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  1. That jersey template looks an awful like Adidas.
  2. Glad to see a Hamptonian on here. I'm not a native but my dad's side of the family is from the 757. Its like my home away from home. Grandparents use to live on Dare Ave by Shell Rd. Got family property out in Surry County. My grandfather (Sussex Central alum) use to take me to Darling Stadium on weeknights to catch Tyrod and Tajh play growing up. Wilkes BBQ was a traditional pregame spot. I can see if I can find some Phenix High photos (now defunct) to post. Also, seeing Phoebus (2010s) beat Stone Bridge (DMV, Northern VA, Loudoun County) every other year in the playoffs put a big smile on his face before he passed away last fall.
  3. FAMU's green isn't that teal.
  4. Florida A&M road whites *sigh* Check out @FAMUFOOTBALL's Tweet: https://twitter.com/FAMUFOOTBALL/status/764531637883375618?s=09
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BEOxl1PsUPG/?hl=en Meanwhile on the HBCU circuit, Delaware State signs with Nike. Hoping that these mockups aren't the finished product though...
  6. Norfolk State is getting a new chrome helmet next season.
  7. Need help identifying what team this logo belongs to, if anyone knows I'd appreciate it. Thanks! That might be the Hobart Statesmen. They have the same color scheme and colonial mascot.
  8. I think Howard had it first but they didn't trademark itCorrect.
  9. In wake of the latest wave of changes within the NCAA and collegiate athletics, the HBCU community has pondered if they want to break away from the NCAA and form an association of their own. In this case, I have created the Historic Black Collegiate Athletic Association (HBCAA) from scratch. There are three different tiers of competition regardless of sport. The tiers are determined off of the following factors: athletic budget, student enrollment, and athletic success. There are no penalties for playing a school from another tier. However, your schedule must consist of 80% of teams from your conference in order to be eligible for the HBCU National Tournament. You may notice that there are a collection of HBCU colleges from the NAIA along with the former NCAA members. Finally, media coverage would be done by BounceTV, TVOne, HSRN, and BET. TIER AMEAC:HOWARDHAMPTONNC A&TSOUTH CAROLINA ST.BETHUNE-COOKMANFLORIDA A&MSWAC:TENNESSEE ST.ALABAMA ST.JACKSON ST.SOUTHERN UNIV.TEXAS SOUTHERNPRAIRIE VIEW A&M TIER BCIAA:DELAWARE ST.MORGAN ST.VIRGINIA ST.NORFOLK ST.WINSTON-SALEM ST.NC CENTRALSAVANNAH ST.SIAC:ALBANY ST.TUSKEGEEALABAMA A&MMISSISSIPPI VALLEY ST.ALCORN ST.UAPBGRAMBLING ST.TIER CMID-ATLANTIC: CHEYNEYLINCOLN (PA)UDCCOPPIN ST.UMESBOWIE ST.VIRGINIA UNIONVU-LYNCHBURGELIZABETH CITY ST.CAROLINA ALLIANCE:SHAWLIVINGSTONEJOHNSON C. SMITHFAYETTEVILLE ST.VOORHEESBENEDICTCLAFLINDEEP ATLANTIC:CLARK ATLANTAMOREHOUSEFT. VALLEY ST.PAINEEDWARD WATERSFLORIDA MEMORIALMID-GULF:MILESSTILLMANTALLADEGATOUGALOORUSTCONCORDIALANELEMOYNE-OWENFISKKENTUCKY ST.GULF WEST:LANGSTONPHILANDER SMITHXAIVER (LA)S.U.N.O.DILLARDTEXAS COLLEGEHUSTON-TILLSTONPAUL QUINNJARVIS CHRISTIANMINERAL:WEST VIRGINIA ST.BLUEFIELD ST.CENTRAL ST.WILBERFORCELINCOLN (MO)HARRIS-STOWE ST.
  10. Lord, that makes Bethune-Cookman have one of the best HBCU logos. Dynomite job man.
  11. I actually like Virginia Tech's Hokiestone set. At least they paired it up with maroon over maroon versus that fugly grey over maroon set they wore against Alabama.
  12. I agree 100% and the Madden series needs to do the same. I remember in the older NHL 2k titles you could use the same templates as all of the NHL teams. Plus, some of those CAT logo selections are about 7 years old. If you don't add new logos then allow us to use our own Also, they should have an 3rd uniform/ Alternate uniform option. Plus, it would be great to extend the amount of custom colors within your favorites.
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