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  1. Just checking Colorwerx's blog post of the Pelicans' graphics, and it seems the N-wheel is not on there. http://colorwerx.blogspot.com/2013/02/new-orleans-pelicans-nba-2013-2014-rgb.html Maybe the official graphic is unavailable at the moment, I'm not sure.
  2. Thanks. Copied from this link, a better hybrid of the classic and modern Bucks (featuring toned down court keys with Irish Rainbow in the college lines, an arched "Milwaukee" on the road uniforms, and a lime alt replacing red)! Posted June 22, 2014 - 13:13 MILWAUKEE BUCKS - UPDATE The logos have been replaced by modified version of the current "Mugshot Buck". The red triangle now bears an Irish Rainbow pattern, and red outlines replace silver. The sign is now at an angle to work with the italicized wordmarks. The secondary, which is now on the uniforms, is a modified version of the primary with an "M" insignia in place of the wordmarks. The tertiary is an Irish Rainbow-ed "M" insignia. The court and uniforms remain the same, apart from the logos. Court Uniforms Alternate
  3. I've been good, thanks! Would it be all right if I plugged my Bucks concept from my series (the secondary of which you can see in my sig)?
  4. Just something I found while browsing the "Unused Sports Uniforms" thread, a forest green alternate proposed by the Bucks in 2004-5: Had they made this the road uniform, and redistributed the colors on the home uniform (with green as the primary color, and purple relegated to the outlines/panels), the green/purple color scheme may have lasted longer. I'm glad they brought back the proper forest green/red, but it's nice to see permutations of the green/purple color scheme.
  5. I'd say go for the new road script. It works really well with the beach blanket template. The second version of the home uniform works the best, mostly because the template is a little more geared towards that alignment. I really like how out-of-the-box the whole of your White Sox design has been, and I can't wait to see the finished update!
  6. Now, the final team! WASHINGTON WIZARDS FEDERALS Yes, the Wizards get a much needed name change. The Wizards name has always felt gimmicky to me, and it really doesn't fit with their current identity. I didn't want to bring back the Bullets name, because I felt that that didn't go with the identity all that much either. So, I went for a name originally proposed by Conrad (the font guy): the Washington Federals. I can't believe that name is not more popular as an alternative to Wizards. Not only does it tie in more with the identity, but it also fits with the naming motif of the teams that play in DC proper, joining teams like the MLB's Nationals and the NHL's Capitols. While "Feds" may have some negative connotations in culture, at least it doesn't promote the toilet humor-esque nickname "Wiz" and it's not a KKK rank (the supposed reason why the team ditched the proposed "Dragons" name in 1997). Conrad made a great uppercase script for the name too, which I used in my primary logo and on the baselines of the court. The primary is now the Washington Monument ball logo, with the city/team name at the bottom. The rest of the logo package remains the same, as I really like the whole modernized 1970's look. The court is the same as the current one, but with the addition of the Washington Monument ball at center court, and the team name in the baselines. Uniforms I may be in the minority here, but I love the current Washington uniforms (especially after they eliminated the back stripe). However, I did take it upon myself to fix a few issues I had with the uniforms. The numbers now have a double outline to remove the need for silver accents (on both sides). Also, the red stripes along the side stripe on the shorts now end in a red waistband stripe (with the main stripe running through it). That way, these stripes actually lead to something that fits within the striping scheme of the set. The back logo patch is unchanged, as this series features the NBA logo on the front, not the back, and I kind of like that position for the logo, notch and all. The name on the home uniform is a lowercase "federals" wordmark I first showed off in February. The Washington Monument forms the "l", and the ball is over the "d" in the logo (the hand cluttered it up too much). Alternate The alternate, like the one supposedly coming out next season, is a navy blue version of the home uniform. I thought about putting the "washington" wordmark on it, but I felt that it would be better to promote the "federals" wordmark and name on the alternate as well. Now that's all the teams! Up next, the logo, court, and uniform compilations!
