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  1. Because most players at big clubs go through 2 shirts a game, then these are swapped with other players, sold etc. There's no real point in ordering a 100 shirts with a players name and number sublimated if he then gets sold/goes on loan. Then, if a player is signed and plays a day later where is his shirt? It's just easier to print the shirts as required.
  2. Spain appear to be wearing the all white kit
  3. Will try and speed this up over the next few weeks. Uruguay with a flag motif collar, Argentina inspired by Diego Maradona's lighter blue shirts and England with collared Home shirts in early 90's styling.
  4. First up, in order of titles won, come Brazil, Italy and Germany. Full size images are linked to in the opening post.
  5. The draw for the 2014 World Cup will be held on Friday 6 December and with this I'll be doing a series. This will feature each of the 32 qualified countries, from 5 times champions and hosts Brazil, to first time qualifier as an independent nation Bosnia and Herzegovina. With football's heavyweights and some relatively obscure nations competing, hopefully an interesting series can follow. Brazil Italy Germany Uruguay Argentina England France Spain Algeria Australia Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Cameroon Chile Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Ecuador Ghana Greece Honduras Iran Japan Korea Republic Mexico Netherlands Nigeria Portugal Russia Switzerland USA
  6. Hull City supporters protesting the changing of the clubs name.
  7. Atlanta looks loosely based off Palermo's badge. Buffalo - Tottenham St Louis - Newcastle Jacksonville - Italian Oval badge Milan/Juve/Bologna
  8. That's probably what a lot of Lazio supporters are looking for to be honest. For me, whilst you going for 'simpler' addaptions of the Lazio and City badges, they do need another colour added. The Marseille badge looks really good, the script could be bolder and the 'OM' doesn't need the stroke to be read as 'OM'. Good stuff.
  9. I don't see how a murder 400 miles away from any of the host cities, on a cleared out bit of forest has anything to do with stadium security for the World Cup. It's like saying NFL players pose a security risk at the Superbowl because of Aaron Hernandez. Obviously the authorities should have known about a game in a town of 20,000 thousand people and ordered for a line of security to the left of the palm tree.
  10. Don_Kay

    A-League Redesign

    Being from Adelaide i feel somewhat obliged to comment here. First thing, great to see someone take on the A-League, the league isn't flushed with bespoke kits so I look forward to what you can do here. I have no problem with the hooped kit. Some would say taking an element from the Crows isn't the best way to go (historically football and the AFL haven't seen eye to eye), but it looks really good. The biggest problem I have is the colours. Making the blue bolder, in essence navy, would ruffle feather with the supporters. Considering our most fierce rivals wear Navy shirts, bringing it to such a prominent position is understandable from a design viewpoint, politically not so. On expansion the two most 'obvious' locations would be a team from Tasmania and from Canberra. Along with bringing back a team from North Queensland.
  11. _Not irrelevant or insignificant, but tinkering with the design of the shirt doesn't change what it is. Its representative of the club and the importance of the club supersedes any 'image' that is created by the shirt. Barcelona?s shirts this year are almost completely removed from anything in their past, yet there isn?t a complete detachment from the history. _ _There are of course limits, complete overhauls are largely met with distain. Cardiff City?s owners changing the kits form blue to red to attract the club to the Asian market led to fans wanting refunds on season tickets, Tottenham fans were aggrieved when a gambling agency?s logo brought red onto their shirts. Many Liverpool fans would take issue if they were to have a throwback to the original uniforms of blue and white quarters as these are the colours of Everton. _ _It also should be noted that not all clubs are blasé when it comes to their change kits. AC Milan?s away kit is always white with a black third kit. Arsenal often has a yellow shirt with blue shorts and many obscure designs are born out of historical or cultural significance. Essentially the thoughts on the designs of kits are far less hog tied to one particular way of doing things, in a way the changes in kits have become quasi-tradition.
  12. _ _Oh yeah I had Man City in there, best let somebody give us their take on some City kits. _I will have Malaga as a 2nd option.
  13. _ _Apologies, I have edited that. _ _Again it's just one of the many differences between the sporting cultures. Soccer fans tend to identify the club less around the actual shirt design and more of the idea of the 'shirt' and what the club represents which is rather fluid and organic, there is not much talk of ?identities? per se. At European football grounds you won't see many people in replica shirts for many reasons, one being the corporatized nature of kits. In America the 'brand' of the team is important and when you have a 'brand? you do need consistency. It?s the norm for people to don their Raiders jerseys; the one?s bought in the 80?s look pretty much the same as those bought today, which might not be a bad thing. _ _On topic, I can?t see much harm in other manufactures offering an all one colour option for shoes and the league and Nike passing it. Everyone knows that Griffin has an agreement with adidas, making him put tape around the 3 stripes just brings more attention to this.
  14. _ _ _ _This has been going on for decades but the clubs still have their home ‘primary’ kit. Holland wear Orange, Liverpool wear all Red, Real Madrid all White. The change shirts serve only to contrast with this so it would make no sense for it to not to vary in colour to a degree. If Chelsea didn’t have their black kit and only their home of blue and away of white, what would they wear at QPR who wear blue and white hoops? They're are identifiable because they're Chelsea. _ _Supporter's just have a different mentality when it comes to their sides uniforms. Clubs are not bound by league wide supplier contracts so different manufacturers come and go for each club and bring different templates, materials, shades etc. Therefore there’s going to be variations from season to season, big or small when manufactures change. Most fans like this, the prospect of your clubs new kit being unveiled causes much discussion. If you don't like this years kits, you know you won't be stuck with it for eternity. It's much different to American sports fans who complain about the stripes being altered slightly because of a new template.