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  1. Any chance I could get the psd of the helmet and the vs graphic?
  2. Not a huge fan of the white side panels that are extremely dated but I don’t believe they deserve the hate they receive. They’re not the cookie cuter unis every other team have
  3. I know I’m in a huge minority here but the bengals are my favorite uniforms in the league. Hate when they constantly get bashed and then redesigned just to look worse. Not saying that’s the case here, but man it drives me nuts
  4. Yep. And they were my team in the AAF as well
  5. Always love when you bring out that helmet design. One of my favorites from your work.
  6. That’s my squad. Absolutely love how you incorporated the Alamo into the logo and the helmet. This is beautiful.
  7. Definitely got the barnstormer vibe from them instantly.. I like the fact that Kurt Warner made the smooth transition over
  8. This is pretty awesome and the template is even better
  9. Just concepts or will there actually be an actual alternate history provided? Either way I look forward to it
  10. Give it a shot man. Doesn’t hurt to try.
  11. That helmet is a work of art. Love it. But I’m a sucker for any helmet that’s not just a normal logo on the side sticker format
  12. That secondary is a work of art. I’d like to see that be the primary as well but those are some beautiful uniforms
  13. I like the idea of expanding to northern American cities that aren’t in the NFL since the season overlaps. I’d love to see the Des Moines, Omaha or Sioux Falls get a team also.
  14. His CFL project is already underway. Go check it out. One team is already posted.