tiny bit of sense for two reasons: The modern Rays use this cap when throwing back to 1998. The legitimate cap is also selectable in-game.
  5. The better option with the Cowboys, then, is to use a different silver. Or stick with the two silvers they have.
  6. At least we're all in agreement on the fact yellow is best.
  7. While we're running with Bautista images... (Can't find an embeddable Bautista Devil Rays picture)
  8. I see the Marlins' name provision as similar to the Angels' provision from 2005. It could change if both parties want it to. But I believe we're getting off topic.
  9. Wait, are we back to not posting names again?
  10. The Motre Bame set added green, which breaks things a bit.
  11. If they get the forest green out of there and don't go BFBS, almost anything would be an improvement.
  12. The '02 Redskins are probably the best comparison, as they're one of the few non-Cowboys teams to wear a throwback as their de facto regular dark jersey. Though in their case, it was more of a fauxback.
  13. Alex Rodriguez (though the Yankees might be his "right" uniform in the end)
  14. They claim to have an exemption from the league during this "transitional" period, similar to the Jaguars' 2012 situation.
  15. Obligatory reminder for these kinds of topics: post the player's name. Not everyone recognizes a player by jersey alone.
  16. The pants striping is also a bit iffy.
  17. You call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled.
  18. What was with the kerning on that number font?
  19. Batting helmets aside, the Brewers did a good job recreating their old jerseys.
  20. Perhaps, for once, selling more jerseys isn't the reason. I admit it's a long shot, but the only reasonable options for a black jersey are this or Batman.