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  1. The WNBA is set for a brand refresh, with a full roll out, set prior to the league's 2020 season. Link:
  2. I'm thoroughly impressed that they've kept it under wraps this long, being that we live in the the era of leaked info, but the Warriors are wearing throwbacks in nod to the 2002-2010 set at home tonight.
  3. After having the time to process the set after the reveal, I've gotta say. This set isn't bad. I absolutely love this shade of green for the Jets. It's not over-saturated and gives just enough pop to contrast well off of black and white. I like the helmet and the finish, but I wish they had different plans for the logo, only so that it fit with the rest of the look. At this point, I'm indifferent on the black facemask, as we've seen it in their history before. The jerseys are clean. Simple, but not void of any character at all (death stares at Jacksonville), they probably should've gone in a different route with the striping. We've seen plenty of concepts on these very forums that have produced better results. I don't mind the wordmark, but I wish it were smaller. Can't not mention the disconnect amongst the fonts (logo, wordmark, and numerals all differ). A numeral font more suited to the look would've been best, maybe something slightly italic. The pants are meh at best, but they at least match the jerseys. Could've brought the tapered stripes all the way down to the end where it meets the knee. Socks should've come with stripes like their previous set. The black uniform elements look nice, due to the green being able to stand out, but I absolutely don't like it for the Jets. It's only best used as a tertiary color. Overall, I'd say this look is decent. We can be relieved that we avoided worse possibilities, but it's a downgrade from the previous. But, imagine that "Gotham Green" (smh at the name) replacing the previous shade on the last set....
  4. I hate it for he and Portland, especially for it to happen this late in the season. And I think the worst thing about the injury is that we see that incident plenty, in which players come down on someone's foot. Nurkic just happen to be unlucky enough to be the rare occasion that it ended up gruesome, and not the common ankle sprain. Get well soon.
  5. My thoughts on TCU's new set: I can't get past thinking of the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park when I see this collar. BUT, I do like it. As said by @j'villejags, I think the pattern being matched with the jersey in a tonal fashion would've worked best, especially for the road jersey. I also like that, despite the design's overwhelming size, it is the focal point of the set (glad they kept the number font the same too). My gripes would probably be with the lack of pants stripes/design, which hasn't been a good trend. The two-toned facemask is unnecessary, and I kinda would like to see the purple chrome helmet return in the rotation. As a collective, I think it's decent; but we all seem to be in accord, we need to see it on field first.
  6. So they meshed 2018's uniforms with 2015's????? Meh.
  7. In regards to TCU, I'd only like to see red primarily as a tertiary color within a one-off set. They do just fine in white, black, and purple. I'd just suggest they own a design element, but don't go negative, like the disaster that was the frog skin set; That way, they'll be distinguishable vs a Northwestern (easily recognized via northwestern stripes), who has the same color scheme.
  8. Kentucky ruining what would have been a good-looking Citrus Bowl. Instead of going Blue-White-Blue to counter Penn State, they go Chrome-White-White. And get this, UK has white facemasks, white helmet stripe AND white logo decals. SMH.
  9. Thoughts about the "Earned" uniforms: East: Toronto: I like this better than either gold version. I just wished it said "Toronto" instead of "North". Boston: I don't like it as much as this year's City jersey. Mainly due to the collar and cuffs being white and not white striped. Maybe using old gold instead of yellow might have helped too. Philadelphia: Meh, just a swap from grey to white. Cleveland: The story they went with for the uniform is forced. This could've been better. Indiana: A grey to white color swipe that was beneficial. Both supporting colors are allowed to pop, which is great. Miami: TI love it. The Vice look is 3 for 3 in my book. All that's left is to see a cyan colored uniform. Milwaukee: Probably the best re-do of any of the City sets. Absolutely love this one. Great nod to the "Irish Rainbow" set and the colors are well-balanced. Washington: I love the shade of red, but as the previous two Wizards City uniforms have shown, they could have used a better design. West: Houston: As kimball suggested earlier, had yellow been a supporting color, it would've been better, but the Rockets refuse to come up with something that looks great. Golden State: I always like to see the Warriors in yellow, but the dark grey isn't helping this set. Blue would've been the ideal secondary color with a striping pattern of B/W/B down the sides. Portland: The wordmark and numerals, in white, being outlined in black make for a great yet simple look for the Blazers. OKC: A much improved version of their previous orange sunset uniforms. I just wish to see the "OKC" also be outlined to match the numerals. Utah: A great, strong look that allows the green and yellow to speak for the uniform. Also helps that the collar and cuffs are yellow. New Orleans: Meh. The City uniform leaves a lot to be desired, therefore the color swap leaves me feeling the same. San Antonio: Can you guys be more creative than just "Camo"? Minnesota: Clean look. Although I'd much rather see a callback to either their '89-'96 set or their '96-08 set.
