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  1. Hey great work on this entire series!! I enjoyed each and every design but on my favorite I would like to give a suggestion. For the alternate helmet (since you've changed the logos on them for others..) you should have the alternate B in the ball alone (no black) or just the letter B. I think it would work pretty well! Nevertheless, looking foward for the rest of the series!
  2. yea, it looks like a slight 3D effect via the stroking. interesting. I think Its the angle of the photo or its photoshopped altogether because i don't see it here. I think the silver on the trim is missing in that ad as well. By the way the Garden has a new wordmark on its floor. Madison Square Garden spelled out in a straight line, with Chase under it. It's because Madison Square Garden redesigned their logo. I don't know when it will be finally released but it has been used some areas on the website and other places. I saw the process of the logo being designed when I was interning there this spring.
  3. I agree with everyone else. If you do a side view of your jet but in the direction of the one in the late 70s-late 90s it would look that much better. The white helmet is superb! For the green, maybe its the highlight but the jet blends into the green helmet too much. I know you tried but the charocal/dark grey would give it more contrast I believe. Great work either way!
  4. Sorry for not explaining it right.. This is what I mean:
  5. Why don't the Yankees just combine these two together?? They use that wordmark all the time! I think it looks so much better combined:
  6. I may be the only one whos bothered by this but, why aren't the red dashes connected?? Is there a reason?
  7. I as well was going to create a thread about this too. I was just recently interning at Madison Square Garden who runs the Rockettes. I got to see NeutraText everyday for hours working on their designs. After this I got to see typeface everywhere such as the ones mentioned in the first post and also some I have listed below: I know the above text does seem modified but looks like it was originally NeutraText Also another example: I was walking by Banana Republic at my local mall and saw the popular typeface being used here too. Lastly I noticed Crest is even using NeutraText in its products. "Pro Health" I feel like out of all the companies using this, The Rockettes makes the most sense using this typeface due to the Art Deco feel in the type and the Rockettes perform in the Art Deco styled Radio City.
  8. If they do go for a new look they will be joining this page:
  9. So apparently if you test drive the font, the wordmark is not a mixed upper and lowercase font, it's completely lowercase...
  10. Can you explain how these are "strokes of genius"?
  11. Yes! It annoyed me that the shorts didn't have the pinstripes like others mentioned. The only thing is that I don't hate but I'm not crazy about the hexagon on the secondary logo. Just curious on the reasoning on the shape?
  12. Though like everyone is saying this will never happen but it still is a very interesting idea. I hope someone who had time can come up with very quick concepts for this idea. Preferably New York!
  13. The AL East has the toughest/best division. Wouldn't be surprised if any team went to and won the World Series next year.
  14. Look within the circled area. The lighter red looks like a mistake, I don't know if you are handing this in as a final or concept but either way, for the final you should smooth the lighter red. Also try to make both shades of red seem like they belong together because right now, especially where I have circled, it doesnt
  15. First off I want to thank you for hosting this event. This was the first year I viewed/participated in this contest so I can't really say what I like more or less from this year vs last year. The only thing I would would like to change is for you not to be as strict in being disqualified again I know rules are rules but for some events it was more ridiculous than others. What I suggest is either email back the person to resubmit it for the corrections which wouldn't take 5 minutes to email, or let the disqualified submission be able to be voted on but they can't get a higher medal than bronze. I personally liked the events that had less to do with sports than the ones with sports such as the company logo (though this is my preference). Lastly I want to thank everyone who voted and I am honored to win this years LogOlympid.