  7. Thanks for the C+C guys. Here is the update of the Utah Jazz. UTAH JAZZ - UPDATE The court now has non-italic baseline wordmarks, and they are now white with powder blue outlines. Uniforms I've made the color/trim of the numbers and wordmarks consistent, and I shrank the wordmarks a little bit so that they would better fit on the uniform. The J-note is off the shorts, as it cluttered the set somewhat. Alternate Once I finish with Washington, I'll post compilations of all the primaries, courts, home uniforms, road uniforms, alternates, and throwbacks.
  8. Go to the first post, click on the "edit" button. Once you get to the "edit" screen, click on "use full editor". Once there, you will be able to change the topic name.
  9. "Huh?" I said it dilutes it. That's objective fact. Doesn't mean it destroys, it means it is lessened. Also, Pete Maravich is known far more for the "Pistol" nickname than he ever was for #44 or #7. But still, changing numbers each time you switch teams (especially if the numbers are somewhat different, like #23, #6, and #32) can cause some dilution. Not enough to cause any real damage to his legacy, but still a tiny bit.
  10. Thanks for the C+C guys, I really appreciate it. Here is an update of the Toronto alternate, with the purple and white distribution flipped (I agree, this minor change does make the uniform look noticeably better)! Now, the team that gave me one hell of a time figuring out what to do with them, the Utah Jazz! UTAH JAZZ Talk about a case of neo-retro gone wrong. While I do like that the Jazz were willing to bring back the iconic J-note logo, they really messed up the execution. They not only replaced the iconic purple with a bland shade of navy blue (bonus points for darkening the green too, to eliminate anything resembling contrast), but also decided to bring back the J-note logo without any improvements (Colorwerx dissected it here). They should have at least gone the Blue Jays route and given it a proper modernization before reinstating it. Also, aside from a cheap primary recolor, they ditched any connection the identity had to Utah. If they were still the New Orleans Jazz (an idea for a future series, maybe), this would make sense, but they're not. They have been the Utah Jazz for 35 years, odd identity and all. My goal was to balance the "Jazz" name/updated J-note logo with the western/mountain elements of the '96-'04 set. That way, it can both represent the name and location. The new color scheme brings back purple as the primary color (brighter/more saturated than the Pelicans, who use the old Jazz color scheme exactly), but also brightens the green and replaces the gold with a powder blue shade. The powder blue shade not only adds an "icy" element to the set, but it is also derived from the '96-'04 set, bridging the gap between the two. On updating the J-note logo, I started out with a cleanup performed by logoman that addressed Colorwerx's issues with the logo. From there, I kept only the J-note. The rest of the letters were replaced with less abstract letters from a western-esque font (alluding to the '96-'04 wordmark, again updating the original while alluding to the "western" look of the later sets). The mid-serifs carry on into the music lines, as well as on the J-note. The isolated J-note is now a secondary, and the mountain roundel is now a tertiary. The court is similar to the late-90's court in terms of its color distribution, with the college lines forming an accent mark and the tertiary logo breaking up the space in between the baseline wordmarks. A stain pattern goes in the lanes, to accentuate a "U" in the design. Uniforms Now here is where some of the more tricky stuff was done. Alongside the modernized J-note, I've replaced the 1-color version of the Knicks' font that just looks rec-league in its execution (even though the original J-note uniforms had other features that call to mind rec-leagues, like screen-printed lettering and numbers). Now, it is a "westernized" version of the Sand-Knit varsity font (the actual font of the old J-note uniforms). This is akin to what the Texas Rangers did with the MLB standard block, and I think it works for the Jazz. The paneling uses a similar scheme to the current uniforms, but it gives more room for each color and ends with the classic mountain pattern on the shorts. Using outlines, I've incorporated them into the paneling and have utilized them as "shorts diamonds" to end the side panels, like I did with the Magic. The v-necks and arm trim remain, as they add to the colorful nature of the look while not making it too complicated or out-of-place. The road uniform is obviously purple, and has the "Utah" wordmark from the primary after the J-note. I generally believe that including the location name on the road is the way to go, and that was my way of getting it on there without making a "Utah" wordmark in the J-note's style. Alternate The alternate is a kelly green recolor of the home uniform, as I really like the current green alts (my favorite uniform in that set). I also thought it looked a little better than a powder blue alt, as I really want that color to be primarily associated with my Clippers concept. While this may not be my best work (I don't expect it will go down nearly as well as the Raptors did), I think I was able to find a good way to balance the two best looks the Jazz have had. This is what I wished they did in 2010, just taking the J-note set, modernizing it, and integrating it with the western/mountain aesthetic of the later Stockon/Malone days. Up next, the Washington Wizards name that will be revealed with the concept!