  10. I'd really appreciate the Ravens' purple pants more if they had thin gold stripes right in between where the white stripe meets the black stripe. That way, the gold on the helmet & jerseys have a matching element with the pants. The pattern should be B/G/W/G/B.
  11. Wanted to hear your thoughts about conference realignment talks popping up again. Rumor has it, the Big Ten is targeting Oklahoma and Texas by the 2024-25 season, per a report on 24/7 Sports. Link: Big Ten Targeting OU and Texas
  12. Just to share my thoughts on the unveil of each team's uniform: Arizona Hotshots: I really love how this trio of yellow, green and orange just work well and compliment each other. Also have to commend the incorporation of the "AZ" monogram, found in their logo, inside the helmet stripe. Overall, a solid package, between the logo, colors, and uniform. Atlanta Legends: The beautiful paring of purple and gold is hard to fumble, and it doesn't in this case either. Only gripe would be the "ATL" found vertically on either side of the jersey. Tsk tsk. It would be much better if inserted at the top of the purple pants stripe. Birmingham Iron: Probably the biggest miss of the 8 teams. There's just this lack of a unique identity. Their uniforms could stand a few tweaks, which could result in a vast improvement. Memphis Express: Despite the lack of the use of white, they made good decisions on the particular shades of red and blue used. Their vibrant enough to stand next to each other without bleeding into one another (like the Arizona Wildcats' monstrosities). Also, nice to see they were able to get the helmet decal to wraparound, because who doesn't enjoy those? Orlando Apollos: Easily my favorite identity of the league. Love the logo and I do like its application on the helmet, but really interested in seeing side views to be able to clearly see the striping used on the jersey and pants; really want to know if there's a balance, if any, between the jersey yoke and the stripes. Salt Lake Stallions: Paring silver with double blue isn't really working here. Mainly due to the lighter shade touching the silver; it only works if you use the darker blue to separate the lighter shade or dropping that shade altogether. A few tweaks to this set could take them from miss to hit. San Antonio Commanders: Seeing as they wrapped their logo of the Alamo around the helmet (which I think is unique), I think they could have left their primary logo off the side. Would've been a decent opportunity to introduce some sort of secondary logo. The double red plays off each other and the silver much better than Salt Lake and their scheme. The only thing I could say is I would've omitted the side striping on the jersey. San Diego Fleet: The colors work well together and using the chevron as the design focus makes sense for an identity based upon a carrier. I wonder if they could have made stencil-type numerals work with this set. Things to take note of as a collective league: Disappointed that half the league (Arizona, Atlanta, San Antonio, and San Diego) went with half logo/half numerals on the helmet. The asymmetric trend is one I detest on any level of football. Also would have like to have seen more variation amongst the uniforms. I see a lot of sleeve cap designs on the jerseys and angular striping on the pants. There's only eight teams, meaning that they each could have had truly unique designs and elements.
  13. Ducks should've had green be their accent color, as opposed to black. Especially since Oregon State is rolling in the all-black attire.
  14. The only instance would be with OKC's new City set. But they've never worn orange accessories with their home uniform until now (which looked weird, BTW).