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  1. ocel0t

    World Yakball Cup

    Wow, this is a really cool concept and well-executed. No Iceland though ah well Still, this looks great.
  2. Thanks for the comment, curswine. Bump. Any other thoughts?
  3. ocel0t

    Soccer TimE

    Sweden looks nice (love that alt 'keeper kit), but right now you have three of five kits with blue and some kind of yellow stripes on them. I'd like to see more variety, maybe just introduce another color for the alt or something (black?). EDIT: On the first 'keeper kit, how would it be with a two-digit number? The number 1 works well, but bigger numbers wouldn't fit.
  4. Thanks for the comment, Tim. any other feedback on PSG? In the meantime, here's a concept for my favorite club, Liverpool. I really don't like the stuff Warrior made for them for the 12-13 season, so here's my take on what would look nice. The home kit is from another concept I posted a while ago. Thoughts?
  5. Update: I made my sublimated pattern jersey the away, changing it to red, and by popular request made the classic red stripe jersey as the home. Thoughts?
  6. Definitely 5A. Most iconic of the bunch.
  7. ocel0t

    Soccer TimE

    You have some great ideas, really like this thread. For the Spain kits, home and away kits are great, but the third kit and alt keeper kit don't really do much for me. My favorites so far are Holland and Denmark. Great work!
  8. Hey there, everyone. This will be my mega-thread of all my soccer concepts, logos and kits. I use a home-made svg template for my kit designs. Enjoy! First up, an idea for Paris St. Germain, where i opted not to have a sponsor so that it didn't interfere with the pattern on the chest: Thoughts?
  9. ocel0t

    Soccer TimE

    Really like all of these, but on the white france kit the gold lettering is hard to read against the stripes.
  10. Hey, everyone, I currently attend Sidwell Friends School in DC, and their athletics team name is the Fighting Quakers. They don't really have a logo as of yet for helmets, merchandise, etc., so here's my shot at one. It still needs cleaning up, though. C+C appreciated!
  11. ocel0t

    Yakball Concepts

    The away is kit is really cool, and the home is nice too. The primary crest is a bit bland, but the oil rig looks nice. As usual, a solid job.
  12. Thanks for the comments, guys. Any other suggestions for changes? I'll play around with the fin-ear idea.
  13. Really like the mooterus logo, and the alt looks really good. This series is very neat and well-done.
  14. Alright, so I decided to take a bit of a change in direction, since I just couldn't make the eye look good. It's a bit less serpentine, and has a less "pointy" feel. I'm not sure if I like this better, just an idea. Thoughts?
  15. I really like the font and the tiger, but for me they don't look good together. The smooth edges of the tiger/square and the rough edges of the font seem to clash. Also, it feels very unbalanced somehow to me with the big T and the orange square. Good start.