  11. I'm liking this series so far. I love just how out of the box these are, and I can't wait to see more (especially the Warriors)!
  12. The template for uniforms is here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Basketball-Uniform-Template-1-292629277 The template for the courts is here: http://darth-brooks.deviantart.com/art/Basketball-court-Psd-290856212 Anyway, let's walk the dinosaur with the Toronto Raptors! TORONTO RAPTORS I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I love the Raptors name. For a 90's expansion team, it's a good name and it works great when it is properly represented with a somewhat outside-the-box identity, with a little bit of tradition thrown in (because of Toronto's significance as the home of the first NBA game ever at Maple Leaf Gardens). I'm not the biggest fan of the pinstripe set (I find it interesting but too dated to bring back to any reasonable extent), but I really like the Vince Carter set. I think it could use some tweaks (remove unnecessary accent colors, dump the dated color flip on the back, etc.), but it was a good identity. However, much of its distinctiveness has been chipped away by switching the color scheme to a red/black set already used by two other teams. My course of action was to tweak the 1999-2006 set, preserve a lot of what made it distinct, and tweak it to fit within this series' sensibilities. The color scheme is now a two-color set, namely a shade of purple and a shade of red. Having these two colors alone would make for a unique set in the whole of the Big 4, and would prevent any BFBS or other dilution of the identity. I did not consider the popular blue/white color scheme for them, as my Nets concept already uses that scheme to a far better effect than Toronto ever could (either as the Huskies or as the Raptors). On the logo side of things, the first step I took was to dump the primary. It looks a little too cartoonish for my tastes, and it uses a font that has never been used on any of their uniforms. The primary is now the iconic footprint logo (which has been around since the team's inception), encased in a roundel and with the city/team name below it. The secondary is a recolored version of the old "TR" logo (as it was my favorite representation of the cartoon raptor (I thought about putting feathers on it like a real raptor, but I do feel that makes a silly logo look even more silly). The tertiaries are recolored versions of the footprint. The court is an attempt to modernize the 90's herringbone court, with the new primary and secondary logos on the floor (thankfully without the weird baseline markings designed for TV). The claw marks have been added to the college lines (again, using college lines to help mimic elements from the uniforms). Uniforms Now here is where this concept may lose some people. In updating the '99-'06 uniforms, I decided to leave out the striping on the rear. I know many people like to have striping at the rear, but I'm not a big fan of having it in the middle of side panels, breaking up the striping pattern. Since there is no silver in the color scheme, I decided to tweak the chevrons in the side panels. There are now three white stripes on each panel, meant to mimic the claw marks of a raptor. The fonts and color distribution on the wordmarks is the same as it was from '99-'06, and the NOB is on an arc instead of straight (if the wordmark is on an arc, the NOB should be too). The "TR" is on the front of the waistband, and the Nike wishbone is the same as the fixed Nike wishbone on my Heat concept (a thin line of color on the back, not a giant block). Alternates The first alternate is a red version of the home uniform, tweaked to allow proper contrast between the purple and red (proving that they don't need black or silver as accents, and can stand on their own). The second is a Hardwood Classics version of the '95-'99 road uniform, with Adidas' Prime Block number font (recreated by Conrad). I figured it was close enough to the original number font, and actually kind of improved the look by having more legible numerals. I know that this may not be one of my more popular concepts, but I feel that it not only shows that the Raptors identity can be cleaned up and modernized, but also that purple and red can stand on their own without black and silver as accents/primary colors. Up next, the Utah Jazz!
