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  1. I like what you've done with the Wild. It's a look that doesn't malign what works with their current look, and tries to include all of their main colors effectively. I do agree with the other posters that the stripes on the green and white sweaters do need reduction, and I'll add that the font really doesn't work with the look (the Wild's old number font would be perfect) and that the red pants don't really work with the set (green breezers would look better). Other than that, I really like what you've done with the NHL, especially the simplified Ducks.
  2. This new series will be a collection of updates to concepts from my MLB: Project 30 series, and will focus on improving identity cohesion, diversifying color schemes in the league, and building upon my ideas. Let's start this series off with a team that I felt could use more identity cohesion/a more modern touch, the Minnesota Twins. The Twins attempted to smooth out their identity when they moved to Target Field, but they managed to screw it up. Instead of modernizing the poorly-rendered throwback script to fit with their "Minnesota" script, they opted to update the Metrodome-era wordmark and maintain the Metrodome-era underlines on the scripts. They also created color balance issues on the road uniform and on the alternates, and the addition of the new home uniform only hurts the identity cohesion even more. In my attempt to fix this, I thought back to my concept and decided to create a more thorough revamp. I started out by updating the throwback script to fit in with the "Minnesota" script, while still maintaining the signature "T." That way, the team can completely steer away from Metrodome-era imagery without having to use a wonky script. The logos have been updated to match this new script, and the primary now uses the "navy-first, red second" order. The "TC" logo has also been given a revamp. Inspired by The Admiral's mockup, I set about tying the "T" in with the script "T" and using a slab-serif "C." I decided to maintain some of the original "TC's" width in both letters, as I feel the width did work in the logo's favor. The "M" is meant for fauxback merchandise, and uses the "Minnesota"-script's "M." The uniforms are similar to my original design for their uniforms, except that the primary is now on the sleeves, and the sock stripe pattern has changed. Instead of the Senators-inspired pattern, they now use the old Minnesota Vikings' sleeve stripe pattern. Pinstripes remain on the home uniform, as the Twins are one of the few teams that can pull off the pinstriped home uniforms. I mixed it up a little bit with the alternates. There is now only one softball top, the one with the "Twins" wordmark (which still has a pair of pinstripe-less pants, as pinstriped pants look terrible with softball tops). The alternate is a fauxback to the 1987-2009 road uniform, using this set's "Minnesota" script and an updated "M" cap logo and "TC" socks. I felt that the road pinstripes would be an excellent homage to the Metrodome-era road uniform, while still incorporating the updated Target Field-era elements. I feel this makes the Twins' identity more cohesive and more modern, eliminating outmoded elements and preserving its character. C+C is greatly appreciated!
  3. Ottawa had one: Toronto currently has one, as do the Denver Nuggets (rendering courtesy of Conrad):
  4. Thanks man. Here's probably the final update for the Sixers, with the red star and blue keys on the court (to balance it out between blue/red): ...and now, something that make you question where my sense of good taste has gone! DENVER NUGGETS Out of all of the teams I did in the original run, the Nuggets were one of my favorites. However, thinking back on the has lead me to question whether or not I made the best choice in keep the double blue/yellow color scheme. I thought about the team's history, and I decided that it might be worthwhile to give the team a slightly different take on their 1993-2003 color scheme, but with athletic gold replacing the metallic gold and the red becoming brighter. This move would not only tie the team in more with the Denver flag, but also the team's most unique ABA look. Also, for those bemoaning another team with red and blue, note that red/blue/yellow is unique in this series and yellow has more of a role in the color scheme than navy and red (blue/yellow is far more common in my series). Also, judging by the template, nobody would confuse the Nuggets for anybody. The primary logo is an update of my original primary logo to fit the new color scheme. The secondary takes inspiration from this concept by Avenger, with the tweak to the basketball's shading and the presence of color blocks on the side. I modified the outline scheme of the logo to better match the color blocking on the uniforms. The fonts are still the same, as I did not opt to copy the Nuggets' new fonts. The court is based around my original court, placing the textless primary in the half-circle above the key and adjusting to the new color scheme. UNIFORMS: The uniforms still follow the gold alt's template, but in the new color scheme and with more regard given to color placement. Yellow is now the primary color of the home wordmark and numbers (to help with the "gold" theme), and navy replaces powder as the road uniforms' color. I also retyped the wordmarks in Conrad's "Badger Bold" font, so that I could have more control over the outlining (a problem for my original concept). I didn't swap out the gold alt for a red alt, as gold should have priority over red given the name/differentiation from the navy/red "Federals" and royal/red Sixers and Pistons. The throwback also changes to the more iconic ABA look, to further cement the color scheme while still throwing back to the ABA. I know that some are sick of "ABA Fetishization," but I simply like the ABA looks for all of the former ABA teams. Now I know that this probably won't be all that popular for the Nuggets, and that some may call it ugly, but I wanted to see if this color scheme could work, and I feel that it does. C+C is much appreciated!
