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  1. Seller has great ratings but I don’t recall CCM making these. Thoughts? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MEN-NWT-SM-MARIO-LEMIEUX-TEAM-CANADA-CUP-CIRCA-1987-1991-WHITE-CCM-HOCKEY-JERSEY/233723456045?hash=item366b00ea2d:g:7nkAAOSwLTZfZ4ug
  2. the leafs are like this. Their RR jersey and the throwbacks they wore for their centennial a few years ago had full collars but their home and road have that hideous halfway thing. why do so many teams have it like that? was that adidas trying to make it their 'signature look' or some dumb s**t?
  3. Haven't really followed this thread--and major changes announced/rumoured for next season?
  4. ^From the rules. Would it count if there were a thread for people to swap old jerseys? I get you guys don’t want this forum to turn into a classified ads section, but if the scope were really narrow (jerseys only), you weren’t allowed to link to an external site (post pics only), and it was only for old jerseys you were selling (i.e. not an actual store or business), I think that would be fair. There’d probably be a lot of appetite for it too. Is this something I can go ahead with?
  5. Really don't get the Halladay decision. He had two great years, one bad one, and one terrible one with Philadelphia, and he didn't even win a World Series. Even four great years would be borderline.
  6. ^Always hated how the Phillies did their retired numbers. Painted on brick and what, 3 feet high? That's bush league. Philly's better than that. I think I see the pattern--chronological, alternating between left and right (like how in US political debates they have the lowest-polling candidate on the far left of the stage, 2nd lowest on the far right, 3rd lowest second from left, etc.). Still dumb.
  7. In 2016 the Leafs unveiled new jerseys, and in 2017 they were modified slightly when Adidas took over as the manufacturer. The new jerseys have hideous NFL-esque, incomplete toilet seat collars, meaning they wore the above jerseys (with the much nicer collars) only one season. I'd imagine very few stores would have any leftover inventory of a 4-year-old jersey, but if anyone knows a place that still sells Reebok NHL jerseys (or if you have one to sell yourself), DM me.
  8. That's the one. Classic. (Also, wow, 8 years ago last week.)
  9. Who was it a few years back who outed his dupe in the most offhand (and hilarious) way? There was some discussion about usernames, and he said something along the lines of, "Well when I got banned and created my dupe, I was so glad to have the chance to go with..."
  10. A friend of mine immigrated to Canada from Korea when he was in high school, and he grey up a Wyverns fan, so he got me on the bandwagon a few days ago. Glad to see our fanbase has such a strong CCSLC presence!
  11. Is there anything I can do to an image to mitigate the effect this has on pic quality?
  12. I've run into this problem a few times. I'll make a graphic on Inkscape, export it as a png (usually around 600x800), and it will come out high quality. Then when I upload that png online (usually to facebook but in this case craigslist), it'll come out poorer quality, like this: I know very little about this sort of stuff, so is it because it's a .png? Or the file size? Or one of the things that pop up on the Inkscape export menu? (fyi I have no clue what any of those are) Thanks to whoever can help!
  13. Hey all, Bought this at Value Village a few years ago and have never been able to identify the signature. Halifax Mooseheads, #82, mid-2010s at the latest. Any ideas?
  14. That was my thinking too. My name’s dumb but eh, it’s been almost a decade. Fun fact: I resurrected the NJTank moniker, which lasted about 8 minutes since apparently that’s not allowed. It’s a shame, I was really hoping to have a Cleveland Browns situation where I could pad my post count and join date.
  15. lmao k I'll just go with that
  16. whatthefont.com tells me this is WTC Banger; anyone know of any free fonts that more or less resemble it?
  17. I remember there used to be a thread that had links to a few zip folders with a lot of MLB fronts (circa 2010 or so). Does anyone know where it is/where I could find these files?
  18. I remember around the time of the last board update, a bunch of posts were deleted and a lot of people's post counts went down substantially. Was this reversed? I haven't visited here in a while but I swear I had far fewer...
  19. True, but could you not say the same thing about, say, insisting on discussing politics or Native American imagery? There are many bannable offences that involve showing that same sort of disregard.
  20. So Tank would thus not be eligible for CCSLC parole? EDIT: I just checked to see when Tank would be eligible -- only to realize he's been banned for two-and-a-half years. Time really does fly on these boards.
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