  13. New for 2015. I kinda like the change. It's got precedence, and it keeps the "city name on road, team name at home" aesthetic most of the league has (as well as most of the MLB). So for me, it's a lateral change.
  14. Chief Wahoo is a terribly designed logo, regardless of whether or not it's a racist caricature: Just look at it. The terrible line weights in the teeth (which don't even connect fully) and the other really bad attempts at detailing in the feather and the eyes make for a horrendous logo. It may be that some details didn't translate well when the logo was originally digitized in the 90's, but come on. If they had to keep him (which I hope they don't), at least modernize him.
  15. You can get the font here (with the Tuscan font): http://eriqjaffe.50webs.com/ You can also get more up-to-date fonts from these links: http://fontsbyconrad.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/mlb-misc-fonts/ http://fontsbyconrad.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/mlb-fonts-update-by-conrad/
  16. Update #2 SEATTLE SUPERSONICS - UPDATE This one was actually simpler than I thought it would be. Instead of replacing the old font, I condensed it. That way, it better fits within the logos and on the front panels. The secondary has been tweaked to remove the double outline and to thicken the seams, and the tertiary has been replaced with a textless version of the primary. The court is adjusted to fit with the condensed font and the tweaked logos. Uniforms The uniforms now use two-layer collar/arm striping with the top color representing the number color and the bottom color representing the number outline. The Red Sox number font has been dumped in favor of a modified version of the Clippers' number font (mostly just cleanup of the "4", the worst looking numeral in that font). That way, the fonts match more closely, and don't create a clash of eras (also, that font really shouldn't extend to any sport other than baseball). Don't worry, I'm planning a Clippers update that replaces that font with something more fitting with the baseball-style wordmarks and nautical theme. The condensed lettering also appears in the panels now, allowing for more legibility/a cleaner look. Alternate Once again, thank you guys for the support and the C+C, I could never have come this far without you guys. Up next, we walk the dinosaur with the Toronto Raptors!
  17. So, here is the first of two updates for today. SAN FRANCISCO WARRIORS - UPDATE I've decided to add yellow keys to the Warriors court and remove the outlines on all "SF" logos. I've also removed the white parts of the road uniforms panels to provide more contrast. I've also tried out what it would look like if I used the cable car numbers on the gold alt. While I prefer the normal version, I thought it was interesting to see what it looked like. Road Uniform Alt Uniform - Cable Car Version Next update, the Supersonics!
  18. I didn't think I'd like the wild gradients (not even sure if it's possible to do a fabric gradient on a Speed Machine template), but I like it. A lot. I'd maybe tweak the pants stripe, but I really think it's an interesting approach to modernity. Great job!
  19. No, my name isn't P32, it's SFGiants58 (look at the name above my avatar). I did the original concept six months ago, and I included the link to it in my writeup of this concept and in my signature. I apologize for getting defensive about it, I just misread your post. However, you might have seen something that's been on my flickr for some time now (that I meant to include in the original modernization thread): I posted this back in January 2013 to my flickr page. This is when I was still using Inkscape for my uniform concepts (I had yet to move to Photoshop with Tim O'Brien's template). As you can see, this is a little more primitive, but the basics from my current concept are all still there.P32 = Project 32. Just made an observation that these look similar to ones ive seen done or posted a couple of years ago(give or take a year). No need to fret, I simply misread your post. I apologize if my post seemed like it was attacking you, I just made a simple mistake and got testy/defensive and lashed out. I try not to do that, and I just slipped up really badly. Thank you. I've been trying a couple of fonts for that, and I think I'm going to update them soon. Would something like this be a good idea?
  20. No, my name isn't P32, it's SFGiants58 (look at the name above my avatar). I did the original concept six months ago, and I included the link to it in my writeup of this concept and in my signature. I apologize for getting defensive about it, I just misread your post. However, you might have seen something that's been on my flickr for some time now (that I meant to include in the original modernization thread): I posted this back in January 2013 to my flickr page. This is when I was still using Inkscape for my uniform concepts (I had yet to move to Photoshop with Tim O'Brien's template). As you can see, this is a little more primitive, but the basics from my current concept are all still there.
