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  1. What might come as a shock to exactly zero of you is that this logo was designed by the same firm that did the Magic's original logo. All this has me wondering is what that full lettering font would've looked like and if the SunRays would've used the hilariously illegible number font the Magic used as well. They did indeed use that font: Nice find, LightsOut. Also, those uniforms look decent for a minor league identity at the start of the 90's. They'd be horrendous at the major-league level, but they're whimsical enough to work for the minors.
  2. Seconded. I like white facemasks for some teams, and the Vikings (when they didn't have purple pants) pulled it off really well.
  3. The guy made a whole thread of them here, and many of these would be great Winter Classic looks. Here are my favorites:
  4. Using a Seals uniform would honoring the history of hockey in the team's location (Bay Area), but the fact that it isn't a "Sharks" look really does hurt it (in the same way as the Canucks attempts to honor the Millionaires). I think a decent compromise would be a merging of the two identities/fauxback like this one done on here a few years ago by Ross: While it's not that much better, it's still creative and classic enough to work against either of the purple/gold Kings looks (the Red Wings template version and the Flyers-inspired version).
  5. I'm not sure if this one has been posted yet, but Mitch Richmond on the Lakers:
  6. Well, I do think you could get the headdress to blend better if you used the 1978-85 version of the block-C (which is just the current block-C with an outline): If you went this route, it would be wise to go with a hybrid of the current look and the late 80's/early 90's cuffs/racing stripes look, to keep the look somewhat consistent. If you want to go the 70's route (which I hope you do), I would suggest shrinking the headdress and adjusting its angle so that it flows with the 70's cap logo (provided you redraw it as you said you would).
  7. I believe the Red Sox eliminated the striped socks in 1979, when they changed to this set: The Red Sox also experimented with red hats (and white hats) in 1997, but it ultimately didn't pan out. I kind of like them as fashion caps, but I'm glad they didn't see much on-field use.
  8. I don't like bumping dead threads, but I think we have to add Paul George to this thread. Click at your discretion. That's just plain scary.
  9. I wish the Braves would dump their navy and red alternates, dump the road cap, and bring in these as road throwback alternates (so they can still sell more hats): I also wish they'd bring back their striped socks for the home/road/home throwback, as shown here with the current home uniform (on Andruw Jones). On the players that do go high-cuffed, the stripe really balances out the colors on the uniform.
  10. Portland, Oregon I just love it. It's got wonderful colors and an interesting take on a cross design (with lines leading to a star formed in negative space).
  11. What might come as a shock to exactly zero of you is that this logo was designed by the same firm that did the Magic's original logo. All this has me wondering is what that full lettering font would've looked like and if the SunRays would've used the hilariously illegible number font the Magic used as well.
  12. I like the first Cardinals gradient set you posted a little more than the second one, as I feel that the gradient doesn't show up as well on the dark pants. Still, it looks really nice and still holds to tradition well (the wild striping is confined to traditional striping regions on a simple template, the gradient only shows up on the red parts of the logo, and the grey facemask remains). The USFL Jets and redone Jets both look incredible, and I'd like to see a USFL-ified version of another team with which you can do something 80's but wild. like the Seahawks or Chiefs.
  13. Yeah, I got carried away and put too much weight on recent deals. He's had too much good history with the team to get fired (building two championship teams), and I don't think he's done enough to get fired. Every general manager makes mistakes, and he's made a few over the near two decades he's been the GM. I'm happy with what he's done, and sometimes, you just have to experiment (besides, nothing was given up for Uggla and Hembree/Escobar would probably have been called up by now if the Giants were satisfied with their progress).
  14. Crownking30, there's a history of some not-so-hot dealing with Saebs. The Wheeler-for-Beltran deal in 2011, giving up Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano for Aj Pierzynski in 2005, the 7 years/$156 million deal for Barry Zito, and a general short-shortsightedness when it comes to contracts/trade decisions. You may throw in accolades for the championship teams he's built, but don't pretend he's had a flawless history and only left due to one bad season. Just a clarification.
  15. I've accepted that Sabean will be resigning/fired after the season ends. I even have an idea of how he will depart: Either because he's being chased by security, or secure in his resignation.
