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  1. Could you make one with: Florida Gators Jacksonville Jaguars San Antonio Spurs NY Giants Thanks, GH
  2. San Antonio Missions could work. Not really sure what imagery you could use other than the Alamo though. Maybe a stylized, interlocking "SA"? I thought about the Missions, but SA already has a Texas League Baseball team by that name. Edit: This is there logo
  3. San Antonio Defenders, because SA has 6 Military Bases
  4. Love all your wallpaper, I really like the Miltary ones. I currently am in Afghanistan and the patterns you have for the Camo wallpaper are not the correct ones. U.S. Army > This is the one you currently have on all Branches. U.S. Army (Multicam)> Primarily used for the Army, All U.S. Military Branches may use this pattern while in Afghanistan. U.S. Marines (Woodland) U.S. Marines (Desert) U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy
  5. Thanks, but when you try to help out and you get hit with nothing but negative, how should I react? I'm going to leave this thread as is, if they get added good, if not, good, at least I have them.
  6. wow, all I tried to do is help add a few logos that were missing from the database. I did not think there was a post limit to do that. I agree this is the best place to get logos. I found this place about a week and decided to join the site. But if everyone has the attitude like these few here, I don't think I want to stay.
  7. I don't have a problem with it, I said at the end of my statement, "I may be wrong", so according to you I am wrong. I just stated that the logos they revealed in the beginning of 2010 season are not the logos you see above. If they used these logos before the playoffs I was not aware of it.
  8. What do you mean, what is the problem?
  9. If i can remember right, these were not used for promotion, they had similar logos with less detail for promotions, but these did not get used until the playoffs, i may be wrong though.
  10. I did not know where to put this, but I was looking at some of the NFL logos and some of the current logos are missing. You have the new Playoff logo, but its miss labeled as starting in 2010, it should be 2011 since the playoffs did not start till January 8,2011. You do not have all the other current logos: Wildcard Logo Divisional Logo AFC Championship Logo NFC Championship Logo
  11. Ok, I have looked at everything you have made so far. League Logo - I like them, just as everyone else point out MILF?, lol Bombers - Looks Great!! Love the old school look. Was a proposed expansion team in 1993. Stallions - Also in 1993 the St. Louis Stallions was a proposed expansion team. Marshalls - The logo is not right, try playing with it a little. The red outline a little thinner maybe. The Gray, maybe make it look more like silver. Breakers - Love the logo.
  12. I'd Like to see the idea you have for Florida.