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  1. I’d like EMU a bit more if they didn’t resemble East Lansing as much as they do. The alternate’s striping would probably be a better scheme for the home and road, just replacing the yellow with the steel grey they’ve recently introduced.
  2. I love the jerseys. But, how would the black jersey look if you were to flip the positioning of the teal and gold outlines on the numerals? As far as the helmet goes, I could only see this as an alternate helmet with the black facemask, opposed to this being their primary.
  3. Just for context's sake, Cole just kicked off his Tour in Miami, hence the connection of the Heat stylized jersey to the venue.
  4. The look would have been improved if they had a pants stripe that replicated the jersey striping. That, and wearing their regular blue over white style of socks. It's really dumb that plenty of teams that haven't had any white pants are getting a plain set of them like these. It's so pointless.
  5. The Lakers have nabbed their newest uniform sponsor in the form of “Bibigo,”a brand based in Korea. The partnership is said to be the most lucrative to date, setting up a 5-year, $100 million pact. Link: https://www.nba.com/lakers/releases/lakers-and-bibigo-announce-multi-year-global-marketing-partnership-2021
  6. *Texas A&M. We've also had this same conversation about Wisconsin and Nebraska too. There's a 120+ teams in D1, someone's bound to look similar, whether in color scheme, uniform, or both. It really just comes down to having features that are distinctly recognizable, even in a side by side.
  7. Definitely would go A for the Panthers. The whiskers being in white gives the logo a bit more clarity.
  8. It probably means we weren’t comfortable with the mono-colored sock. But, yes, this is what I was thinking; make the bottom of the sock white, underneath the green stripe and it need not be altered again.
  9. I like their color scheme, they just need better cohesion in terms of design & color balance.
  10. For the Seahawks, I'd alter their home sock. Instead of mono-blue, make it mimic the sock you used for the road. However, make the entire top of the sock Navy Blue, and allow it to transition into the striping found on the road sock.
  11. The helmet & jersey make me think of the Packers, and for rivalry’s sake, I can’t unsee it. However, for the Vikings to utilize the rule, I’d just do a fauxback design, centered around that V-shape that went unused, and a grey facemasked helmet. It just makes sense.
  12. Speaking of the Lions, they really need to look into adding a set of white pants that are striped, as well as adding white striped socks.
  13. For the Packers, I’m in favor of Option 1. Having the slashes mimic the uniform striping is very clever; allows for a bit of color to be found in the end zone while generally staying traditional. Options 2 just feels like the slashes would get lost in the background of the yellow end zone. For the Saints, I went Option 2; despite liking all four. Overall, I’d opt for it to be the design full-time, as it would bring more gold on the field than the Saints typically wear in their regular set. Plus, I believe it pairs wonderfully with their current Color Rush look. Couldn’t hurt to be like the Ravens and just alternate designs throughout the season.
  14. Feeling the Midnight Green more. Pairing the silver with it, as opposed to the Kelly Green, has a stronger contrast. A silver pants option for both sets would be cool too.
  15. Sorry man, the Ravens are already doing this in the same division.
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