  21. Another shameless plug, demonstrating my gestalt idea: Current striping scheme (which I like) + 70's color blocks + 2003-10 wordmarks.
  22. Thanks for the C+C guys, I'll update the Warriors within the next couple of days. SEATTLE SUPERSONICS - MK II The Sonics make a triumphant return in this series. They enter the league as an expansion team, along with the Kansas City Diesels. While these Sonics have the name, color scheme, copyrights to the logos, and retired numbers of the old Sonics (and even have the old banners and trophies, as well as "Est. 1966" apparel like the MLB's Washington Nationals have "Est. 1905" apparel), they do not possess the records of the old Sonics. This avoids a NuBrowns/Hornets Mistaken/Horncats situation that only serves to screw with history. The concept is an update of my previous Sonics concept. I did that one nearly 6 months ago, and looking back on that concept, I felt I could do better. I really dislike the double outlines I did, and I'm really not a big fan of how I modernized the original skyline logo (only making new shapes in the existing logo, and shoehorning in a jet/white contrail that just served to make the logo too busy). So, I decided to start from the ground up with the skyline logo. I used my modified version of the Sounders' Space Needle logo as the center seam in the skyline, and assembled the other buildings from my original update to give the impression of perspective. The contrail and jet return, but now the contrail matches the one on the tertiary logo and wraps around the Space Needle, leading to a outline-free and smaller Boeing 2707. The court has been updated to reflect the new logos in the set and the end of double-outlined text (I kept the Amazon Arena name, because of its alliterative appeal). Uniforms Here is where I made a few more changes. The double-outlined paneling is now single-outline, as is the text. The collar (now a crew-neck to better fit with the front panel) and arm trim have been simplified to match the contrail and contrast with the front/side panels. Shorts panels now flare out, to look less bland (it does bring them a little closer to the dreaded Shultz look, but it's preferable to the simple panels of my first modernization). You could also argue that these are supposed to represent a supersonic jet's stabilizers. I tried a bunch of other number fonts, but I decided to keep the Red Sox number font for the same reasons I originally used it: the sharp edges on the numbers and curved 7 allow the font to look both retro and futuristic at the same time. The new logo goes on the shorts in the place of the original modernized logo. Alternates The first alternate is a yellow recolor of the home uniform, while the second is my original throwback uniform from the first modernization (the superhero wordmark and Northwestern Stripe panels are a really underrated look IMHO). If you guys prefer the original modernization concept, I totally understand. But I feel that taking the lessons I've learned from doing 28 teams since then and applying them to the first one has really improved the look and made it more of a genuine modernization than just copying and pasting newer elements onto an older look. I find that I can stand behind this look a lot more than its previous iteration, and that it stacks up with the work I've done throughout the rest of this series. Up next, the Toronto Raptors!
  23. Count me in the mega minority, but I think a gestalt of these sets would be the best possible look for the Cavs. It maintains a distinctive feel, and makes the most out of the two colors. Just limit the color blocks to the panels, and they'd be set.
  24. I like where this is going. A 90's MLB expansion team should at least try doing something modern, and I think you're getting that across with the fonts and logos. Like TheGiantsFan said, make the mountains purple while keeping the mountaintops white. Since your font as some curvature in it, maybe add some curving in the mountains to reduce the "lightning bolt" look. Definitely keep the "CR", but have the letters interlock rather than next to each other. Just tweak a few things, and you'll have a nice set!
  25. I know all worthwhile NFL coaching candidates stayed clear of Cleveland, but that might have been more of a Browns problem then a Cleveland problem. I remember the Indians being quite good in the 90s though. I'm not sure how that team was built, but I would assume some free agent worth something would have had to have chosen the Indians over someone else, right? Well, the Browns have been able to get a few free agents in the past, most notably this guy: Garcia may have been OK in SF, Tampa, and Philly, but he was a big bust for the Browns.