  5. It seems that Lincecum's 2015 season, and maybe his time in the MLB, is over: http://www.cbssports.co...surgery-an-option I can't say I'm surprised that he developed the degenerative hip condition, especially given his pitching movement and decline over the years. His contract is over after this year, and I don't think any team will be willing to sign him. A shame to see him fall in the way he did, given how he helped lead the Giants' resurgence and helped to usher in what is arguably a golden age of Giants baseball. I'll miss the guy.
  6. I've never really been able to get behind brown/yellow for the Padres. I get why people would like it, being that it is a unique color scheme in the league and its association with a time in which the Padres used more unique uniform templates, but I've never really liked how the two colors played off of one another. They neither stand out from each other, nor do they blend in just the right way (something that brown/orange does, at least in the way the Padres used it). I don't think brown is the problem. Far from it, I think a brown-based color scheme would be fantastic, provided they find the right bright/well-saturated color to go along with it (like light blue), and that the brown is dark/well-saturated enough to really "pop." Brown/yellow will never be appealing to me in the same way that navy/yellow or brown/light blue would be appealing. Brown is not the problem at all, but rather finding the right color to work with it. Maybe my mind will change if I see brown/yellow executed in the right way (with well saturated/properly contrasting shades of the two colors), but no previous Padres uniform pulls it off.
  7. I do feel the Minnesota Wild need to make some changes, but not to the name. What we should be talking about are various ways in which the red sweater can meet its overdue end, and how to place red on a forest green version of the road sweater.
  8. I thoroughly enjoy the beer barrelman, with the caveat that it isn't the 1970's renderings. These modern takes on the beer barrelman of the '40's and '50's are what I would go with for a new rendering: By Brendan Tobin, from borchertfield.com By Ren69 A rendering similar to these (in royal/yellow, obviously) would really work for the Brewers, tying in the minor league Brewers' iconography with the MLB team.
  9. What, this? It does look considerably less messy, but I'd still prefer a block variant and royal/yellow.
  10. That was a concept I did all the way back in 2011. Here's the link: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/82402-sfgiants58s-concepts/?p=1675256 In reality, the "One Day" uniforms would have looked like this:
  11. Thanks. Those "basketball lines" were actually meant to hint at a flag striping pattern, not function as basketball lines. I should have made it more clear in the original description, but I didn't. Anyway, I've got a full, proper update ready to go: LOGOS AND COURT: I've tweaked the striping pattern on the primary, so that it now features straight red & white stripes behind Independence Hall. This not only makes the striping more apparent, but it also eliminates the need for the second red. I've updated the court to reflect this change: UNIFORMS: Here is where I made some more changes. I've now balanced out the striping on the shorts by adding the new primary to the right side of the shorts. In marketing speak, this move symbolizes "how Independence Hall is the birthplace of the Spirit of '76 for the 13 colonies (represented in the 13 white/blue/red stars)." The old primary moves to the left leg of the shorts, in order to clear space for the new primary and to tribute the 1980's set. The panels now feature the sharper design of the current red alt, which now extends further down the shorts. I still worry that this striping pattern may be too busy, but after extensive tweaking, I think it is the best option. C+C on this and my update to the Jazz on the previous page is welcome, as usual. Also, be prepared for a few more updates to some of the older concepts soon!
  12. The league sees the Sharks as a 1991 expansion team, as they should. This whole "de-merger" story is false, but it does have its merits. There is factual evidence in the transfer of ownership and several North Stars players going to San Jose, but the Sharks are still a traditional expansion franchise. The "de-merger" story is also a convenient narrative for some Sharks fans to put a greater historical weight behind the franchise (essentially saying that they're more than just a 1990's expansion team).
