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  1. The Dolphins will wear all white in their second pre-season game vs Jaguars.....
  2. Does anyone know how I can purchase a replica Orioles 1968-69 jersey? Thanks in advance!
  3. The Dolphins have a God awful plain word mark too for 2013!
  4. The Dolphins template you did was what I was hoping for, judging by the comments they were making the past year about bringing back tradition and more of a retro look. The set they just unveiled couldn't of been further from that statement. Good work on all concepts....
  5. I think so too! - Stevie Wonder
  6. I think the arched effect has to do with how the graphics are displayed in the official guide. They're supposed to represent the curvature of the pants. And, they're arched in the opposite direction for representing the usage on the collars. The word mark is so unimaginative! They could of taken a combination of the work mark used recent and/or 70's with a twist of modernization
  7. I can....purple jerseys and purple pants!
  8. I'm sorry to vent this on here but it does have something to do with the uniforms. The current ownership and management has DESTROYED this franchise little by little until this is a brand is not recognizable! I saw at least a half dozen designs that amateur graphic artist had done and they were 10 times better. I cannot believe a brand name like Nike designed these and call this something they are proud of. I thought that they would design something like the Vikings did with a mix of old and new. I don't know how many people are in agreement with me but that is my opinion.
  9. The word mark looks like some 3rd grader with a computer could of done....no style or originality!
  10. Yes...very hard to follow all the posts with topics all over the place
  11. Yes....a vintage dolphins 1972 please!
  12. Real nice....hope the uniforms look just as good!
  13. danmerz

    Dolphins concept

    Yes, the logo looks much better on the helmet when it is bigger in size
  14. How come the old Dolphins logos are still on the sleeves? Good mock up though!