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  1. I would flip the usage of white and pewter in the numerals on the home jersey.
  2. I believe that Milwaukee's "Cream City" unis could be improved, had they gone with a double-green look, in ode to their Irish rainbow days.
  3. I like the updated logo for sure. My only suggestions are a sharper font for the numerals, as to match the font of the wordmark. And I'd also like to see a W/R/W stripe on the black pants that mimics the grey and white pants sets.
  4. For this most recent Seahawks set, I'm intrigued in the possibility of a green alternate jersey to make a Silver/Green/Silver combo.
  5. To be fair, it was made during the end of adidas' stint. So, as long as the Bucks plan to keep, Nike can't just force them to stop using it.
  6. I like this version of the pinstripes better than the original. From afar, the red pinstripes muddied up the black uniform in a way that I could never like them. Only thing I would change would be to add a bit of white in the striping pattern to match the wordmarks and numerals.
  7. So, Memphis has a new court..... I like the apron (baseline) design, but I'm not fond of the blue court. Designing the key would've been good enough.
  8. That's a nice nod to their endzone design. It'd be greatly improved by matching pant stripes.
  9. The Saints should also slap their helmet striping onto those gold pants.
  10. Nebraska v Colorado is a great uniform pairing. What a callback to the Big XII of old.
  11. I'd be in favor of them changing the striping pattern to match the helmet's striping. It would be much cleaner.
  12. As others have stated, the gold mask doesn't look bad. I just wish that UA would give UCLA a similar number font to Clarendon, at least if they can't obtain the exact font.
  13. That City Jersey for "A-Town" would be cool if it were just a fan fashion jersey, but I can't imagine it being well for an actual professional uniform.
  14. I think the "Core" court floor is good enough. The only change I'd make is taking off the wordmarks as the logos inside the arc. The other two are unnecessary.
  15. I think Dallas, easily. They are in need of a brand update. Their logos and uniforms from the early 2000s have lost their luster long ago, not to mention that their last couple of alternate uniforms have been terribly drab.