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  1. The helmet & jersey make me think of the Packers, and for rivalry’s sake, I can’t unsee it. However, for the Vikings to utilize the rule, I’d just do a fauxback design, centered around that V-shape that went unused, and a grey facemasked helmet. It just makes sense.
  2. Speaking of the Lions, they really need to look into adding a set of white pants that are striped, as well as adding white striped socks.
  3. For the Packers, I’m in favor of Option 1. Having the slashes mimic the uniform striping is very clever; allows for a bit of color to be found in the end zone while generally staying traditional. Options 2 just feels like the slashes would get lost in the background of the yellow end zone. For the Saints, I went Option 2; despite liking all four. Overall, I’d opt for it to be the design full-time, as it would bring more gold on the field than the Saints typically wear in their regular set. Plus, I believe it pairs wonderfully with their current Color Rush look. Couldn’t hurt to be like the Ravens and just alternate designs throughout the season.
  4. Feeling the Midnight Green more. Pairing the silver with it, as opposed to the Kelly Green, has a stronger contrast. A silver pants option for both sets would be cool too.
  5. Sorry man, the Ravens are already doing this in the same division.
  6. Quick Take: Overall, this set is a much need refresh for the Bengals, but there are some things to like & dislike. Likes: I appreciate that they kept things simple, didn’t go overboard. The design, as a whole, now fits in line with their logos & visual identity. Even though it was stated long ago, the helmet design didn’t see a change. Dislikes: Number font should have been stronger. I would’ve preferred that they use a custom block font curated in a fashion that matches their current wordmarks. I’d also thicken the outlines around them, so that they’d be visible from distance. The pants design could be improved. As @alecgoff illustrated, orange stripes over a black panel would’ve done wonders for the white pair. That is also something I would’ve applied to the road jersey sleeves, thus decreasing the number of pants from 3 to 2. I don’t like that the mono-socks have carried themselves over from the Color Rush program. It currently doesn’t work for the Falcons, and certainly doesn’t work here. Minor Word: Demote the Bengals “B” logo to a secondary logo; have the Bengal head or the leaping bengal as the primary logo.
  7. A recap of what we've seen so far, in my own words: Rangers/Spurs: What a way to introduce the series, a long beloved color scheme from the Spurs logo and reimagined on a baseball template came out great. At times, I find it hard to make out the tea when it's on the grey elements, but overall, this is fantastic. Of the alternates, I enjoy the Teal one the most. Dodgers/Lakers: It's funny coming back to this after having seen the article that recalls a time the Dodgers considered sifting from blue to purple during the 90s. Purple & Yellow is always aesthetically pleasing, and it's no different here. Cubs/Bears: Not much of a departure, in terms of how close the scheme is to its current colors, they'd just have a problem with being close to looking like Detroit. And, seeing the wordmark in Bears colors on the Road jersey really ties the crossover theme together. Overall, these are what you expect out of two Chicago brands in collaboration. Twins/Wild: This stands out as the first set that I wouldn't mind seeing come to fruition. The Wild's scheme lends itself to be unique across most leagues, and I think it nestles itself comfortably in the realm of baseball. As a thought, I'd flip the colors of the wordmark on the Road jersey to being, primarily, red. Marlins/Heat (Vice): Excellent execution, no other words needed, because it's spoken for. Cleveland/Cavaliers: In a way, I feel you've redeemed this color scheme, because the Cavs have not applied it in the best fashion. The color used for the Home set pairs well with the wine, and overall, I enjoy seeing this scheme applied to baseball. I'd just swap the socks in between your alternates. Diamondbacks/Suns: In this set, I would keep the shade of purple from the first set, and demote the use of the lighter shade of orange to be used for the alternates. I'd be interested in seeing the cuff trim on the alternates be duplicated onto the socks as a striping pattern. Braves/Hawks: I like that you went the route of the Hawks' previous scheme, as it would be very outside the ballpark, but I think it works with how you pulled it off. I'd inverse the prominence of Volt and Red on the script used on the Home jersey. I feel the same about the Road script between Black and Red. The 2nd Home Alt, easily my favorite of this set. Phillies/Eagles: For me, this is the first jarring set. Not for any bad reason, the color scheme works for the set, but seeing it for the Phillies is what gets me, despite having a brief history in green. I'd like to see this