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  1. I coach a semi pro team called the Watertown Rebels and I may see what this looks like with our colors and logo. I love this
  2. Possibly a mixture of proposal #1 and #2 lol
  3. Exactly what I meant. Never seen anything quite like it. I’m a fan
  4. Holy cow This is absolutely an awesome idea pulled off perfectly. Was this 100% your idea? Beautiful!
  5. I’m wondering myself on if every team name that doesn’t end with an “s” is considered singular
  6. Maybe the best Jets jerseys I’ve seen on these boards or in real life. Tremendous work. Id love for you to send me the template too. That’s great.
  7. Any chance I could get this template from you?
  8. What do you think of the Bengals' new uniforms?

    1. BengalErnst


      I believe they’re an upgrade for the most part but I was a fan of the older ones. I think these are slick and I at least don’t hate them. I expected to hate them haha

  9. You guys are probably right. I was always a fan of the VooDoo name and look but the Breakers were a sweet helmet. Can’t really argue with that point. I do also support the idea above of Bob Kraft being the breakers back home tho. Best of both worlds.
  10. New Orleans VooDoo was one of the best AFL logos around. I’m a huge supporter of that change
  11. Favorite one so far. Love these throwback leagues
  12. I was wondering how you were going to move forward with this. I’m just happy that you’re going to keep trucking along. The pictures are becoming dated anyhow. Nice work with the updates. Can’t wait to see how the league keeps trucking along. Love the Federals new logo. Great way to use the Stallions look from the CFL.
  13. Like Brian said, it just doesn’t fit NO. Move them back to Boston if they need to be kept.. then they can turn to the brawlers around 2000 in the XFL era
  14. A lot more of the NFL Europe names are back for this league now. The Frankfurt Galaxy is back with same logo even.
  15. I agree. Houston Oilers move to Tennessee, and the USFL capitalize by moving the Texas Outlaws to Houston as the Houston Texans and then bring in the San Antonio Riders. I’m also a big fan of that logo and the names attached to it.