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  1. Is it still possible to enter? I'd love to get in but I just saw this.
  2. In the spirit of the Browns announcing possible uniform changes, me being the Browns fan that I am decided to take to creating some concepts. These are still works in progress, so any feedback is appreciated. I'm also working on a custom word-mark which I will upload upon completion. It's always hard to tackle the Browns uniforms because they are so classic. However, I think change is good. There's still a way to give a nod to the past while making some modern changes. First of all, I've always thought that gray looks great with the orange and brown, so I added a pair of grey pants. I also thought that Brown pants could look really nice with the correct shade of brown. As with the Cavs uni's I designed, my goal is to create a "modern-classic" feel. I think moving the stipes to the shoulder help to change things up enough but still keep the Browns classic feel. I also wanted to create a consistant stripe for the pants and the jerseys. The Browns have had some crazy striping patterns in the past (as many of you know) so I thought it'd be cool to have the same striping pattern to be able to use on any color pants and jerseys and not look foolish. I also wanted to make the stripes actually reflect the helmet stripe. As you can see, I've gone with more of a muted brown and almost a pumpkin orange. I wanted to find a brown that would look good on the pants, and I think this shade would look great. I then picked an orange that complimented it well, and I think the darker orange is more fitting for football. I mocked this up so you could see how all the different pants looked with all the different jerseys. Definitely have more work to do, but I'm really happy with how they look so far. Anyway, any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated. Also, let me know your favorite combos. My thinking is the standard home would be Brown/Gray, away White/White, and alt Orange/Brown. Then you could switch up the color combos how you see fit. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey griffin...I read your post and had a thought pop in my head. Thought it'd be a little easier to just lay it out real quick than try to explain it. Keep in mind, I did this in a couple of minutes just to illustrate my idea. If you're trying to interlock the letters/numbers, you generally have to go with a more simplified font or else things can get really confusing. Rounded ones make things a little less readable as well. Sometimes when designing a logo, we often out think ourselves and forget that simpler is usually much better. This is just an idea, but maybe an easier point to jump off of for further ideas.
  4. Thanks man...definitely appreciate the feedback I get what you're saying on all fronts. I've been sketching out some ideas for a logo to place above the name on the back, and once I get something I like, I'll re-post. I'll make sure to post the original idea as well so everyone can see the changed as they are made. Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. I wonder how it might look to put that logo on the back of the hat where the MLB logo currently is (readability might be an issue). Then, have the team logos on the front, but recolored in the gold, white, blue scheme. Could look kind of cool.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Updated the jerseys based on your suggestions.
  7. Great suggestion there. I also love the way the CAVS wordmark looks on the gold and blue alternates, but tend to lean towards the current wordmark for the home and away jerseys. I'm going to touch these up in the next day or two based on some of the suggestions here. Thanks. Also, this wasn't meant to be an entirely original concept. More of a modern version of a classic jersey. The Cavs said when they released their new jerseys that they wanted to get back to a more classic look. However, it almost seemed they just got lazy with the new jerseys and didn't really put much thought into them. I looked at this as if I was given the assignment of essentially "reinventing" some of the jerseys of the past with a more modern look.
  8. What's up guys? New to posting on the site, though I've been lurking for a while. Anyway, here's a concept I came up with for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a Cavs fan, I was pretty disappointed to see the new jerseys they released this year. It's not that I necessarily hate them, I just expected more. I drew inspiration from a few of my favorite Cavs jerseys of the past, and took the color scheme back to the original Wine and Gold instead of the more muted colors they currently use. I used my favorite Cavs word mark for these, though I'm designing my own original word mark that I'll post when I'm done. The white is home, wine is away, and the gold is the alternate. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! ***Edit*** After taking into consideration some of your suggestions, I made some alterations to my original designs. I switched the home and away word mark back to what the Cavs currently use, added a stoke on the numbers and lettering, changed the logo on the shorts, added a logo above the name, and threw in the NBA logo for good measure. For the alternate, I decided to keep the Cavs word mark from the late 80's/early 90's because I thought it still looked good on the gold and would be a bit more tolerable as an alternate. Thanks again for the suggestions. Let me know what you think of the updates.
  9. I really like pretty much all of these. I like what you did with OSU, PSU, and Michigan in particular. All three of those schools just have such a classic look, it's almost hard sometimes to even picture something different. I really like the white pants for Michigan. Obviously the Maize pants are a big tradition, but I wouldn't mind seeing white or even blue pants from time-to-time with the away jerseys. Being a Michigan fan, one thing I've always wonder is why the iconic winged helmet stripes have never been translated to the jersey in any fashion. Maybe they just don't want to mess with a good thing, but it seems like the shoulders would be a good place for them to show up. Anyway, nice work!
  10. These actually look pretty nice. However, I would probably like these even more if black was still the primary color and then green or purple was the accent to go along with the white and gold. Great idea though, and probably something I never would've thought to do with Saints.