set void of black and have silver replace it in the color hierarchy. Rays/Buccaneers: Overall, I like it, but I would say try a bit more vibrant shade of red. I think with that adjustment, it'll keep the current concept intact, and it would allow them to look a little different from VT. (Have you entertained the idea of doing the Bucs current colors on this Rays set? I think Pewter road uniforms would be interesting.) Angels/Mighty Ducks: Nice application of the famed Jade/Eggplant plus Yellow. There's not much about this attempt from you that I would change. Nationals/Wizards/Capitols: Nice to see an underused color like Copper be used. On the tweaked version, I want to say I want to see a tad more copper on the Home and Road, but I can't say where exactly I would put it to make it make sense. Looking at the Road alternate makes me wonder what if it just utilized Black, Copper, and White. Brewers/Bucks: I truly believe this is an excellent pairing, the 90s scheme of the Bucks with this particular identity from the Brewers. I think, in a vacuum, thinking of the Bucks set that came with this scheme, it makes for a nice callback to it. If the Brewers didn't already have a strong uniform history, this concept would make a case to be deserving enough to belong in it in reality. Red Sox/Celtics: Looks as you'd expect when swapping Navy for Green. Nice job with these, and I dig the striping for the socks. Mariners/Kraken: You've done a great job wit applying this color scheme to this set, but I'm not quite feeling the lighter shade of blue/teal that the Kraken have. Especially looking at the Home set, it doesn't feel strong when it sits next to the color white. Kind of like when the Dolphins made the transition to their first Nike set. Rockies/Avalanche: It's a good pairing between these two in-state identities. I just feel like the maroon could be darkened just a tad. Cardinals/Blues: It's just a joy how the colors pop the way they do on the Home Alternate. Overall, a pretty good translation of the Blues colors onto the Cardinals. Astros/Oilers: Probably one of my overall favorites of the series. The "Luv Ya" shade of blue fits right into the history of this type of blue in baseball, and it works here, without question. I would suggest doing a white panel cap as an alternate cap. Maybe down the line, this set sees a Red alternate jersey. Rangers/Stars: I think Dallas' scheme works terrifically for the Rangers. You did a great job of balancing the colors the way you have them set in the first attempt. They even look good in Olive Green, but I prefer the first rendition. The Gold Home Alt, I'll reserve judgment on, just because gold has a weird way of resulting when in motion. (Thinking like the Ravens pants; I still hate they ever produced them, let alone wore them.) Yankees in Maroon: Looks good. It's not much different from any other team you've seen in this scheme, but it's obviously jarring to see the Yankees in anything other tan what they've existed in. But, I like it. Dodgers/Chargers: As you stated, very reminiscent of UCLA, but it looks damn good, especially the Home Alternate. Would look amazing during a daytime Dodger Stadium game. Rockies/Nuggets: Very simple, and the pinstripes of the Rockies help differentiate themselves from Cleveland. Angels/Lakers: Very nice set, akin to LSU in some aspects. I have no complaints about what I'm seeing with this one. Giants/Forty-Niners: Hmm, how would a gold cap/red bill look as their primary cap in this set? Otherwise, the rest of this set is very clean. Mariners/Seahawks: Another excellent pairing. Even down to the sock striping, this is an instant hit. Cleveland/Browns: Another instant success. The color scheme applies flawlessly to the set and is really set with the sock pattern. Brewers/Packers: At first glance, these colors always draw you to think "A's," but you've done well curating this for Milwaukee, giving them a look that's distinguished enough to not be them, and yet still look like the Brewers. Athletics/Raiders: Pretty straightforward, I appreciate that they kept the white cleats, and the Elephant logo featured on the sleeve is a nice touch. Marlins/Dolphins: Fantastic, honestly. The colors really allow the uniform to come alive, so to speak. Padres/Chargers: This turned out pretty solid. I'd probably do white numerals on the back of the Home alternate, with a single white outline around them. Senators/WFT: This is gorgeous. No complaints out of this, everything is in proper place, the colors work well together. Excellent. Tigers/Lions: Very nice, the colors of the Lions bring a cool, crisp look to the set. Plays well into the simplicity of it all. Mets/Jets: I actually like this for the Mets. Rhyming team nicknames, and sharing a color scheme is pretty interesting. And in this scheme, the green and white lend themselves as better supporting colors on a black Alternate, as opposed to the Orange & Blue. All in all, very clean, and nice to see that New York script be featured on the Road jerseys.
