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  1. Your color choices look really sharp, and the overall design is clean and simple enough to look nice on the surface. As mentioned above, though, I'm not sure there's a coherent, City Edition-like theme here between the subway token logo, the street corner design, the MSG ceiling pattern, etc. Perhaps exploring a single one of those ideas in a bit more depth will create a more cohesive City Edition design. I'll definitely be looking forward to more!
  2. The Blazers look nice and clean -- nothing too wild, but something unique enough only they could wear it. (I can't unsee the Iverson-era Sixers with the color palette, but that's a personal issue. Absolutely nothing against the design!) Would it be weird to include vertical pinstripes on the shorts? When experimenting with the Blazers I've attempted diagonal jersey pinstripes with vertical shorts pinstripes as sort of a stripped down version of their sash-and-side-panel design....I couldn't make it work, but it looks like it could work here! I'm excited to see the Magic move away from the sky motif. It never quite fit to begin with, let alone to use again for a second straight year. I absolutely love the font you chose, and the treatment on the wordmark and shorts stars is subtly awesome. I've found it difficult to create something refreshing yet mature for the Magic, but I think you've done an excellent job of that here. My only suggestion might be to tinker with the shade of blue -- I can't quite tell if it's my monitor or if it's a bit dull. The Flash-themed Heat uniform is awesome! Tribute uniforms seem to be very hit or miss, but this one is too fitting to be anything but a hit. I'll be excited to see what else you come up with for them!
  3. This next concept just kind of came together as I was looking up something on Basketball Reference while tinkering with a few parts of the template. More specifically, I came across Drazen Petrovic's name while I was working on connecting armhole trim to side panel trim and experimenting with two-tone materials/textures. For those unfamiliar Petrovic, he was a star shooting guard overseas in the '80s before a career in the NBA with the Blazers and Nets. An efficient scorer and one of the first truly great 3-point shooters, he was just beginning to reach his prime when he tragically passed away in a car accident at 28. He was inducted into both the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as well as the FIBA Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the figureheads responsible for helping popularize NBA basketball throughout Europe. Anyways, I thought it would be cool to create a City Edition uniform concept in his honor. The uniform design follows the general template of the Nets' Association and Icon Edition uniforms -- consistent trim around the collar armholes, along the jersey and shorts side panels, and around the bottoms of the shorts legs, with a centered wordmark and numerals. The color palette is a nod to both the '90s Nets uniforms in which Petrovic played as well as the colors of his native Croatia's flag; the trim pattern is designed as a nod to the flag's striping. The white base of the jersey contains a subtle checkerboard pattern as another nod to the Croatian flag. The wordmark and numerals remain the same as the ones on his home white Nets' jerseys. It's a clean, simple design that adds bits of familiar color to the Nets' palette while subtly paying tribute to the life, career, and legacy of Drazen Petrovic. Thanks for looking -- any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Brooklyn Nets City Edition Uniform Concept
  4. Awesome, I'm very happy to hear you approve and I really appreciate all the kind words!
  5. There are a number of revisions I want to make on my previous Knicks City Edition uniform concept, but first I have another idea for which I could really use some thoughts and suggestions. A while back, @itsmb8 suggested I design some Bucks concepts. I kept drawing a blank for quite a while, recolored last year's City Edition uniform for an Earned Edition uniform concept, and have had them in the back of my mind ever since. The idea behind this concept is pretty simple, drawing inspiration from the city's brewing history. I started sifting through different beer can designs one day, wondered if any of the elements could be applied to a basketball uniform, and with Milwaukee being the logical recipient I Google image-searched "milwaukee beer can." The first result that stood out to me was an old, flat-top Miller High Life can from the '80s -- its gold base with green and red accents was vaguely Bucks enough. However, there were too many different lines and colors cluttering up the design, so I kept searching until I came across the much cleaner 2010 redesign. The design takes a bit of a cue from the '80s Hawks uniforms as well as the current Cavs City Edition uniforms, though the wrap-around, label-style design doesn't have any 1:1 NBA precedent to my knowledge. The "Milwaukee" script receives the same lettering treatment as the Miller logo and the front numerals are style after the "HIGH LIFE" lettering....so hopefully someone in the Bucks organization can pull some strings once their sponsorship deal with Harley Davidson expires to establish the good folks at Miller their official sponsor and make these uniforms happen. I'm sure these would be a logistical nightmare to engineer and produce, and I'm not sure they're even legal considering the white and non-white color-blocking, but those are minor details. One thing that's been irking me is the left side panel. Many cans with similar labels have an awkward blank space between each end of the label, but it looks somewhat natural on the medium of a can. A basketball uniform is a bit different, though....it just feels bare and incomplete. Hopefully it's a fun and unique idea despite still very much being a work-in-progress. As always, any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking! Milwaukee Bucks City Edition Uniform Concept
  6. I appreciate the input! I understand what you mean regarding the 5 looking a bit off. I kind of like how subtly different and obscure it is, but I recognize I'm very likely in the minority on that one. The number font is intended to match the wordmark font using what was once the building's official font, so I'm not sure where to start in terms of alternatives. I'll look through some comparable art deco fonts and see if anything stands out! Thanks for the positive feedback -- the elegant, Frank Sinatra style was certainly the goal! Thank you -- I appreciate the kind words!
