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  1. The Sharks are basically the kid who goofs around all semester yet still gets a B or B+ in his honors course because they talk a lot in class and do decently on the final.
  2. Like @Ferdinand Cesarano described, the numbers need context (both with league-wide attendance and demographic/team-running trends). Also, Expos fans showed up when the team was successful. We keep pointing out that the Rays had to give away tickets during their World Series trip. I’m a Giants fan, and I’m damn sure that the Giants didn’t give away tickets to Candle$hit in 1989 or during the 1960s success period. I’m just not bullish on moving the team (or any team) to Montréal. Maybe merging the Marlins and Rays (with Sternberg taking over in Miami and the team moving to the AL) would be the best solution for both teams, with an expansion into the Carolinas. The whole “Tampa Bay Sweepstakes” and Naimoli salted the earth for baseball in the Tampa Bay Area.
  3. Admittedly, there was no attempt to “salt the earth” like there was for the Expos, nor were there the critical demographic issues. Those numbers need that context. However, it doesn’t change how moving to Montréal would be a lateral move for the team’s fortunes (especially after the nostalgic novelty wore off). Nostalgia is a heck of a drug.
  4. Have you read Stadium for Rent? I know I keep mentioning it, but it really is a fascinating book in describing how the Marlins’ expansion bid overtook Tampa Bay efforts and how Tampa Bay media saw the Marlins as an obstacle in landing a team. Anyway, it describes how Huizenga privately opposed expansion to Tampa Bay and the proposed Mariners and Giants relocations (despite being one of the few owners who voted for Naimoli’s bid to buy the Giants), to the point of wanting financial compensation.
  5. Yeah, you'd get people complaining about how it's glorifying colonizers who tried to eradicate Native American culture in the region. It's probably why the Padres have de-emphasized the friar on their uniforms.
  6. Indeed it would! It was a bit of a challenge to design it in a way that it didn't infringe too much. Rounded edges replace geometric shapes, while cursive scripts take the place of display fonts. Thanks. Yeah, it can be a little hard to see. However, I have tried to make it visible with the yellow coloration and lines to suggest the shape. Thanks! I can definitely see how the Expos-style jersey might be an issue, but it also fits with Las Vegas (lights and such). The spade-i will be implemented in the final version, while I have a black/red script version of several uniforms ready. Heh. Certainly! I don't like it as much, given that the sand kind of blurs with the yellow. I thought about a design like that, but it just seemed way to corny for my tastes. Thanks! I've done some tweaks to the concepts which incorporate the fixed "iz" and the sign stars. Thanks, it's fixed. I've adjusted the "iz" to better fit, as seen in the comparison above. Thanks! Yeah, I just don't like that name. Reno pulls it off better and Chewbarky's attitude kind of ruined that name for me. Disgrace the Ace and the shameless attempt to "sexy" it up. Thanks! Before I post the next team, I'll be getting a few updates out of the way.
  7. You have until May 30 to find something to work out. Perhaps a blog with invites for the various posters to keep it going while also reposting the ideas sans-story on the Concepts board?
  8. What exactly constitutes "downhill?" I see where Admiral is coming from when he made his post, and while I don't agree, he at least explained it beyond blind rage. You're a Jackets fan, shouldn't you be celebrating how the post-lockout period has been relatively successful for you guys? Look at everybody who is pointing out how the Blues totally got a gimmie as well, one that they briefly turned into a late lead. It's universally-bad officiating, not "NHL is rigged in the Sharks' favor and their successes are illegitimate and evil." That's laughable. Oh, he's "earned" it. Get out of here with your SabresRule-tier, conspiritarded crap. Whine on HFBoards, r/NHL, or some other place with a downvote button.
  9. That's the logo equivalent of a bird flip. No thanks, especially when you can license the Whips' design (which is infinitely better).
  10. Of course, it all depends on what the team was able to accomplish in their previous location. The New York baseball Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, Philadelphia Athletics, and Boston/Milwaukee Braves all had storied histories with many pennants and several World Series titles spread among them. It also helped that the Giants/Dodgers/Braves moved with all-time greats on their teams (e.g., Mays, Koufax, Spahn/Aaron, etc.). There was good reason to keep the lineage alive in marketing, especially if there was a lack of World Series success in the new place (e.g., the Giants before the three-in-five run, the A's after nearly moving to Denver or New Orleans, and the Braves before the '90s run). I know we point to the San Francisco Giants as this great example of honoring the pre-relocation past, but let's be real. It's because of the carry-over of important New York personnel (e.g., Willy Mays, Carl Hubbell in the front office, etc.), the existence of a replacement team (the Mets), and because the Giants spent the first 56 years of their San Francisco tenure without a World Series. Franchises tend to appeal to their most recent championships, even if said championships happened all the way across the country. With teams like the Browns, the Pilots, the Sens/Nats, the Sens MK II, and the Expos, you didn't have those World Series titles or frequent playoff appearances. While there are Hall of Fame members on most of those teams, there's not much to market to fans of the relocated team. You don't have that same "glory days" mentality when the Orioles, Brewers, Twins, Rangers, and Nationals have had more success in their new spots. I'd argue that the Rangers handled it in the best way possible, fauxback-ing to the Senators MK II in 1994. It's still the Rangers, but it finds a way to invoke their past (recent past as well, given that they reused the '80s-1993 script) without shoving it in Washington fans' faces. This brings me to my point of how the Nationals can pay tribute to the Expos, should they so chose to it. Adapt either the cap or jersey logo of the Winnipeg Whips into a more Expos-like design (blue "W," red ball), maybe have a Clarendon "Nationals" underneath the insignia on the jersey, and you're set! If anything, all you're insulting is the memory of a very short-lived MiLB team that only exists in the Ebbets Field Flannels catalog. It also helps that it isn't as fugly as the "eMB."