  8. It feels so damn good to see the WNBA’s teams finally have identities again. And every team has gone back to having home (white) uniforms again as well. Phoenix has, probably, my favorite overall set. Like that there are a couple of nods to the Suns, nice and appropriate gradient for the road set. The alternate could have been better, but the flames on the sides are kinda cool. The Las Vegas Aces alternate is amazing. I wish that had a matching home set, it’s too great not to be their primary.
  9. I like the logo; the name, however, doesn't work, as the identity is more peacock than turkey. Something like "Majestics" would have been more befitting.
  10. Apparently, the Seattle Storm aren’t the only franchise with a new visual heading into the league’s 25th Anniversary. The LA Sparks also received an update recently. Link: https://sparks.wnba.com/news/sparks-unveil-new-primary-logo-icon/
  11. On your version of the Bengals, I’m surprised you kept the option for Black pants, knowing your general stance on that option for teams. But, I feel like the Bengals are a team that could get away with having white pants as their only set of pants. I’d be in favor of ditching them, and instead, have black socks as an alternate option for their sets.
  12. Looking at the Hawks in their City uniforms , it just made me think of how I wish they used this design as the basis of their primary set. I enjoy the clean numeral font and the striping pattern really works well, it has more charm & character than the fauxback attempt of their new set.
  13. If I were within the NFL, I’d only like the one-helmet rule to be tweaked, in that you’re only allowed a different helmet in order to complete a throwback look. As far as current day sets are concerned, teams should be locked to one helmet.
  14. I think this would’ve been a good time to revert to 1998’s ASG as well, and just have players wear their team specific Home or Road uniforms. It would be great to see again. As far as the court for this year’s game, it’s decent. It makes me think of the court from the 2018 game, or at least the baseline designs seem to callback to it for me.
  15. Feelings on the Incoming Earned Jersey Leaks: Not feeling that for the Sixers. The black trim around the Liberty Bell in blue is very off-putting, as is the idea of having the numerals lay right on top of the bell. It's like they ran out of "good" ideas for Philly, when there are tons (This picture does make me think about what if the 76ers decided to replace white with creme. I think they could make it work, appropriately). The Heat one, I actually like. (Cue the boos for the unpopular opinion) I'd actually like to see the inline stripe be red within the side panel striping. The Nets one just doesn't do it for me, mainly the pattern. I feel it's too visible, as opposed to the herringbone on the City jersey; I feel it was implemented better there. Also, I'd say the pattern found on the collar doesn't provide a clean pairing with the pattern found on the jersey. The Raptors one is utter garbage. It just feels so uninspired and slapped together. Like they were so exhausted of hearing about purple being missed in the color scheme, and they gave us a reason to frown at this iteration to quiet the noise. The Jazz one is nice, but I think the Kelly Green is too bright, to a point where it clashes with the yellow. I think if they were to darken the shade of green, like in the pictures found under @Shadojoker post, I'd like it even more.
  16. Jacksonville should just do what the Bucs just did. Just revamp their prime 2000s look and call it a day. Their current set is entirely too drab and void of any character. Previous set had the helmet ruin the entire set. Before that, another drab set that was void of any gold and it included piping. But, the helmet finish was the greatest thing that came out of it.
  17. I really wish Jackson State would retire that logo and hire someone to get them some proper logos to utilize. Until then, they should be using the "JSU" from this update they made some time ago.
  18. One thing that comes to mind for the printable graphics, have you considered finding a space to place final scores in the information section?
  19. I’d suggest installing some silver into Jackson State’s look. Maybe some S/W/S striping on the navy helmet and pants, and N/S/N on the white helmet and pants. Then for their road basketball units, I’d flip the word mark & numeral colors for legibility purposes. I wish the Tigers would use their updated Academic logo, in place of their old block logo. Alcorn looks pretty solid, and how they should. Football set reminds me of the Steve McNair days.
  20. Quite the interesting mishap in the game for the Knicks tonight. Reggie Bullock had his correct jersey number of 25 on the front, but had #23 on the back, which is Mitchell Robinson’s number, his current teammate.
  21. On the Storm, I would rather see the word mark colors be reversed on the road jersey. As it currently stands, it’s tough to distinguish from afar. Also try the word mark in yellow with green outlines, just to see which is better.
