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  1. can i submit this photo and see if they want to go with it, before you go through the trouble of vectoring it? by the way, if they do go with this logo, you will get a copy of all the T-shirts it is printed on for free. also, they need a logo with just GOW on it to match.
  2. Here is one I think looks good.
  3. Wait till you see Dunkin' Donuts I tried a white helmet, did not look as good.
  4. Your Video makes me want to get illustrator and lean it. Nice Job!
  5. I was thinking the same thing, but did not want all the uni's to look the same, I thought about making the sleeves to to home jersey to white, ill change it and post it to see what yall think. With the throwback, i used the primary logo that dairy queen used from 1940 to 1960 and made it look like an older uniform. They did have a ice cream cone on the signs from back then, but most football uniforms did not have logos in 1941, some of the older stores still use this sign. They did not go to the red and white logo till 1961
  6. The first time I tried it with a green helmet but did not think it looked right, but now, I changed the pants to green, and it really pops. I initially was only going to use the green as a accent color, but I like this better, thanks for the input.
  7. how about instead of the red uniforms it's green with white pantsThe reason I went with a Red alternate is because John Schnatter, the Founder of Papa Johns, is always wearing red, I search a photo of him, and other than a couple photos, its always red..
  8. Done some miner adjustments to the Home and Away, straightened the Helmet logo. Alternate I changed the helmet logo to the secondary logo, added stripes to jersey sleeves and pants, and added Tv numbers, which i forgot.
  9. As MrWonka said, its not in the top 10, maybe after im done with the top 10, i may do other popular chains
  10. #3 on the list I was thinking about making logos, we will see how it goes, the only one i made a logo for so far is McDonalds
  11. I made it Yes, I just saw it right after I posted this. Been working on this series for a couple weeks now
  12. ok, I wanted to do something I never seen yet. I searched the boards, and found nothing like this, unless it way back. Im going to make Football uniforms for the top 10 global fast food chains. They are: 10. Papa Johns Pizza 9. Dairy Queen 8. Dunkin Donuts 7. Dominos Pizza 6. Burger King 5. Starbucks 4. Pizza Hut 3. Subway 2. KFC 1. McDonalds I will be making a Home and Away, My rules for these are make them look as if they belong on a football field, so nothing crazy or out of the box. I will also do a alternate, No rules for the alternates, so some of these will get crazy. I did Mcdonalds first, but wont show it til last, I love the alternate. So, here is the first, and not too crazy for the first one, Papa Johns.
  13. I agree, 3 days and 3 pages, and still no concept?
  14. First, the back bottom piece of the helmet is normally always white, the face mask clips are always white, black or clear Second, it seams your just randomly went around changing colors to the different areas that could be changed, looks like there was not thought put into the work. the white on the collar is out of place since there is no other white in the rest of the uniform, other than the white helmet and that's out of place to. Third, The pants logo is way to big, never seen logos on socks, i see why, does not look good. Fourth, Most colleges won't have 3 jerseys, 3 pants, 3 helmets, its to expensive for most colleges. Probably the best advice to give you is slow down, put thought into it. look around the forums to see how other people do the concepts. I have been working on a concept for 2 weeks now, Which will have 10 teams, each with 3 uniforms and still have not touched my computer yet.
  15. I just went through this thread from beginning to end, and I would have to say, you have improved a lot. I like the Texans and Jags best. Since I am a Jags fan, i would like to see what it would look like if you put the Jag print you have on the shoulders, on the stripe down the pant leg also. Nice work, keep it up!
  16. Jim Henson, 76', year The Muppet Show first aired?
  17. You could try it both ways to see what looks better, mean open mouth with teeth, then closed mean mouth.
  18. In his first post he stated that he was new to the site, and new to Illustrator and wanted constructive criticism, how is saying this constructive? I agree with walkerws, the mouth is off, seams to big for his face. The curve you have on the side of the hat on the brim could go away, I've never seen a cowboy hat like that, should be rounded from front to back.
  19. I have not done any unis in awhile, and since I have last done them, I have got a new computer, and have lost all my templates, anyone have the most current NFL Template in SVG they can send me? Thanks in advance.
  20., The logo will be on the website, printed, t-shirts, just about every media. Taking advice and sketching, so will be awhile before i post anything else
  21. I think this turned out a lot better than the one someone posted earlier.
  22. I'm just joining this topic and want to say you have done a great job on these. I won't comment on all the unis, just the last one. Did you try a white helmet with a blue and orange stripe for the home and away and the blue helmet for the alt on the Knicks?.