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  1. I’ll agree to a point. Rodgers still had far more potential than Alex Smith ever did.
  2. The Niners actually won something of value in the ‘94 set. The ‘94 uniforms, despite the white pants, don’t mix gold outlines and black shadowing. They don’t add shadows to stripes or shove a primary logo onto the sleeves with stripes. The TO set isn’t a good update, it’s just a messy hodgepodge of the classic and 1994 sets. The Niners reverting to a facsimile of their classic uniforms was very important, as it made for a cleaner identity with less dour colors. Let the Buccaneers be the team with the “classic” ‘90s design.
  3. Anything between 1996 and 2010 is trash. Trash that underachieved in the playoffs, trash that couldn’t get TO a title, trash that drafted a “Brand X” QB instead of Aaron Rodgers, and trash that looked hideous compared to the classic and 1994 throwbacks. I hope the Niners never throw back to those days.
  4. If that's legit, it's looking pretty good! Simple shoulder stripes, no shadow on the numbers, and no side panels is my kind of deal. The number font could be better, but it's tolerable.
  5. Some idiot will do AI upscaling on a game, only to realize that AI upscaling is a crapshoot when done 100% automatically. It’s an A/V pet peeve of mine.
  6. Eh, I find Ayn Rand to be a truly terrible author and human, but I think this is a reach.
  7. I’d go with orange socks all-around, to avoid any leotard looks (like the Chargers did).
  8. Exactly. The numbers don’t lie, all the cup appearances came in black & silver. I’d prefer if they ditched the last of the edge stuff on their current set, added a hem stripe on the road, and called it a day.
  9. MIAMI GATORS (fictional former Cleveland Indians) - You can still bet on the Cubbies! I'll issue a spoiler warning for a pair of 31-year-old movies. If you don't like spoilers, watch the cited movies or skip to the concept. While Cleveland had a close call with relocation in the mid-'60s, 1989 would prove to be the final straw. New owner Rachel Phelps (the trophy wife of her deceased husband) set about attempting to move the team to Miami. Using an attendance clause in the team's lease and intentionally-poor performance, she tried to get attendance under 800,000.[1] While this effort failed in the main timeline, the "Biff Tannen gets the almanac" timeline created a diversion. In that history, Phelps succeeded and completed the relocation for the 1990 season. The club, now known as the Miami Gators, remained in occasional contention throughout the '90s and early '00s. The 1997 and 2007 teams, in particular, caused a stir for the rest of the AL. They even made the World Series in 2015, heartbreakingly losing to the Chicago Cubs.[2] The Gators have gone through a rebuilding period as of late, letting stars walk for little in return. At least they're not in Cleveland or the Indians anymore! Marty McFly burning the almanac voided this timeline, but what if he hadn't? Going off of just Back to the Future II, the Miami Gators' identity looked something like this: I didn't want to do a direct riff on this fan rendering/screengrab, so I set about incorporating the design language of a semi-fictional team that almost moved to Miami, Major League's Cleveland AL. Using the '95-'01 and '48 Cleveland clubs as design inspiration, I set about creating scripts and wordmarks for the uniform package. Navy and red are out, replaced by the aqua and orange of the Dolphins. The primary logo uses art deco/art nouveau influences. The shape itself references this image of a walking alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and this mouth-open picture. The secondary is the "M" cap logo, using the Belgrad font (my "Miami font"), while the tertiary is the primary in a text roundel. Uniforms feature a cursive "Gators" script (using modified FenwayParkJF, my favorite cursive font) and a Belgrad "MIAMI" wordmark. The primary is on the sleeves, while the striping takes influence from the '48 Cleveland jerseys. The alternates include an orange and an aqua shirt. The second set of alts include an all-orange gear version of the home uniform and a "Miami-fied" version of the 1989-93 Cleveland racing stripe design. I even incorporated the head of the movie gator on the sleeve as an homage to Little Red Sambo. The jackets are pretty simple fare, with orange sleeves on the primary and the full-bodied gator/"MIAMI" wordmark on the throwback. For those wondering, I even have a reclamation/modernization of the movie gator! As seen with the Rainiers before them, the Cleveland design formula works well when applied to multiple clubs. Up next, the big attempted relocation that's torn one fanbase apart. 1 David S. Ward, Major League, Comedy, Sport (Mirage Enterprises, Morgan Creek Entertainment, 1989). 2 Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future Part II, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi (Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions, 1989).
  10. Are you under any NDA’s? If not, I’d love to know the details, please.
  11. How about no team 30 and cancel team 29 too?
  12. It’d be nice if St. Louis died too and MLS decided that expansion should end for a few years. But that won’t happen, because expansion fees are a big force in keeping the league going!
  13. I doubt Wilson wants to subject himself to the Houston Texans trash heap, which might get an NFLPA caution soon. Other than his feelings, the logistics and player role do make sense. Watson would be in a market with a more solid front office and a history of success, while Wilson could try to turn around an organization in a mess.
  14. Russel Wilson on the Bears would be delightful.
  15. Didn't @andrewharrington suggest that the OG logo looked like it had a broken jaw?
  16. I don't think he'll be allowed in the NFL's vicinity again after 25% of complaints to the NFLPA involved him. He performed a Seifert-level ruination of his legacy.
  17. Oh, Honey. Seeing this meme in its original context is strange.
  18. Edmonton Edsels - there, that’s my tie-in to the original topic.
  19. Agreed. It’s like trying to list all of the failures of Ford’s 1959 lineup of cars to make the Edsel brand look better. I love when Roman talks about mid-century Ford.
  20. It only took 399 pages for somebody to bring up furries! Just for the Penguins jersey, this belongs in r/yiffinhell.
  21. I know it's a traditional mascot design, but at the end of the day, it's a freakin' fursuit. It's just less flamboyant that the average fursuit.
  22. No, by cross-promotion with the furry community. Watch a Coyotes game, sell hardcore porn art commissions to absurdly-wealthy clients, try to eliminate the zoophiles from the main group, and engage in sexual activities in the concourses! Spoiler alert: the Coyotes' front office are likely a bunch of furries who want drawings of Kachina Coyote fornicating with the Florida Panther. They'll pay good money for it. Hanging out with a lot of furries online has taught me so much about the fandom and the various intricacies it has. One of the big things I took away from that is that there are a lot of absurdly-wealthy furries who will pay good money for porn art.
  23. Demote them to the CPL.
  24. Swap the teal for dark red, then use dark red numbers on the white jersey and add a one-color pants stripe. Congrats, you have what the Cardinals should be wearing from the neck down.