  22. My Initial reaction to each team and their Earned sets: Brooklyn: I really like these. They went Subway-theme, a concept we've seen around here quite often. I hope the herringbone pattern (also found on their court) is darker in action, because my hope is that the smaller details stand out, like the striping found along the collar, cuffs, and striping along the jersey and shorts. Boston: I can't love these, because the double green just makes me think Bucks. Old Gold would've been a more acceptable accent color. Dallas: Meh. It's just feels like something similar to what we've seen before out of their current uniforms. The Mavs have a habit of shuffling certain pieces of their uniforms around to make "new" alternates. Remember the P. Diddy alternate that was green, then eventually it became light blue, then navy blue? Milwaukee: Out of the park. Way to go on utilizing the antlers in the fashion they did. I can excuse the limited use of black as a tertiary color here, but overall, this should pickup steam to stay in rotation after this season. Denver: I don't love it, however, I don't abhor it. I enjoy the call back to a color scheme of the past, but I'm so over the trend of using a logo in place of a team wordmark. And from what I can see in the image, the design is similar, if not the same, to their current home and road design. If it's just a recolor, then I'm just neutral on it. Houston: What's there to say? Just a recolor of their home and road. I like it better than their current black alternate, but a waste of space for a second black uniform. Houston, you have a plethora of things to work with within your identity. Los Angeles Lakers: These flat out SUCK. Once again, another black (or dark gray?) uniform for a team that doesn't need it (outside of the Kobe/City uniform). The Lore series for the City uniforms has yielded better outcomes than this. They could've gone Minneapolis Lakers themed here. L.A. Clippers: LA going 0 for 2 here. Grey, really? It's not enough to have had a White City jersey last season, only to have it inverted this season, and then proceed to make the Earned set grey? Nothing tops the City set they had for the 2017-18 season. That's where they need to be looking to. Orlando: Now we return to something that I can get behind. I love the call back to the starry pattern to the early 2000s Magic set, found in the side striping on these. I have to dock points for them using the logo on the front (see Denver), but otherwise, this is solid. Miami: At this moment, I'm leaning towards liking these more than I should. Don't get me wrong, it's a recolor of their current set, but I enjoy how this three color scheme plays upon each other. Spruce in a little red and this could've been higher on my list. These are still nice. Toronto: I wanted purple back, but not like this. This looks like they just took the purple portion, blew up the image and just plastered it right on top of a black background. Nothing about this is inspiring. Maybe when it's in motion, it'll look better. But as of today, it's a no for me, dawg. Philadelphia: Logo on the jersey, we meet again. I do like when Philadelphia goes cream, and I actually think that they should replace white with cream someday, but this Earned set is just okay. I don't like that they made the striping inconsistent by differing the waistband pattern from the rest. It's a clean look, but it's not a fun look. Portland: Going greyscale here. My only comment is that it needs some red. Utah: I like it; I appreciate that they changed up the striping on the shorts. Utah is a team that I could give a pass to when it comes to the logo on the jersey, the way the numerals are nestled with the logo makes it work. My changes to this would be to tone down the saturation on the yellow, and go with white numerals. Indiana: It's a modern rendition of the yellow alternate of the 2000s, and I like it. I really don't have much more to say on it. Oklahoma City: The double blue is nice, but if you're going to have orange accessories, why not have a bit of orange in the set to split the two blues? That's the thing I find is missing, just a little more orange. San Antonio: Typical logo on jersey look for the Spurs, which I don't like. I feel as though they could've have introduced a script or another wordmark on this set. I, also, would have liked to see the striping that's on the side of the jersey and shorts to be echoed throughout the set. Maybe they should have gone with some kind of lasso theme here. Phoenix: I want to see this one in action to determine if it's a hit or miss, because I secretly like this set. There's some things about the jersey that I would've tweaked, maybe instead of a jarring stop between the black "yolk" and the purple base of the jersey, maybe do a smooth gradient to ease its transition; I would've done a double purple, lobbying for a darker purple in place of using black again. I also don't like the inverted color profile of the logo on the waistband. The sun flare appearances are always a nice nod to the infamous 90s set, but it just doesn't eclipse (see what I did there) that look.
  23. I would say this new one is worse. Only because the Mecca-inspired city uniform gave birth to the outstanding Earned set that came after it. I miss that one so much.
  24. With a couple of alterations, I’d say the Spurs should use that Fiesta court, full-time.
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