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  1. All jerseys and pants are made to be mixed and matched and I think they all pair well with each other... Your comments and tweak suggestions are welcomed. I am working on how to show what I envision for the helmet. Stay tuned.
  2. I was toying with the idea of contrasting color on cuffs and collar. Might give that a try and I found a few fonts I like I will work on it depending on time revised concept should be up tonight.. Thanks for the help bro.
  3. EDITED VERSION: Update I wanted to go with a uniform that looked modern (since Cal obviously cares about that...) but also had traditional cues. The pant has speed(ish) sort of stripe and I don't really like plain tops with more modern pants. So I carried over the stripe concept to the tops. Also gave them all the mix and match abilities they'd every want. Now here is where I need the help obviously the uniform doesnt have numbers or a word mark to it so anyone who could help with that. Yes I know there are template out there with them but cant find any that is mordern enough while also sort of classy (if that makes sense). I also need help with the helmet. My "vision" is a matte blue helmet with there current helmet logo, and a plain white one with the same logo. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. <br>I know before its mentioned it looks a tad like Ok States uniform, sorry. Of course comments or advice on what I have currently done or tips on the things I mentioned I would like to do but dont know how to currently would be appreciate. Enjoy...
  4. Good catch over sight on my part (now fixed). I appreciate that. As far as comments thus far I feel its a visual appealing look but panel inserts would take a moment to get used to for sure..
  5. I currently dont have the skills to replicate the carbon fiber. But with the numbers and color pallet I have used I think thatd be perfect. Plus the carbon fiber concept is already OUT THERE. Haha.
  6. Oregon Pro Combat Concept: As I stated earlier I took design cues from Nikes "Elite Socks" for basketball and now for football. That is the design cue for pants and sleeve stripes. My thought is to use Oregons colors or at least from there current uniform set. I refuse to use volt (!!!!!) its bad enough grey is now in the set but no volt. Okay so my hatred of volt aside...Nike uses Oregon to push there future concepts and I see more use of the leg panels and sleeve panels as well. What is done now is simple color or trim of said panels. All that said here is what I have come up with, futuristic yet simple enough that its practical...The helmet I see them using is there current carbon fiber one with standard yellow O styling (possible tweaks to come for jersey baselayer...). Trim on yellow inserts is green (hard to see). Also I know on FRONT and BACK views of jersey the sleeve inserts are not visible where they should be I currently do not have the know how to execute it correctly. Thank you for those who created the templates to help make this possible. Both in the uniform as well as the number. Much appreciated... Thoughts?
  7. I love just about all of them. I like that the teams that should be "modern" are and the ones that are not are given modern updates. Also I like that each uniform seems like a complete thought. If that makes sense, I feel that is what my own ideas and designs (and others as well) lack so I can appreciate that in another. All in all good job (though a complete orange uni for Boise would be amazing).
  8. EDIT: Pic taken down, please see below post for current process of Pro Combat Uniform
  9. @TylerBray8 I did, and I came up a little short of the modern tweaks. Though I will add "modern" is relative. Whats modern for Penn State wont be the same as Oregon. That is where the gap is. On a side note thanks for the recommendation of the additional Pro Combat template. I like it better...good call.
  10. Classic look with modern styling and design cues. Didnt come across as it was in my head. As far as knowing how to change colors I can do the basics but am new to some of the finer tweaks. As far as the font, I know they dont use that font they use Bellotti Bold 2.0 I believe is how it was described. All that said I really wanted to blend together a few genres, past present, future styling (in the stripes). In my mind the rational went like this, if most teams sort of "flash forward" with there pro combat unis then is it a stretch that Oregon back pedals a little? Striped were based loosely off of what Oregon wore for the spring game. Yes the striping is a little less then fluid, hence rough draft. But still I appreciate all the input and will work on a home version with more modern tweaks for giggles...
  11. EDIT: This was my first idea for what OREGONS combat uniform was going to be, I was to do a home and away set. However since this initial post have taken idea in a different direction. Please see below post for a sneak peak at current idea for PRO COMBAT UNIFORM.
  12. EDIT: Nvm I stopped being lazy and found the template I was looking for. Once again uni's are so sick! Good job once again man.