  11. But muh narrative and “hockey sucks now” complainathon!
  12. Bolded: really? Like, really? Oh please. Yes, calls have been in the Sharks' favor, but that doesn't make it illegitimate. Sure. There's a big, bearded man who disagrees. Play this song in the background. This is the last face many a man has seen before death. The picture is the last visage witnessed by those who have fallen to the hillbilly's wrath. He can end you with as much as a single blow. He will SKATE on the FROZEN BLOOD of the NON-BELIEVERS!! Yeah, it's nice to see the Sharks in this position, but I wish it was cleaner.
  13. They can learn without throwbacks. You’d be surprised at how much a quick glance at Wikipedia, a YouTube video, or the record books can teach kids. I’d argue differently. The stadium suffered extensive delays, was generally a terrible place to watch a game (from what I’ve picked up), and it’s big selling feature, the roof, didn’t really work. Florida made sense. Florida didn’t drive away fans with language laws. Baseball is just as much a part of Florida (esp. Cuban-American) culture as it is in Montréal, perhaps more. It’s just that the pro teams have been run in the worst way possible. Now, yes. But that wasn’t the case when most of Montréal’s big businesses fled after the disastrous Bill 101 routed the Anglophone community into Ontario. That certainly wasn’t the case in the 1990s when the referendum nearly passed and cratered the provincial economy further. Also, protection of Quebecois culture? Ask @Ice_Cap about that one. Sure, in time. Tell that to a Rays fan, see how they react. True. Robinson should have gotten some acknowledgement. Again, no. They’re Washington’s team now. That’s how they’ve branded themselves, and since the record books didn’t change, I see no reason to object to it. Also, the reason you couldn’t quote the post was because Grammarly f—ks with the board’s software.
  14. Well, all of those only happened after a replacement team came around. The St. Louis Browns are a slight exception, but even then it wasn't an abandoned market. Yeah, no. Not until a replacement team comes around. The Hurricanes and Clippers rubbed salt in wounds (although let's be honest, does anybody in Buffalo really miss the Braves?). Really? One of the most popular videos making fun of the Nats brought in Expos history: Wikipedia, Baseball Reference, and the official MLB guides all make the lineage clear. Throwbacks aren't necessary to make that clear. Also, using the term "kiddies" is condescending. They did it once and never again. They did nothing for Pedro Martinez, Tim Raines, and Vlad Guerrero. They didn't even wear a memorial patch for Rusty Staub or Gary Carter. I guess they realized that their fans know that the team used to be the Expos and that they don't care about it (since the Nationals are technically more successful than the Expos ever were). Expanding to Montreal, even more than Tampa Bay. Montreal, given what happened with Bill 101, the financial chicanery surrounding Olympic Stadium's construction, the separatist referendum, and the exodus of the Anglophone population to places like Toronto. Heck, Toronto should have been the expansion destination in 1969! They are not to be celebrated, but rather offered as a cautionary tale.
  15. Because Raleigh doesn’t give a crap until the team gets to the playoffs, they had to indulge in this. I’d have thought that the Nats were better off as far as regular season fan engagement goes. Did Harper’s departure really mess up the team that much?
  16. There’s nothing particularly “royal” about Milwaukee. There are many better names for the team that draw on local culture and don’t involve shamelessly ripping off the LA Kings.
  17. Oh hi, we stole Montréal’s team away because of language laws, a white elephant stadium, Canadian economic downturn, and a lack of desire to have a team in the area. Do you mind if we dress up like them and pretend that everything is hunky-dory? Nobody should do an Expos throwback until there’s a replacement team in Montréal. Heck, I’d rather have the Jays do an Expos throwback than the Nats. At least it’d be a good way to not rub salt in Montréal’s wounds.
  18. What about multi-green?
  19. Haha, no! No more Native American-themed names without tribal consent.
  20. So, how bad were we talking? Looks in Sports Fan Fiction subfolder in Concepts, something that (outside of a few threads) one should NEVER engage. Why did that prick have to have such an ego about his clip art garbage? It's not worth attacking a mod over it.
  21. I wasn’t joking when I suggested merging them with the Marlins and simply being the AL Miami Marlins (run by the Rays’ brass, who have their crap together a bit more than the Marlins’ ownership group).
  22. Merge the Marlins and Rays, create the AL Miami Marlins (combined records of both teams). Pay the rest of The Trop’s lease from the comforts of Miami. Use the open NL expansion slot on Montréal/Portland/whatever market can get an expansion team/stadium together quickly enough.
  23. Yup, that's where I am on this. It's also why I suspect that the Padres tried to bury the Swingin' Friar logo, given that the Missions helped to exterminate Native American culture via forced assimilation.
  24. I miss those uniforms. They never should have dropped red.