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  1. Hmm, Jacksonville irrelevant. Wonder how many times I've heard that one..
  2. I think it's really cool over the last 5 years that teams in the MLB giveaway t-shirts or other things for the 4th and Memorial day. I guess if you want to post other great stadium giveaways that would be cool but does anyone have pictures of their team's Fourth of July or Memorial day shirts? Here's an example : Dbacks- Chase Field Got this beauty this year at Camden Yards vs KC
  3. Oh How I hate my mascot, Jaxson de ville..
  4. Um, I haven't been on here for years.
  5. For the first time I was in a 12 man league with defensive players. Here is my roster if you could tell me what you think who I should start. Also, Terrell Owens, Randall Cobb, and Danny Amendola are available free agency. Should I pick one of them up a drop someone else? QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: Michael Turner RB: Beanie Wells TE: Brandon Pettigrew WR: Wes Welker WR: Vincent Jackson WR/TE: Lance Moore WR/RB/TE: Malcom Floyd K: Stephen Gostkowski DEF: Philadelphia D: Darrelle Revis D: Clay Matthews Bench: QB: Matt Ryan WR: Michael Floyd RB: Mike Tolbert TE: Greg Olsen WR: Mario Manningham DEF: New York Giants D: Tamba Hali
  6. Maybe something like that?
  7. I understand why people get mad at team recolors and other stuff in this nature. I know it's nothing like what a concept should be or look like but this is exactly what his title says, a recolor. Sure, it may not take the skill or yes, maybe he should do some things that make it more of his creativeness and talent. But, it's his thread and his opinion on what the NBA should look like.
  8. All I have to say is Manny Machado is going to be a complete beast in the MLB, he kind of already is.
  9. Here is something else
  10. Something like this? I've created this:
  11. I was thinking black, orange, and tan but then I thought of the Orioles.
  12. Even though I grew up in Pittsburgh I'd have to say: NL: Diamondbacks. Always been my #1 favorite team. Always dreamed of going to Arizona and especially Chase Field and last year I finally flew out to Arizona but only flew over Chase Field AL: Orioles. Always hated the Yankees, Sox, and Rays. Big fan of Wieters and Jones. Also Camden Yards is amazing and city of Baltimore is good too. Great history as well.
  13. Very well executed. I would Watermark that, those semi-pro leagues are notorious for stealing stuff like this. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. I'm not really sure how I could do that when the space for the W is pretty small to begin with.
  15. Which one: The one with the W or the R?
  16. Added the "w" and war paint.
  17. Here's some stuff I just got finished working on, still waiting for an invite if anyone could help out that would be great, thanks!
  18. Took suggestions from everyone heres what it looks like as the Redskins, I might keep it this way.
  19. Here's without the highlights on the face.