  13. I really like what you've done with the Blues. The color scheme, vest design, and fonts all look fantastic (especially with the bars on the numbers). My only issues with the set revolve around the "N" logo. I think the bass is a little bit too forced into the font, which leaves the outline looking a little bit awkward. It's more noticeable close-up than from a distance, so I would suggest either tweaking its size or placement to even out the look. Other than that, I've thoroughly enjoyed how this series has progressed, and I can't wait to see the next five teams!
  14. Thanks. Looking it over, I find that going back to the old panel arrangement would better serve the uniform. I've updated the uniforms through moving the "76ers" roundel onto the shorts panel to balance out the fourth star on the shorts (with the jersey shifting towards three stars per side), and moved the new primary to the right leg (to balance out the uniform more).
  15. Thanks man. I think I've rectified it by enlarging the mountains: In addition, here's a fix for a team that updated this offseason! PHILADELPHIA 76ERS - UPDATE 2 This update was less of me being unhappy with my original Sixers concept, and more with responding to the reveal of the Sixers' new uniform set. My original Sixers concept came surprisingly close to what the Sixers unveiled last month, what with the update of the 1971-78 uniform design and the tweak of the primary logo (read: I liked what they did). However, I wanted to deal with several issues presented by that set, like the lack of outlined wordmarks/numbers (with numbers in the Knicks' font), "PHILA" on the home uniform, and the inconsistencies in templates. I also felt I should work towards refreshing more of the teams' identity, especially in regards to the primary. With these goals in mind, I set about tweaking my original. LOGOS & COURT: The most obvious change here is the new primary logo, a rendering of Independence Hall in Philadelphia placed within a star. I thought my cleaned-up basketball roundel, while a good update of a historical logo, was probably best suited as a secondary. So, I decided to break away from the roundel problem and use a star as the base for the Independence Hall logo, with slight hints at a striping pattern (as it ties in well with the whole "Spirit of '76" ethos of the identity). The "76" appears upon the clock face, and the classic "76ers" script re-appears on the text. My previous primary and the cartoon Ben Franklin remain on as secondaries. I kept the colors from my original concept (dark royal/red), but added a darker red for the primary's stripes and kept navy/silver around for the Ben Franklin logo. The court now features the new primary at its center, with the old secondary moving to the lanes. College lines remain, in spite of the NBA's apparent ban on them appearing in new courts. UNIFORMS: I decided to make a few more adjustments, both in response to the released uniforms and to my tastes. "Sixers" returns to the home uniform, and red remains the base color of the road uniform (as a fan of the 1980's set, I prefer the Sixers to wear red road uniforms). I've replaced the Knicks' number font with the Wilson Varsity Block font (MLB Block 2 by Conrad, for those curious), which is a better likeness to the Sixers' old block font. I've adjusted the star pattern on the side panels to match the new jerseys' side panels, albeit with the "76ers" roundel on the left side. That way, the jersey appears more balanced while still retaining the 13 stars in the panels, and the team name appears on the jerseys instead of the shorts. On the shorts, the panels now feature a more flag-like edge (inspired by the new red alt) which accommodates for the new primary beneath the panels. The alternate now uses the updated "PHILA" wordmark (I didn't care for my "PHILA" wordmark from my original concept). I opted to relegate "PHILA" to the alternate, as I wanted to keep it in the identity, but I'm not a big enough fan of it to use it on anything more than an alternate. The Hardwood Classics Alt is the same as in the original concept, albeit with more accurate shorts panels and wordmark/number sizing. I'm not entirely sure that I improved upon my original or on the uniforms that the Sixers released, but I do feel that I've made more of an effort to update the team's look and incorporate elements from the current Sixers' identity into my concept. C+C is welcome, as usual.
  16. I think updating the Orca (with some kelly green on it) would be a decent course of action. It would take one of the team's previous identities and build upon it, much like the updated stick-in-rink has done as a secondary logo. Making Johnny Canuck the primary would be OK, but the rendering would need to be simplified/made less cartoony, and it does bring up the whole issue of the team's identity crisis. After the Stick-in-Rink, the Skate, and both colorways of the Orca, going to another primary logo disconnected from the NHL team's past would hurt the team's identity. If the team had a good rending of Johnny Canuck, I might change my mind, but they don't have one yet.
  17. My guess is that it's because the Rockies stunk. Just like their uniforms and identity Also, I'm pretty sure they were the only NHL team to use heat-pressed crests and numbers instead of twill. Just adds a whole dimension of nasty to it, doesn't it?
