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  1. On another note with the Ohio State uniforms, an Ohio State blogger said that they would wear the red ones for another home game (Probably Penn State) and then as stated above a white version against TTUN
  2. Well done Adidas (this time)......I love these
  3. These are the ones I have a ton of
  4. My alma mater Chaminade Julienne (Dayton, Oh) is switching to Nike this year, so it's pretty exciting to see what we come up with
  5. Found this on Oregon's site today. It's what colors they want fans to wear to games. Interesting the white out for the first game of the year. I wouldn't think they would do storm trooper than, but who knows
  6. Can't wait for Cincinnati in 2015
  7. Recruits thats what they are smoking. Even the reasonable recruits will see this and say 'Oh Hell NAW! I wouldn't be caught dead in that crap... so, when can I start at Bowling Green?' What you saying about Bowling Green??.....and I follow about a half dozen Miami players who I know from high school and all of them were going crazy how sweet they thought they looked -__-
  8. I feel bad for the Equipment managers putting on the UD decal
  9. I'm an NCAA guy, I have always loved what EA has done with the series....yes it could be better, but I still love it
  10. Until they match it with about 10 different white jerseys
  11. You know if he doesn't score (x3) in the game last night nobody would have ever noticed
  12. Actually Ohio State did win the Divisional Title last year
  13. I gave yours a like...to bad the BFBS design is in the lead. I like yours the most