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  1. Completely agree. On another note the red in the flag match’s now. It always looked too dark. Also the white outline looks bad.
  2. How many times have you said that?
  3. This orange is better, otherwise they look brilliant.
  4. Yeah they said the players had input. And youth is no excuse to think a gradient jersey looks good.
  5. I’m guessing the players had the most input on the gradient one.
  6. A lot of broken records in here.
  7. Yeah it definitely pops more on the white, one of the reasons I prefer it.
  8. Watch them pull a Falcon and completely crap the bed. Don’t pull a Falcon Cleveland.
  9. Reduce the number font and change it all together, then shrink down the ATL and wear different colored socks from pants. Then its do-able, until then it just looks bad. And of course burn the gradients, those are trash.
  10. So what do you all really think of these uni’s?
  11. This belongs in the unpopular opinions thread.
  12. You may be old, but that doesn’t not make “drip” dumb as all hell. It sounds like an STD.
  13. Just, I mean.......it’s so damn beautiful.
  14. They wanted to and Nike said they couldn’t replicate it with the materials they use.
  15. So how come Nike doesn’t seem to have any problems making shiny pants in every other color but pewter? Does anyone know if they changed the pewter on the helmet at all? It looks different in some pics.
  16. How does a team of people approve this?
  17. Good god those numbers are ridiculously HUGE. And the GIANT ATL doesn’t help.
  18. I like the helmet but it ends there.
  19. Yes the socks can make that big of a difference when looking at the uniform as a whole.
  20. season. Why is there a black nike swoosh with a red outline in this pic? Edit: never mind just bad lighting.
  21. I don’t mind matching pants and jerseys, but when the socks also match it’s a disaster.
  22. So back to black with an awful number font and a red gradient alternate. Still an upgrade, and I do like the helmet.
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