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  1. Love the newer red, and logo for that matter, but you already new that. I hate talking about the same crap over and over but dammit I’m freaking bored.
  2. My guess would be cause they're in San Diego.
  3. I much prefer the silver around the logo as opposed to white. It blends in better with the helmet imo.
  4. Both Kroenke and Spanos are greedy scumbags.
  5. I have a feeling they’re ditching the silver, inside the skull anyway.
  6. Idk but it’s definitely bad ass for a high school team.
  7. I think it’s because they’re ditching the silver in the the logo. But that’s just my guess.
  8. If they don’t have orange trim it will be a gigantic mistake that they no doubt will have to fix in another 5 years. It’s amazing how something so obvious can be ignored.
  9. Something with the mouth doesn’t look right. Maybe close it? Otherwise looks terrific.
  10. Yeah actually I think you’re right. I sure as hell hope you’re right anyway.
  11. The lack of any orange on the Bucs website has me worried they’ve ditched it all together.
  12. These are bad I think especially the ram (panther looking) head. And yeah gradients look bad.
  13. I think most people myself included just want some orange in it. Not necessarily more. The thought of not having it at all is just a really bad idea.
  14. Talk about unbalanced, this looks like two completely different uniforms. I’m a little shocked that people think this looks good.
  15. But that doesn’t change Paul’s description.
  16. Smh. It doesn’t make my or others opinion ridiculous or that we’re fooling ourselves. And yeah I’m well aware I’m in the minority.
  17. I hate this kind of narrative, I happen to think both the jags and Bucs set minus font were better. Please don’t tell me my opinion and others are ridiculous.
  18. With all the Orange in the teaser video I just don’t see them ditching it.
  19. There is no way they’re ditching orange that would be a GIANT mistake. And please no team name on the chest I freakin hate that look. Minus the number font the other set was better.
  20. I don’t understand the white part, looks very odd imo.
  21. So school buses aren’t yellow, they’re athletic gold.
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