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  1. This may be off-topic but I saw you at the Devils game Tank and you look better than ever.
  2. Post any news whenever it comes about the Oakland Athletics possible relocation. Bump this thread if new news arrives later on.
  3. So what about relocation for any of the Big 4? What could we possibly hear announced in the next, say, 5 years?
  4. I have a feeling even asking this question will peeve some people off, but I have to ask: what will it take/what is preventing any further expansion in the Big 4? Not even saying I want it, just asking.
  5. I swear they won in their blues in 1940. EDIT: According to, they ONLY had a blue jersey in 1940, which means they have. My mistake, I merely researched the 1940 Stanley Cup Final and saw that they won on the Road, forgetting certain teams only had one set in those days. Still, we have no color footage of the Rangers winning in blue, it's time.
  6. Rangers have never won a Stanley Cup in their classic blues, so them.
  7. the_fan


    Probably forget my second post for now. Thanks for the suggestions, but am inclined to ask: where can I figure out how to make concepts with these programs? To be specific baseball uniform sets.
  8. the_fan


    I've now downloaded Paint.NET Can I have some tips on how to get started concepts wise with this program?
  9. the_fan


    I'm assuming this is off-topic but I have no idea where to find an answer for this question. To be blunt, what is the best free program to make concepts with? Specifically baseball ones. I have lots of ideas but no way to share them..
  10. NO needs to keep the Hornets name, just so the Fleur-de-Bee will remain.
  11. This is the most off-topic thing ever come your banner doesn't mention the 2007 Championship the Spurs won?
  12. Yeah REALLY emberassing typo in my previous post, Gothamite is correct in interpretting what I really meant. As someone who doesn't HATE the 97-01 Angels set, that hat looks AWFUL. Red Sox ones look pretty wierd too.
  13. Has any MLB hat ever done that? I was wondering that the other day, maybe an obvious one does it but I can't remember...
  14. Ah man I just realized how obvious this question is. Okay, from now on this thread is about discussing the Minnesota Twins uniforms.
  15. What will the Wild Card match-up at the end of the MLB season be called?