  7. The color palette on that Suns uniform is wonderfully unique -- a perfect mix between the city flag and the team's identity. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like the subtle gradient applied across all three horizontal elements on the uniform, and it's outstanding. Awesome work here! The Pelicans concept is incredibly well thought out, too. There are infinite ways a Mardi Gras-themed uniform design can go awry, but everything from your flag-inspired trim to the way you've balanced the green and purple on the fronts and backs of the shoulders and the shorts legs is excellent. The sublimated pattern on the back of the jersey as well as the socks are very nice touches as well. I'm also on board with your decision to exclude front numerals -- it fits well in this era of uniform design and contributes nicely to the wild and bold, yet clean look -- which you nailed. Fantastic work again!
  8. Two of my recent obsessions have been photo albums of abandoned malls and art deco posters. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out a way to incorporate the abandoned malls into a uniform....but, I have an idea for an art deco-inspired concept for the New York Knicks. The Knicks' have had solid City Edition Uniform designs both last year and this year, both with local inspiration and familiar colors. I really like the inspiration behind both uniforms, but personally I prefer a bit more experimentation outside of the team's primary color palette. So, the goal was to incorporate a new color palette while paying homage to a key piece of the city's history. I'm pretty sure every single Knicks concept I've ever created has started with me determined to use anything other than the Empire State Building on the side panels and ended with me helplessly using nothing but the Empire State Building on the side panels. It never turns out well, but regardless....it's an iconic landmark, it's The Most Famous Building in the World, and it's rightfully woven into the fabric that is the city's history. In other words, it's excellent inspiration for a New York Knicks City Edition uniform. The art deco style is found everywhere throughout the building -- the architecture, the lobby mural, the interior design and decorating, the (previously) official font, etc. I wanted to capture bits of the building's opulence without doing too much, so I focused on a few key elements: -The 'EMPIRE STATE' lettering on the building's front - This was the obvious choice for the wordmark with its unique font and shimmering gold. -The linear pattern found on the front window panes as well as some tile floors - This created a nice vertical pattern for the side panels with clean, straight lines and a shiny silver finish. -The large mural in the building's lobby - The 'EMPIRE STATE' wordmark under the building inspired the wordmark being placed under the numerals. Also, the lettering from that mural served as the inspiration for what was previously the building's official font (designed by Two Twelve during the building's 2007 renovation project). The collar, armhole, and shorts trim is vaguely inspired by some of the marble work throughout the building. The '10118' is the zip code belonging entirely to the Empire State Building. I originally wanted to include a subtle all-over herringbone print pattern alluding to the lobby's tile flooring, but it felt like a bit too much. Hopefully the sharp colors and intricate patterns create a sleek and grandiose design indicative of the building's style, history, and mystique. Thanks for taking the time to check this out -- any and all thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated! New York Knicks City Edition Uniform Concept
  9. Excellent work on the Kings set! It's a wonderfully simple and relevant design, and simplifying the back per Conrad's suggestion makes a big difference. The lion/basketball alternate logo stands out much better on the white uniform, but both sets look very nice! The Pacers set is also nicely executed -- it reminds me a bit of a modern take on the Nike Rewind retail jerseys from the early 2000s. It lacks the typical contrast of a Pacers uniform given the lighter shade of blue plus the increased role of white over yellow, but it's a nice update to that mid- to late-'80s set that never seems to get the love it deserves. Great work so far -- definitely looking forward to what's next!
  10. I really like the general direction of this concept -- the bolder shades of blue and orange you've selected provide a much-needed refresh on their classic identity. There are a couple inconsistencies on the Association and Icon Edition uniforms that may benefit from some minor tweaks: 1) The neck, armhole, and bottom shorts trim is a double stripe while the waistband and side panel trim is a triple stripe. How come? Perhaps there is a good reason behind it, but on the surface I find it a bit puzzling. 2) The color balance - especially on the waistbands - feels a bit off. The Association Edition uniform feels especially orange-dominant, which takes away from the excellent contrast between the updated color palette. The Icon Edition uniform feels slightly more balanced, but flipping the orange and white on the waistband and side panel trim may help increase that balance. As for the Statement Edition uniform, I absolutely love it! I'm a big proponent of the Knicks returning to the numeral-over-wordmark template, and it is different enough from the Icon Edition design to stand on its own. Also, the unified striping pattern across the entire uniform is very sharp. Great work so far -- definitely excited to see the City Edition uniform!
