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  1. Which is due to the PT-42 shield on the collar. Which I'm glad is there too
  2. So glad I'm going to ASU makes football games not a pain to watch
  3. I have one of the 14-15 Dortmund kits and now seeing the 15-16's I will definitely be getting one of those. I hope they will wear those on Saturday for the DFB-Pokal Final!
  4. Celtic will officially unveil the 15/16 New Balance kits tomorrow as part of their Four in a Row Scottish Champions celebrations
  5. Formula E is a great series minus all the gimmicky stuff anyways, this is going to be interesting and with the different body shapes of all three cars very intriguing.
  6. They are looking better but take the mirroring advice from raysox and 1clkgtramg also slow down and do one car at a time, each car was designed differently from the others so give each one the time they deserve
  7. The leader light system is a current innovation that is spreading like wildfire so yes. Also use Andy Blackmore's Spotters Guides to help you with the placement of the Door numbers
  8. First I would like to say that this is a good idea but I am looking forward to see the progress in this series. Also a few things I would like to suggest. I am also doing a auto racing series that is currently in the works and I have also found that templates were extremely hard to come by in .svg format like the one that you are using. I would agree with raysox on the side panel placement being consistent on each car but I would also switch the side panel with the hood as most if not all GT based series uses a big side panel so the fans could see and identify the cars and their numbers Once again I look forward to the series
  9. Eurosport said the deal was done and it's for 10 years and for £750m
  10. I just want to say that I know my crest is a complete unoriginal and pretty bad, and that logos have never been a strength of mine. I'm guessing it's the logo which is causing the majority of last place votes I'm getting and it's completely understandable as to why.
  11. Germany, this could either be a blessing or a curse, but I'm excited for this to get underway
  12. I'm in need to shake the creative rust off though but I'm ready to give it a shot
  13. There will be no streams of test day but will cover it as well as this weekends 12 hours of Zandvoort. I recommend anyone to listen to their programming and race coverages because they are THE source for sportscar racing plus there live radio show "Midweek Motorsport" is better than most tv shows on racing
  14. I have seen nothing from some major sites I go on like Autosport or F1Fanatic about Haas deferring the entry to '16 and the author of the article mostly covers NASCAR so I could see this as creditable in this case with the Hass connection but until I see or hear it from either Bernie or some of the sites I listed I will take this with a grain of salt. But this will not be another USF1 ordeal.A few more things Le Mans test day is this Saturday with the race in 2 weeks after that and Toyota are going in as favorites but as Audi will be quick to remind anyone that Le Mans plays no favorites. But the real questions are how will Porsche do in their return and will the Nissan Zeod RC do some thing that the Deltawing did not: Finish the 24 hours
  15. Haas has stated his intentions to build his team from the ground up and not doing a simple ownership/name take over like Jaguar -> Red Bull and Jordan -> Midland -> Spyker -> Force India. The Front runner for the Powerunit (Engine) supplier to HF is the Prancing Horses of Marenello, Ferrari Congrats, to RHR on the 500 win and to Busch finishing a great 6th
  16. Caterham needs to be worried, unless they can score a single point, Hass Formula will be knocking on their door, now with Marussia on the board. And I just don't them scoring one unless it's a crash fest but Austria and especially Russia could be wild cards but Congrats to Jules and the Marussia team on their two points
  17. I remember ESPN doing something similar for the '10 WC and those were great but these are awesome
  18. Recent News Roundup -IndyCar 2014 Schedule is nearing finalization with 20-21 races on the calendar next year Probable Changes -St Pete (Possible Doubleheader) -New Race at IMS (Road Course, early May and paired with USCR who wants to move their Indy date up) -Pocono (Change from 400 to 500 miles) -Milwaukee (Needs a Sponsor to confirm its race but more than likely will keep it) -Sao Paolo (Needs a New Date if IMS Road Course is a go) -Fontana (Wants to move up to make the Triple Crown being held in three consecutive months) Darrick Walker targets a 2015 Global Plan to include a winter International series with races at some of the old CART tracks like Surfers Paradise. -MotoGP MotoGP to return to Brazil in 2014 in Brasilia -F1 Belgium This Weekend Japan now has a contract good thru the 2018 Season.