  18. I've tried to limit this list to teams that need a complete overhaul in branding, not just a specific color scheme/uniform/typographical change. NHL: Avalanche: Even though I do like the mountain set and the burgundy (either the original or current shade)/slate blue/silver color scheme, I think the aesthetic problems the team faces goes a little further than just the Edge-fill uniforms. The crest needs an overhaul to make the "A" less wonky and remove the necessity of a black puck, the new secondary needs to fit in more with the whole "Avalanche" theme, and the third needs a theme besides "Rangers-style wordmark." Sharks: Keep a shade of teal, and blow everything else up. Get rid of the "Shark choking on a hockey stick" logo (but maybe still use a triangle to center it), ditch black/orange, maybe bring back silver, and use a template that is less plain, no matter how much "weight" it puts on the sweater. MLB: Brewers: I'd go with navy or royal blue/athletic gold as the new color scheme, and create a set that evoked a more neo-retro vibe to it, without egregious drop shadows or goofy number fonts. Instead of resurrecting the BiG as the emblem of the franchise, promote the Beer Barrelman in the logo set (either the "Brochert Field" version or the 1970's MLB version). Diamondbacks: Aside from the "A" logo, ditch the rest of the set. I would start with bringing back the 90's colors (albeit without black) or come up with a new, more unique color scheme. Going for a Southwestern aesthetic in the scripts, fonts, and striping would also help (something like the cuffs on the old softball tops). Padres: Just get some kind of bright color alongside brown or navy blue, promote the "Swinging Friar" in the logo set, and produce a set of scripts a little more grounded in the PCL history of the identity. Rockies: Keep purple, but start from scratch with the secondary colors, logos, fonts, and uniforms. A western font would certainly aid the team's look, as would a complimentary color like powder blue or a gold shade (athletic gold or old/vegas gold). NBA: Bucks: Just update the early 1970's set with the proper green/red color scheme, none of the cream/black/light blue mess and no "styled like an old jersey" font. What they should have done was copy what the Astros did with their 2013 rebrand, instead of making an even bigger mess out of their identity crisis by bringing in new colors and gimmicky logos/fonts. Also, bring red back. Why get rid of it when you finally went back to it? It's akin to the Canucks dropping royal blue/kelly green when they finally brought it back after a long identity crisis. Clippers: Create an identity with something nautical in the imagery, something that isn't R/B/Black/W, and something with a bit of character. In other words, anything but the bland identity they just released while still breaking free from the Sterling-era's aesthetics. Suns: Just stick with purple/orange, and find complimentary colors other than black and grey. Get new western-style fonts, change up the uniform template (with something like the '68-'92 set), and maybe shy away from the "PHX."
  19. We already have a peak at the yellow alts, which were surprisingly not mentioned in any announcements. Apologies for the iffy quality: Yes, the throwback wordmark returns to the gold alt.
  20. Congrats Warriors, the new NBA Champs! This one was a long time coming. All throughout their season, I kept waiting for the wheels to come off, preparing myself for the inevitable disappointment. But it never came, and here we are. Going into the season, I was sure that the Warriors would be contenders, but I never expected them to keep playing as well as they did. But Steph, Klay, Andre, Draymond, and Coach Kerr put it together all season long. Even if many of the games were nail-biters, I wouldn't have it any other way. Shine on, you crazy Warriors!!!! Also, huge props to the Cavs. They battled through all of those injuries and still managed to put up an amazing fight. I'm sure they'll be back next year. My feelings in gif form: I'm so happy right now.
  21. Even though I see retro merchandise from this era all the time, I've never been able to warm up to it: While the front of the road uniform and the cuff patterns do look good, the rest of the set is rather dull. The bulbous wordmark, the Impact/Helvetica-influenced display font (which sadly survived until 1999), and the rounded cap logo really do not make for a great set. Don't get wrong, it's still better than many other identities from the 1980's, but it's underwhelming in the context of the Giants' uniform history.
  22. Well, the catalog showed all the logos and the fonts will stay the same, but there will be a new third: I hope they just tweak the set to look like anything that isn't Edge-fill.
  23. I like putting the Padres in brown, and Columbia blue/gold is a bold choice for the Marlins, but not sure about the Diamondbacks. Yup, that was one I did back in 2011. I've since updated those concepts, with dark aqua/orange for the Marlins, Forest Green/Powder Blue for the Rays, and a darker brown for the Diamondbacks. I also used this idea of team-specific league logos in my NBA series (one that used the old four division structure): The key here is maintaining the key line, something that the NBA seems adamant on avoiding.