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  1. I used to think that 2003-04 was the peak of NHL jerseys as well but I have to agree, as much as I like navy blue as a jersey colour the league was way way way too navy blue and black at that point. There were 7 black teams, 7 navy teams, and 7 of the other teams had a black or navy alternate.
  2. I don't really know why but that Flint logo reminds of a logo for anti-virus software. I think the biggest thing for it is that it's a very static logo even though parts of it imply movement? I really am not expressing myself well here but I hope that's vaguely helpful.
  3. The serif B is fine but honestly I kinda think it has too much going on. Too many outlines And it stands out among the rest of the O6 who are all using logos that are decades old (Leafs being basically just a clean-up of the pre-expansion design).
  4. God I hated those Oilers orange jerseys with the royal blue. Looked so gaudy. Honestly, I can live with the current ones. I just wish they had filled in the sleeve striping:
  5. Black and navy is an awful, awful combination. The Jackets were right to move away from it.
  6. Just came across this series and I think you've done a really great job. Honestly, I've been disappointed at times to see you stick with some logos instead of making your own, which speaks to how great your concepts have been. There are a few that I might quibble with a bit but as with the other OHL series (and I hope my old one as well) there are some no-doubt excellent logos here that really get across the feel of junior hockey well. Well done.
  7. The Minnesota Wilds' current set is top-10 in the league in my books, they really have it right now. That white jersey might be my favourite in the league. Yes the name is stupid but it's been 20 years, at this point does it even register as dumb? It's just the team's name, I don't think about it anymore. The North Stars colours are fun for an alternate but the Wilds' current identity looks so :censored:in good.
  8. Very very disappointed that the Avalanche are going with blue equipment. The renders look really bad, especially the road jerseys. Black worked because the shade of blue the Avs use is lighter than the burgundy. Lighter equipment almost never looks good.
  9. I really hope the NHL doesn't become the NBA where every team has 9 jerseys that look wildly different from one another.
  10. Tbh I think the Avs home jersey is my favourite in the league. Switching the double stripe to a single grey one was the right call and I think the single stroke numbers are fine as well. The whites are fine too. I have never seen a single mockup replacing the black with burgundy or blue that looks anything but terrible.
  11. Emphasizing the green emphasizes that it's different.
  12. The logo and uniform package really looks like one of those classic @GFB 2008-era NHL rebrands. Much better than the crappy name.
  13. From what I've seen on Reddit/Twitter fans really do not like the update. I think that's ridiculous, but it is what it is I guess.
  14. Then look at the post I made right above yours of 720p. The problem doesn't go away with a resolution upgrade. Red on black doesn't pop on video no matter what.
  15. On St. Louis here's where I stand: The red's bad. Too much looks very primary school/Fisher Price, too little (like those awful 80s sweaters) is just useless. The navy's great. Makes the logo stand out (which it doesn't when the note is the same colour as the jersey) and makes the jerseys look a lot more interesting. The modern note is much better than the old one. It looks solid and balanced and sharp. The old one looks spindly and crooked and delicate. The only problem with the current jerseys is the unnecessary blue line between the white and gold.
  16. As for HD, here's a 720p screencap of Hurricanes highlights in their new black and red jerseys that have essentially the same colours as the Sens ones will. You cannot honestly say that the red on these jerseys is apparent at all unless you look very closely.
  17. Yes, they do have that problem. Although they've thickened the red (probably to address it). The Sens have big blocks of colour on their current jersey, not thin stripes. I'm still pretty skeptical that the red is gonna stand out at all.
  18. Disappointing. LD's mockups look very nice but the black and red is a recipe for on-screen mush. Especially on the white jerseys that red is going to absolutely get lost in the black.
  19. Well, I guess I might as well too. I disagree that the Sens original logo isn't dated, the lines are so thin, it looks pure 90s.
  20. The problem with the Sens' inaugural white jerseys is that the black completely dominates the red so on TV you can't even make the colour out. That being said, there are absolutely 90s jerseys that are timeless and would be great to bring back. There are also some that really aren't. The Ducks, Sharks, Panthers, and IMO Kings never looked better than they did in that decade. I think there's something to the idea that many of the more sunny teams looked better in their 90s threads.
  21. I'll defend the "Jets logo looks like clipart" take - yes, in concept it looks like the Air Force logo but the double-red and double-grey shading does make it look like clipart. I personally think the logo would be improved by simplifying it, but that's just me.
  22. Or alternatively that list wasn't comprehensive/accurate and/or they reassessed after Sockeyes got ruled out
  23. RMNB reporting that the name will be Kraken... That's a surprise for sure
  24. It could be simplified though. Also I'm really pissed that those jerseys can't be made in NHL 20.
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