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  1. They should have used this for branding the Brooklyn Nets
  2. EvilEmpire

    Brooklyn Nets

    I thought the same thing about the jersey wordmark- what if you made the wordmark into the shape of the Brooklyn bridge?
  3. I don't like most of these however I like the saints and the Seahawks one is awesome
  4. IMO the star doesn't really match the C/G because it gives me a 3D vibe whereas the C/G is completely flat. Maybe a more 2D star would work?...
  5. Pro- Best: 10. 76ers primary 9. Miami Dolphins primary 8. Celtics secondary 7. Braves tomahawk 6. Bengals head logo 5. Detroit Lions primary 4. Timberwolves Secondary 3. Philadelphia Eagles 2. Wild primary 1. Golden State primary Worst: 5: New York Yankees Unused Primary 4: Redskins primary 3: Jaguars primary 2: Chief Wahoo 1: Browns helmet logo College- Best: 8: Boston College primary 7: Notre Dame Leprachaun 6: Florida state arrowhead 5: Hawaii "H" 4: Wyoming cowboys 3: Purdue Train 2: ND Fighting Souix Primary 1: Richmond Spider Worst: 3: Miami "U" 2: OSU Primary 1: WSU Cougars
  6. Thanks, I'm working on a uni and another team for this I'll get them on here soon. @anythinglogo Thanks, I'll fix the Rome thing, I just translated it on google translate
  7. No, I agree with you I like the currents way more than the throwbacks except the monocrome purple, which looks horrible (monochrome white is fine to me). The throwbacks are boring and are look like recolored Browns or Throwback saints jerseys. But I like the throwbacks a lot more than the other 2 you just showed.
  8. Saints- Awesome, perfect if the helmet was gold. Well done. Falcons- I don't really like it for some reason it seems... Arena footballish. I see what your doing with putting part of the falcons logo on the sleeve but, It doesnt go match the uni. I would do away with the white, put that element of the logo stripes on the shoulder and also the pants. And probably find a new font because this one isn't really working. Maybe use just the eye and beak of the falcon in the logo as a (black) alt helmet. I do, however like the idea of incorporating the logo into the sleeves.
  9. A grainy photo of whats to come. Origin of photo unknown
  10. This is awesome!! I don't usually like granites in football unis but these work. The alt jersey is my favorite
  11. In 2004, a Polish-Egyptian excavation team announced that they had discovered the remains of the Library of Alexandria. When they found a scroll that was still somehow intact they unrolled it to reveal a logo that some say is reminescent of a mysterious football team's logo. The scroll went missing in August 2007 but, rumor has it its being examinened in the basement of the British Museum in London. Scroll in May 2005 Edit: Sorry for the pixelated image
  12. Great job however, the letters on the Carolina logo seem too packed together and the circle/ball looks like the new Twins logo flipped around with a manta ray in place of the Twins script. Overall, great job can't wait to see more!
  13. Thanks guys! Sorry for the delay, I should have a new team up soon We'll see
  14. On October 14th 1974, two children playing on a deserted beach aprox. 50 km west of Lagos, Nigeria found a misplaced piece of history in a via a shard of driftwood on the shore with a logo bearing the hammer of Thor they gave it to a United Nations personal who brought it to University of New York professor Howard Dahl who verified it as an authentic scandenavian artifact.
  15. Good point I guess he can sit there during retirement