  16. Thank the Seminole medicine man for the run. Looks like they didn't need Mr. Jobu after all.
  17. The Suns and Wizards are both top-notch concepts (the black and old gold look really nice together), but it's the Nets that really shine. The whole subway theme, the color-coordinated dots, and the line pattern all work great together. Heck, if the All-Star Game was played in Barclays instead of MSG, I'd love it if those were the All-Star uniforms. Well done!
  18. Seconded. I really love any design that incorporates Native American elements in a respectful manner (i.e. not a caricature), and you did a great job with that. The slate blue is an excellent base color too, allowing for the rainbow to really "pop" on the uniform.
  19. One day they'll get their team back, but not anytime soon. It's the constant speculation that bugs me, and the willingness to leap on even the smallest of rumors or hopes for relocation.
  20. A peak into a Glendale City Council meeting: I take that back. Comparing the Glendale City Council to the inbred is deeply insulting to people who are inbred.
  21. The black, yellow, and reddish-orange color scheme that the Canucks wore from 1978-1997 wasn't all that bad. If they had just taken their early-'90s template and used a recolored stick-in-rink instead of the skate, the scheme might have lasted longer. While royal blue/kelly green is my favorite color scheme for the team, the black/yellow/reddish-orange comes a distant second.
  22. Thanks for the congrats guys, I really appreciate it. Here is how the divisions break down in this league. WESTERN CONFERENCE PACIFIC -Denver (a bit of an outlier, but had to be done to make the allignment work) -LA Clippers -LA Lakers -Phoenix -Portland -Sacramento -San Francisco -Seattle MIDWEST -Dallas -Houston -Kansas City -Memphis -New Orleans -Oklahoma City -San Antonio -Utah EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC -Boston -Brooklyn -Miami -New York -Orlando -Philadelphia -Toronto -Washington CENTRAL -Atlanta -Charlotte -Chicago -Cleveland -Detroit -Indiana -Milwaukee -Minnesota (finally in the Eastern Conference where they belong) So, the league goes back to 4 divisions, 2 in each conference. However the divisions and conferences are only there for scheduling. Once the playoffs come around, the top 16 teams in the whole league make the playoffs, and are seeded 1-16 based on record. Using last season's standings as an example of the format for the first round: 1. San Antonio vs. 16. Charlotte 2. Oklahoma City vs. 15. Brooklyn 3. LAC vs. 14. Washington 4. Indiana vs. 13. Phoenix 5. Miami vs. 12. Chicago 6. Houston vs. 11. Toronto 7. Portland vs. 10. Dallas 8. Golden State vs. 9. Memphis Now, onto the compilations PRIMARY LOGOS COURTS HOME UNIFORMS ROAD UNIFORMS ALTERNATES Make sure to click on the images for full resolution. Once again, thank you guys so much. I could not have done this series and gotten it to this level without your help. Big shout out to guys like davidmiller5, MBannon92, jus2damcrazey219, 29texan, Shadojoker, BrandMooreArt, and many others who have supported my work and pushed me to make these concepts better. This thread has really been a learning experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it. I'll definitely do another concept or series, but I don't think that will be for a while. Thanks for taking this ride with me, guys!
  23. Just checking Colorwerx's blog post of the Pelicans' graphics, and it seems the N-wheel is not on there. http://colorwerx.blogspot.com/2013/02/new-orleans-pelicans-nba-2013-2014-rgb.html Maybe the official graphic is unavailable at the moment, I'm not sure.
  24. Thanks. Copied from this link, a better hybrid of the classic and modern Bucks (featuring toned down court keys with Irish Rainbow in the college lines, an arched "Milwaukee" on the road uniforms, and a lime alt replacing red)! Posted June 22, 2014 - 13:13 MILWAUKEE BUCKS - UPDATE The logos have been replaced by modified version of the current "Mugshot Buck". The red triangle now bears an Irish Rainbow pattern, and red outlines replace silver. The sign is now at an angle to work with the italicized wordmarks. The secondary, which is now on the uniforms, is a modified version of the primary with an "M" insignia in place of the wordmarks. The tertiary is an Irish Rainbow-ed "M" insignia. The court and uniforms remain the same, apart from the logos. Court Uniforms Alternate