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  1. I actually own a Marleau Alt jersey with the "C"... I believe it's an XL. Barely worn but I love it... would take a good amount to part ways
  2. Love the '08 San Antonio logo... guess I'm a sucker for the hat look since I think the Mavs are outta their friggin minds by swerving from the "M w/ a hat" logo
  3. HUGE deal for me... I love home whites. It's just right. Home darks were just another failed concept of Bettman's "new" NHL. I can't wait until they go back for good, because they will. Also, that third pic isn't from last night's game since that's Lappy in the 14 orange sweater, not Couturier who wears it now. Lappy was forced to retire and now works for Comcast Sportsnet in Philly
  4. I used to rock the Bradford College Fighting Squirrels hat... which I cannot get the pic of on here for some reason...
  5. the panther looks to have a lot of chest hair... but I like the design of the uni
  6. BHags42

    NHL 2012-13

    reminds me way too much of the all-star jerseys
  7. welp, guess I'm in the minority here... I think that helmet would be great, just sans the line down the middle. I'm not a fan of the over-usage of black, so I'd love that idea on the silver helmet w/ a black and blue panther
  8. yeah I get a little bit of a soccer-ish feel from them... which could be a good thing for some
  9. Wow some of these are phenomenal... if you're still taking them, I'd love: Size: 1920x1080 Medium: Metal Logo: Background Color: Orange and: Size: 1920x1080 Medium: Embroidery Logo: Background Color: Crimson
  10. The current SB logo/patch is permanent (for now). I remember reading that somewhere prior to last year's SB. Thats unfortunate
  11. I just brought this up to my brother-in-law last weekend. Such a disgrace to rehash last year's logo. I really hope they don't stick with it for the next however many years. But then again, if they change it for next year, it's going to look really awkward with every logo being unique and then two years of the exact same mediocrity. Big time fail
  12. That looks phenomenal, very well done. ...and if you are doing requests, I'd love a Phillies one just like yours