  19. I have had this idea for a concept series but I need some input on it first. THE FIA/FIM WORLD MOTORSPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP Imagine the Olympics mixed in with A1GP World Series adding Race of Champions. Here's what I think how it should be -The City As a Host City I think London does the trick but Paris could as well. The Host City would host the events where the venues could be used for more than one event. For example, In London, Lord's Cricket Grounds would host both Motorcross and Stadium Trucks/Buggies events as a course layout could be designed to change from one setup to another. -Host Circuit The Host Circuit would host the GP and Endurance style events where a permanent paddock would be nessacary. However Touring Car events would NOT take place at a circuit but in the city for spectator and logistical reasons. -The Teams Each Nation within the top 30 of the Autosport World Driver Rankings will get a automatic invitation to every event while Nations ranked 31-40 will compete in a prelim to see who will get the final 5 slots in a event like the Sprint Showdown for the NASCAR All Star Race Each Nation can send a Max of 3 Cars/Bikes per event in non Multi Driver Events excluding Rally -The Events (Car) FIA Events -LMP2 (Oreca 03-Nissan) -GTE (Porsche 911 GT3 RSR) -GT3 (Audi R8 LMS Ultra) -Karting -Touring Car (Chevy Cruze) -Open Wheel (GP2/11) -Rally (Citroen DS3 WRC) -RallyCross (Ford Fiesta ST RX) -Race Of Champions Crossover (Toyota 86) -Stadium Buggies FIM -Moto GP(Honda) -Moto Endurance (Yamaha) -MotoX (Kawasaki) -EnduroX What Else should there be? What drivers? I'm interested in any input on this
  20. The Supremo has spoken saying that "Indian GP won't be coming back next year" and it was "purely political"
  21. NBC hopefully can fill the void that will be left by SPEED because the USCR contract is still up for grabs and Fox does not want it, ESPN could get it but not likely, so the ball is in NBC's court. I think they would do a great job with the coverage of NASCAR and potentially USCR if Indy and F1 is any example
  22. Here's what I think the schedule will look like 1: Bahrain, Bahrain International Circuit 2: Australia, Albert Park Circuit 3: Malaysia, Sepang International Circuit 4: China, Shanghai International Circuit 5: Spain, Circuit de Catalunya 6: Monaco, Circuit de Monaco 7: Canada, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 8: America, Port Imperial Street Circuit 9: British, Silverstone Circuit 10: Austria, Red Bull Ring 11: Germany, Hockenheimring 12: Hungary, Hungaroring 13: Russia, Sochi Olympic Park Circuit 14: Belgium, Circuit de Spa-Franchorchamps 15: Italy, Autodromo Nazionale Monza 16: Singapore, Marina Bay Street Circuit 17: Korea, Korean International Circuit 18: Japan, Suzuka Circuit 19: India, Buddh International Circuit 20: Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit 21: United States, Circuit of the Americas 22: Brazil, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Interlagos) I expect Korea will be dropped but the contract will end I believe in '14
  23. I wonder which race will get the axe? Or its it more posturing to force New Jersey's hand? If any race could or will get the axe it would be Korea because the race as been a bust from a financial point, which is everything in F1, I read somewhere that the race was losing $25 million a year. Other News GX will be merged into GTD in the USCR GT3 cars are allowed into GTD without the major changes needed before but aero tweaks and other minor tweaks will be required Corvette C7.R is nearing completion and will begin testing soon
  24. That Nissan is what the Deltawing Coupe should have looked liked. Viper has announce a GT3 spec car to compete in the new United Sportscar Racing next year in the Grand Touring-Daytona (GTD) class which is the current Grand-Am spec GT class *shameless plug* for those of you interested, my Motorsports blog is now up (
  25. The ruling for Pirelli-gate is out and Mercedes is going to be suspended from the Young Drivers test. In my opinion it's a mere slap on the wrist. Remember when Mclaren spied on other teams? They were disqualied from the 2007 constructors championship. Renaults Crashgate in 2008 Flavio Balatori the head of Renault got banned for life but was reduced later. I would have docked 35 teams points and fined them. Note this is not the Red Bull fan coming out but a Motorsports fan and blogger.