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  1. hey how you doing bro i would love to know if u can help me by sending me to my email them soccer template an if you can is kool ill pay just let me know how much and this is my email

    ( naycelgfx@gmail.com )

  2. Sup guys! I've been too busy on the past weeks, but I didn't forget here, i'm really committed to finish that serie. So today I will post the Chicago Fire kits, The home kit has a big blue stripe with a smaller one below, I tried to do something Boca Juniors inspired. Red shorts and navy blue socks complete the kit set. This one was fully inspired in Chicago's flag, it was supposed to be a third kit, but the away kit I did, they looked so crappy to me that I decided to go with that as the away kit. I think the kit speaks for itself. Note that I did in a hurry so I forgot to put name and number on the kit. Simple but classy, two shades of grey with a touch of blue, black shorts, grey socks and that's it. Stay tuned cuz I will do a Chicago Fauxback kit soon!
  3. I didn't liked the yellow stripe at the home kit, but the away is pretty tigh - I really liked and I think it's a good look for Barcelona.
  4. Yeah, I just realized that those players don't play anymore there after finishing the kits, my bad. Frings name on it was kind of a tribute for him, beside Gattuso he was my favorite mid-defender! But anyway, is always good to know what the supporters want
  5. Today I'm going with Toronto FC! Nike showed some nice templates for the next season, I'm in love with the Internazionale one! I choose it again for TFC. For the home kit, red and dark grey and a watermark full of maple leafs. Grey shorts and red socks complete the kit. I kept the same template but instead of a watermark, something more classic and that aways work, 2 stripes at the chest in grey and red. This kit is the way I like, all white. For the third kit, I thought that the grey would work fine. I choose this one to be a tribute for the city of Toronto, the city's skyline is present on it. Red shorts and grey socks complete the uniform. infographic The shorts and socks of each uniform can be used with all shirts and socks - i'm thinking about design something that can show the other combinations of jersey, shorts and socks. For the goalkeeper kit, 2 shades of purple, details in grey and the same watermark of the home kit.
  6. Looking good, I love polo collars on soccer kits. But I think that the crest is too big and the number too small...but keep on working, they sure have good potential!
  7. Now I realized that the Fauxback kit wasn't apearing, edited it...enjoy!
  8. Can you something for Rayo Vallecano or Atletico Madrid?
  9. I'm thinking about giving up of Photobucket, you can't enlarge the image and some of my designs it's kinda needed Today I'll post Columbus Crew, i loved to work with black and yellow, are such great colors for a soccer kit For the home kit I used the same template that Internazional is using this season and inspired in some France jerseys I put some tiny yellow stripes on the cuffs. I think this is way better than the jersey that The Crew is using, less "polluted" maybe. Unfornutately It's hard to see the brick pattern that used not just in the away kit but also in the alternate. People will remember 'Bee Movie' when they see that jersey, or Celtic. For the goalkeeper kit, shades of blue and details in lime green. The fauxback is based on a jersey which The Crew used between 1995 and 1998.
  10. That's why I like Nike, most of their templates are clean, like you said a clean sheat of paper...you can do loads of stuff on it!
  11. Well, lets move on with New York Red Bulls concept! For the home kit, I got those sleeve details from my favorite team in Brazil, Santos. I think that worked fine. What I wanted the most on those Red Bull concepts it was to make the kits look like a "real" team and not a Coporation-owned team. The Bulls still on the shirt but in a slight watermark. The away kit is my favorite so far, simple but classy as hell. France National Team kits inspired me a lot on that. That's not original at all, I remember that a guy in Brazil designed something similar. I saved some colours because I wanted to do a Fauxback for NYRB, so the can became a kit. Goalkeeper Kit: Salmon and dark grey, they always work good when matched, specially for a Goalkeeper kit. Also I used the same watermark of the home kit. I remember a lot of Metros, they couldn't have won any important titles but they were responsible to put New York on the global soccer map again. Tri-colored kit with black shorts and socks, works fine and some teams in Brazil like Sao Paulo, Santa Cruz and Botafogo-SP traditionally use. Nothing special for the Goalkeeper fauxback, inspired in a Tony Meola's kit from the 90's.
  12. I put prize on my works because in our forum in Brazil a lot of guys are lazy, they get your design and didn't change nothing - specially in the our Brazilian Forum's case because most of us work with fantasy brands, they don't look foward to progress, but I don't have any problems to share one design or two when people come to me and ask, I really like to help others to evolve on designing because when I progressed the most was with free templates. So, if somebody like my designs and want some help or a template, come to talk with me and i will be glad to help
  13. Nobody's buying =/ , do you still want the Umbro template?
  14. I always had difficult to design a long sleev kit, so when I first finished that goalkeeper template I was completely stoked about it. They will be part of that serie. For Dynamo I designed 2 (some teams will have a second goalkeeper option but will be a fauxback kit) options just to test the template. The first one with dark shades and bright orange details is my favorite. It's good that Dynamo don't have a sponsor right now so I could play with the wordmark and try to designed something "neo-classical" hahahaha, several clubs in Brazil used to have goalkeeper kits with the name of the team above the crest, I thought that would look pretty nice with the wordmark. That's an example of a Goalkeeper jersey in Brazil during the 60's - kind of a Golden Era for Brazilian soccer. The template I used is the same that teams like Arsenal and Manchester City are using, I really like how bright colours match with black and dark grey. This one was inspired in Netherland's goalkeeper kits in late 80's, also look good for Dynamo.
  15. Well, I'm not a big fan of stars, crowns or laurels like some teams use, I got rid of them in those kits because I wanted to keep a simple and classy design. May I know, Somebody have some suggestions for a Red Bulls third kit?