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  1. I like it and the flying tiger, but what has always bugged me about them both is that the tiger is looking and leaping backwards. It should flow from left to right. I've always wondered who made that decision, and why. I like the tiger head, but the flying tiger is a little much for me. To me it looks less like it's jumping, and more like it's just sacked out on the floor (sprawled position). That's not really the image I want for my favorite football team, despite their futility. And I like the actual "striped B" logo, though not as a primary.
  2. I know mine is fake; just wanted a good deal. It looks close enough, and that is okay with me. And what is the deal with somebody looking that closely at the shirt I am wearing? That's kinda creepy. I don't play for the team, guy...it's obviously not a real jersey.
  3. That is as best logo upgrade that has happened in the NBA in recent history. I disagree. You could make an argument that it is better for nostalgic value, but I think their previous logo is superior. The only thing that needed to change was the garish color scheme. Swap those colors to match the "retro" logo, and I think it is perfect. But the nostalgic logo is just better...cleaner, simpler, fewer lines, fewer colors. I wouldn't say that logos are "downgraded" so much as they are simplified because logos in the 90s got OUT OF HAND in terms of garishness, busyness, and muddled with two many elements. The classic teams have timeless logos that are simple and work well, and newer teams are probably moving towards developing that simplicity in their logos. Is it any wonder why the logos that stand the test of time are usually just lettermarks? Look at NY Yankees, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, etc.
  4. The Cincinnati Bengals uniforms are much maligned, and I can understand that the swapping of pants/jerseys and monochrome black is annoying, but I have been a Bengals fan all my life (and have LOVED the helmets ever since I was a kid). I guess my question is, if the Bengals moved back to Esiason-era uniforms: <br> instead of the current set: Would people like them better? Or is a whole redesign and rethinking of the helmets called for?
  5. I like the font, but I am not crazy about the color scheme on the uniforms - it's a bit too busy for my tastes. I am way conservative when it comes to basketball uniforms - I am just not crazy about "flashiness". When I think clean and fresh-looking basketball unis I think Celtics, Bulls, early 1990s Knicks, early 1990s Bullets, and Spurs. These tend to be more timeless, rather than the faddish "busy" uniforms with many, many stripes and panels, etc. Honestly, if they just reduced the number of colors to two or three, the current unis used by the Thunder would look much better. They also need to take the "thunder lines" out of their logo...then it would be good.
  6. Hey folks. I am not a professional designer by any means, however, I had a concept that I am working on because I love baseball. I would love to field a fantasy team in a league next season (I was too busy studying for the CPA exam this season to manage a team). I see that there are fantasy leagues with logos/uni mock-ups in the boards, and I would like to get on board. I had a couple questions. The image below is my concept so far. I was wondering where to get the best photoshop templates for jerseys. Also, how does one join a league on this board for next season? Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. Thanks guys.
  7. I think if you took the leaf/plane out of context, you would never know that it was supposed to be either a RCAF jet or a maple leaf. It looks like a spaceship. The real one is better. Is that aircraft decepticon or autobot?
  8. If they had used the traditional logo from the old incarnation of the Jets, it would look like an indistinguishable blob on the NHL navigation header too. In fact, the BEST NHL logos look crappy there (Oiliers, Bruins look kind of mushy in that nav bar).
  9. I think this is the inspiration for the primary. I like it.
  10. I like the main logo. I also like the "notch" pointing north because it looks like the heading bug of a heading indicator vacuum gauge on a typical aircraft panel. I think the best logos in the league are the must understated: leafs, rangers, bruins (old logo - new one is too complicated), canadiens. To me, this main logo is understated like those. I also like the secondary logo....I look forward to when the jerseys are available.