  11. Unifying the striping pattern across the neck, waistband, and shorts bottoms is a small change, but judging by the looks I think it makes a big difference! I'm curious about the uneven/off-center striping pattern, though. Everything else in the set - trim, wordmarks, numerals, logos - has an even triple striping pattern with a contrasting center color. That cohesiveness is part of what makes this a strong set of designs. Is there a reason it was suddenly abandoned on the updated version of the Statement Edition uniform?
  12. I'm not sure I follow your thinking here -- since they would never be on-court together, I don't think the existence of a yellow Statement Edition uniform would preclude you from incorporating more yellow on the navy Icon Edition uniform. It feels like a bit of an unnecessary box to place yourself within. That being said, I think your update works very nicely! I think the single-color white trim along with the single-color yellow wordmarks and numerals creates clean, stark contrast against the navy base color. Well done! Your take on the Spurs' Association and Icon Edition uniforms is very cohesive, which I like a lot. Maintaining the same simple pattern across the neck trim, side striping, wordmarks, and numerals creates a clean look that amplifies the sharpness of their color palette. I also really like the spur logo detailing on the bottoms of the shorts. My one minor suggestion for both of those sets would be to rework the spur logos - both in the wordmark and on the bottoms of the shorts - to make it look more spur-like. The current five-point design looks a bit more like a wonky star. As for the Statement Edition uniform, I really like this as a start....I think there's a lot of potential here! Split-color uniforms can go one of two ways, but I think this one is certainly headed in the right direction. I think the biggest thing that can be improved upon is the consistency. The neck trim is solid, while the waistband and bottom of the shorts trim are triple stripes. Also, the thickness of the bottom of the shorts trim feels a bit too consistent with the thickness of the waistband trim in terms of proportion. You may also consider incorporating white as a unifying color to tie the silver jersey in with the black shorts -- looking at similar uniforms, your current design resembles Ohio State and Syracuse more than it does Oregon. I also think you could use a thicker, bolder typeface for the wordmark and numerals -- it might lend itself better to the simple design aesthetic and color palette with which you've started. Overall, another solid and unique set. Keep up the good work!
  13. I disagree with the sentiment that the Vice theme couldn't serve as the Heat's full-time identity, but I also don't believe it to be the be-all, end-all for them either. I'm also intrigued by the idea of eliminating black from whatever color palette you choose. Perhaps a combination of their '90s and current palettes with or without black - red, orange, yellow - could work? It would remain consistent with their color history, create a palette unique to the NBA, and utilize warm tones to embody the concept of heat. As for the options above, I'm really not sure I love any individual one of them. The right side of the basketball being white feels a bit off-balance vs. the left side being bright pink, light pink, or yellow. Perhaps re-balancing the colors would help, though I'm not exactly sure I have any good suggestions at the moment. Also, I'm a big fan of @vtgco's suggestion to convert the jersey striping to sublimation -- I think that helps retain the effect without complicating the transition from jersey to shorts.
  14. This is absolutely outstanding — I’m not sure how they overthought their current set to the extent that they did, but this is exactly how that set’s inspiration should be distilled into a modern classic of a set. My only nitpick - and it’s incredibly minor - would be to get rid of the orange nameplates on the brown jerseys in favor of white ones to complete the classic look. Very much looking forward to seeing more of this series!
  15. Happy to see the template is being put to good use! The Blazers' Association and Icon Edition uniforms are very crisp -- the simple design really emphasizes the color palette and striping pattern. My only suggestion would be to slightly reduce the thickness of the nameplate and numerals -- currently, they feel a too big to accommodate longer last names and/or two-digit numerals. The Blazers' Statement Edition uniform offers a unique take on the diagonal sash design element, and I think it really works. I'm a bit skeptical about two things, though: 1) the rounded 'trail blazers' script clashes with the linearity of the numerals, side panels, etc.; and 2) the slightly-lighter-than-black shade of gray feels a bit off. I think a more cohesive script and a simplified color palette could go a long way for this uniform. I also really like what you've designed for the Pacers! It's a simpler, more classic version of what they currently wear -- it's a bit vanilla in the context of their all-over-the-place uniform history, but I think it's perfectly fitting for a basketball team in the heart of Indiana. My only suggestion would be to incorporate a bit more yellow into the Icon Edition uniform -- as-is, it feels a bit too much like the Nuggets' new Icon Edition uniforms and not enough like the Indiana Pacers. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the League!