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  1. Yeah this has been entertaining and you’ve done such a great job, I’d like to see you tackle other previous football leagues.
  2. I love everything about this change. Making the switch to the Houston Cougar logo with a color change was excellent and beautiful. Those jerseys are perfect for this team. And I love the way you went about releasing this to the public. Always raising the standards around here
  3. The “s” is behind the face mask a bit. It should probably be moved up a little bit so it can be seen, but it is there
  4. Or he can design or re-design whatever he chooses to do, and you can make the choice to look at it if you want to. Some of your suggestions have been very on point and fair, but to tell the guy that he can’t put his own vision of the USFL out there because you have a boner for the league is pretty ridiculous.
  5. Imo the Stallions helmet is a huge upgrade even tho I know the USFL loyalist will hate it haha
  6. This is your concept thread so you do what you want. I’m with you here too. I hate having teams named after states, whenever I do conceptual leagues like that I always go for cities as well. No Carolinas, Michigans or Arizona’s for me either
  7. It was a proposed act that never got put into law. It really doesn’t have a chance to hold up in court.
  8. I’d also like to add that I’d like to see the Baltimore Bombers, the proposed NFL team to jump into the USFL. Loved the idea of that team over the Baltimore Ravens
  9. Love the template, and the series so far. The demand will definitely be there for you to do the rest. Keep up the good work.
  10. Fair enough haha.. I like the Michigan colors but prefer the modernized Carolina logo so a mixture of the two is the best of both worlds in my mind. What id like to see happen in this universe, is that the Michigan Panthers keep colors, but modernize into Carolina Panthers while the Jaguars jump into the USFL alongside the LA Express for the 95 expansion, and then the Stars or Bandits get the Broncos 90s look. I feel like the Generals in NY/NJ would less likely take that uniform gamble
  11. With the Jacksonville Jaguars not likely to be created in this universe, I would love to see that logo in a different town make it into the USFL. It was an absolute awesome logo/design
  12. Agreed. I loved the Broncos jerseys, and the Panthers are my least favorite team of the USFL but I would fully support that idea.. but I also think the Panthers should change into the NFL Panthers 96 logo also. Major upgrade.
  13. That is a beautiful helmet .. and a beautiful template. Where did you get it?
  14. Any plan on altering the Baltimore stallions to this logo?
  15. St. Louis Knights for sure.
  16. I coach a semi pro team called the Watertown Rebels and I may see what this looks like with our colors and logo. I love this
  17. Possibly a mixture of proposal #1 and #2 lol
  18. Exactly what I meant. Never seen anything quite like it. I’m a fan
  19. Holy cow This is absolutely an awesome idea pulled off perfectly. Was this 100% your idea? Beautiful!
  20. I’m wondering myself on if every team name that doesn’t end with an “s” is considered singular
  21. Maybe the best Jets jerseys I’ve seen on these boards or in real life. Tremendous work. Id love for you to send me the template too. That’s great.
  22. Any chance I could get this template from you?
  23. You guys are probably right. I was always a fan of the VooDoo name and look but the Breakers were a sweet helmet. Can’t really argue with that point. I do also support the idea above of Bob Kraft being the breakers back home tho. Best of both worlds.
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