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  1. Wow that looks sooo much better.
  2. I don’t see a problem with the orange stripes on the white pants everyone else is complaining about. This whole set went from 25th best look in the league to somewhere around 15th. The number font still sucks.
  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more unbalanced uniform than the white set. It would only work with a white helmet as it is it’s insanely top heavy to say the least.
  4. The Kings vs Wild game is freakin beautiful.
  5. I’ve forgotten are the Cardinals and Bengals getting new threads?
  6. White is cleaner than Grey. That is to say the colors don’t bleed into one another whatsoever. And I agree with removing it along with back. I really like the concept on the far right. Though I must say I’d really miss those sock stripes (blue,grey,burgundy). Those are by far my favorite socks in the league.
  7. The one thing the Rams got right is that shade of blue, it’s gorgeous.
  8. That’s too bad. I know it’s somehow an unpopular opinion, but I really like that sweater.
  9. Love the blue, the Av’s look complete now.
  10. Why don’t they just put ads all over the glass?
  11. While I agree, I don’t hate the Bucs white/white. But yes pewter pants is always better IMO.
  12. For 1 season I can deal with it.
  13. I don’t think it’s lazy, sometimes little changes is all that’s necessary. Of course that doesn’t excuse the monochrome crap.
  14. For god sake Saints enough with the damn pajama pants EVERY freakin Sunday. On the flip side Atlanta looks great.
  15. Not lousy, just overrated imo. For example I’m not a fan of the Packers color scheme or their logo. But again not lousy, just not my cup of tea.
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