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  1. Can you provide the logo you want me to use for the capitals.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars owner is to sell the team to a Illinois resident. New owner committed to make Jacksonville Super Bowl Champions.
  3. GatorHunter


    I have every US penny from 1900 to present.
  4. Excellent! Can that script be added to the database? (Also, I think needs a slight color correction from ColorWerx to be a shade lighter). I did use colorwerx for the color of that year.
  5. i read a article saying they had 280,000 shares available to sell, but they dont know how many they will actually make available.
  6. If your actually wanting to present this to your school, I would keep it to 2 to 3 colors, you have 4 in the helmet. The less the colors the cheaper the cost to print. I like the sheild
  7. some of the main things I see is: Your main menu bar is light blue and the background is dark blue, even though they are both blue, those 2 shades dont look very good together the way you have them. Also your text on the menu bar is white, either change the menu bar color so it stands out more, or change the color of the text. Here is a idea for you, find you a picture, any picture, does not have to be baseball, just a picture that you like the colors of, then, upload that picture to this website >> << It will generate a color palette using the picture.
  8. anyone know the font used here?
  9. Here is a update on Houston
  10. The Facemask is white, not gray
  11. I see the different shades of blue, and understand why you say no full wordmark, what do you mean by bad execution? Execution was the wrong word. I meant to say attention to detail or something. The idea is good though, it wasn't implemented correctly though. So the wordmark and blue shades is all, or is there anything else? I guess what I'm asking is more detail, so i can get better.
  12. I see the different shades of blue, and understand why you say no full wordmark, what do you mean by bad execution?
  13. For Houston I did not change much, just built on what they already had for the Home and Away. For the Alternate I went a little out of the box and tried to incorporate the logo into the uniform.
  14. The logo has meaning, that's the reason it was done the way it was. It has 16 circles to represent the 15 billiard ball with one cue ball, the triangle highlight to the left represents the billiard rack, and the 3 red circles represent the billiard game "Snooker". My friend wanted it to have meaning, but not to the point where its obvious.
  15. Made these for a friend. Which way looks better? V1: V2: V3: V4:
  16. The new Logo is in the flash advertisements on the home page It's also used on the IPhone App & the Facebook page
  17. That's actually what I'm working on. But for all the teams.