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  1. I missed out on getting the Ohio State Vapor Talon cleats and Ohio State Lunar TR1 trainers this year. Im looking for them in size 14. Also I know these were on field gloves only but I have seen a few pairs on Ebay so I know that there out there. I'm looking for the Vapor Jet 2.0 glove in size XL. IT's the only pair of Ohio State gloves I'm missing from my collection
  2. Really like the ACC ones, there all wonderful...well done
  3. The Yankees sponsored a Top Fuel Dragsters for a couple season
  4. Im looking for a basic Adidas TechFit template in .svg....All I can find is action ones
  5. I've been staring at that photo a good long while trying to wrap my head around the perspective. I gather it's from the press or a luxury box (did the latter even exist then?), but it also looks like someone shrunk a scale version of the warped Astrodome into their living room. I thought it was someones basement at first glance
  6. Does anyone have a good site to find a fake Winnipeg Jets jersey.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?g6q992d93d7cmzb Sorry I didn't notice it had already been posted
  8. Nike Hyper Elite template in .svg ? Edit: NVM found mbannon's
  9. http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/35/917/full/gx97sijmyh5sbe3npiigpf3ne.gif wat font is this
  10. Never heard of these. What are they? Go to niketeam.com and at re bottom there Links to there catologs that have the fonts in them
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