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  1. I think you could even take that one stripe even further by bringing the blue stripe over somehow to mimic the old jersey even more.
  2. I really like this. Looks both clean and classic. And I didn't think Seahawks at all when looking at the color scheme. My only suggestion is maybe using "Atlanta" on the road uni. Well done. Very nice design.
  3. I too was ready to hate this, but it does actually work. I know the blue is suppose to represent the ocean, but I would like to see you just use their primary aqua color for the gradient. I think it would look really cool with that aqua color coming off their home jerseys and up into their helmet in a gradient from aqua to white. Also agree that it looks better without the stripes. How about even kind of a wave pattern in it? Or maybe that's just too crazy! lol
  4. John_KC

    Bittern logo

    I really like that!! I think it would look great on the side of a helmet. You should try it.
  5. Agree with Concepts_SM...change the "New England" font color and it will be perfect. The red is just too hard to read against that blue. I think white would be fine. Great job...Great Improvement. So much talent here!
  6. John_KC

    QC Mallards Contest

    Very nice design. And yes, it looks better without the chest number. That duck looks pissed!! lol. Love it! Would love to see a road uniform and maybe an alt uniform.
  7. Love the light blue and red as well and the way you incorporated the Chicago city flag into the logo. Not to sure about the cap logo. I immediately think of sleeping, as in catching some "Z's". lol. Maybe that's just me. How about coming up with a cool "C" instead, or if you want to stick with the "Z" maybe drop the "'s". I also agree that the home jersey undershirt should be a different or white. Great job though. Your fantasy league is luck to have someone who will come up with all the designs.
  8. I like the idea of using a variety of teams with the same crest, but I just can't get past the fact that the new MSL logo is a total piece of crap!! Obviously not your fault that they have a damn kickstand on their logo. Not even that can hold up the awful design elements of that horrible logo. Sorry, I know that's not what you're looking for. I do really like the Boston one with the flags.
  9. Love the new logo. Nice and clean and perfect for Philly. A couple comments...I would get rid of the black outline, just let it go from white to orange. It would make it even cleaner. Also, maybe make one bold line instead of the three "adidas" stripes at the top of the bell. I like it the way it is but it does kinda remind me of adidas. No biggie, just my humble opinion. Overall, great design. Uniforms are spot on.
  10. I think the Clippers logo is awesome!! They really need a new one. It doesn't scream soccer to me at all. I agree that it looks more like a yacht club crest. And the anchor gives it a little US Navy look. Great job. My only suggestion is to get rid of the "Est. 1984". I think it would look cleaner without it. Can't wait to see the uniform! Nice job
  11. Really, really like it. Love the simple clean design. I agree that one needs to have "New York" on it. Would also like to see what you could come up with as an alternate uni. Colors are really nice! Good job. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with other NBA teams.
  12. Really, really nice. The only suggestion I would make is maybe to rethink the antlers. To me that look almost "flame" like. Search google for whitetail or mule deer antlers. I'm sure you probably have already, but I think you could really make the logo pop with a better rack.
  13. These are all absolutely amazing and fun. And I love what you did with the Packers. That old logo is so cool. I seriously think these would be great to use in preseason games. Really, really great job. It was fun going back and forth through your designs to figure out which one I liked best. Of course, I gotta go with the Pack!!
  14. Wow, what a horrible logo they came up with. Yours is indeed a huge upgrade. I do agree with FGWB. Try to stretch him out a bit. Maybe try making the beak red as well. Good job. I like it
  15. Wow, really great template and awesome design. Love the color combo. That orange and darker blue look great together. Couple things...first, ever since f@#*ing nike took over designing NFL jerseys I have hated that damn collar!! I would suggest changing the home/away collar, or at least make it thinner or make the rest of the jersey like the alternate one. And second...I HATE NIKE! Great job, can't wait to see the front.