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  1. Read that this morning in the SF Chronicle. Yeah pretty much Mayor Quan, the Oakland City Council and the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority are all nitwits. By the way Mark Davis shouldn't be owning a pro sports franchise much less anything else.Am I the only one who sees how similar these two look? Ask yourselves, do you really want a guy with a Bam-Bam haircut running anything?
  2. I retract what I said before, as there is no saving this season. At this point, fire sale seems to be the best action (while building around a few good guys). Just re-invigorate the farm, and suck as hard as possible to get these talents. Clear salary room for future use, and just get on a better building plan.
  3. SAN ANTONIO SPURS I really didn't need to do much with the defending champions. The Spurs pretty much have a perfect identity as it is, and they barely need to change anything. The logos are the same as the current logos, but there are some tweaks to the court. It goes back to its 2002-12 form, with the primary at center and the empty space in the keys. Uniforms Here is where some genuine tweaks happen. The v-necks get switched to crew necks (I just like crew necks for the Spurs more), and the spur gets recolored whenever it's cast against a black base (on the home paneling/road uniform). It keeps the look consistent, has precedence, and makes the spur more visible against black. Other than that, no changes were made as there are no others that would improve the look (for me at least). Alternate I originally wanted to do something with the fiesta colors, but I felt that it would look too shoehorned in. Those colors don't have any place in their identity, and they are best left in the franchise's past (I'm always glad they kept those colors off the uniforms). However, because the team recently introduced a silver alt and all of the other former ABA teams have ABA throwbacks, I gave them their ABA home uniform/first NBA home uniform as an alternate. It's different enough from the home and road, but still very much part of the same identity. Of course, they would never play against the Bulls with these uniforms (it made sense when the teams were in different leagues, not so much now). Pretty boring update, but there really isn't much of a need to update the Spurs. They are a team that got it right in the 70's that updated properly on their own (like what I wish the Suns and Blazers did). Next up, in a far less boring update, the Golden State San Francisco Warriors!
  4. Hey, why not make this guy the third (like they should have done after the Winter Classic)? Just fix the hem stripe, swap the vintage white with white, and you're done!
  5. Well, they're somewhere in between the hot start and this "rough stretch". It's a matter of maintaining a medium, and getting a leadoff hitter who doesn't get injured all the damn time. Sell off a few less important guys for younger players, and it'll be easier maintaining that happy, playoff-ready medium (like the ups and downs of 2012, the team was never too hot but got too cold at certain points). But still, I can see why the Mets were so willing to part with Pagan.
  6. Ah, 9 seasons of that color scheme vs. 21 seasons of purple/black/silver, and it's r/w/b they choose for the anniversary. Seriously? If you want to remember the r/w/b color scheme, the Kings already found a better way to incorporate it:
  7. Thanks for the C+C guys. I realize now that Sacramento does need to have a "Sacramento" wordmark on at least one of their uniforms (especially after the whole Anaheim/Virginia Beach/Seattle mess). So, here is the road uniform with a Sacramento wordmark (the current wordmark modified to fit the style of the "Kings" wordmark) and the updated logo sheet.
  8. SACRAMENTO KINGS Ah, the oldest contiguous franchise in the NBA. Of all their different looks, my favorite is probably the 90's Richmond/Webber/Divac look. It's a 90's design that doesn't go too over the top with trends like sublimination/big chest logos/gradients. However, the Maloof era really trashed this look. It started with the addition of one of the worst number fonts in sports, then blossomed into sharp diamond piping with a white wordmark at home/black wordmark on purple. The team has tried to rectify it by putting the primary logo's wordmark on the home and road uniforms again. I've tried to take it further, getting the look more in line with their 94-02 look. The "SK" logo returns into the logo sheet, and the crown logo is removed in favor of a "Kings" wordmark. The court is similar to their current court, but without the 3D logo and the secondary is placed within the lanes. Uniforms Now here is where the 90's influence takes hold. The primary wordmark returns for the home and road, and the road uniform's base goes back to black (because there are already enough purple road uniforms in this league). The paneling is an attempt to merge the 94-02 uniforms with the 02-08 look, in that the panels taper down onto the shorts (instead of only being on the shorts), while maintaining the 3-color structure of the 94-02. The "SK" logo is firmly on the shorts, as the logo seems perfect for this position. The navy/red Nets and pinstripe Pacers number font takes the place of the current number font, as it is a block font that looks modern enough to fit with the typeface. The v-neck returns, but in the striping scheme of the 90's uniforms (the v-neck looks a little better than a crew-neck for this uniform). Alternates The first alternate is a purple alt with the classic cursive script. It simply swaps the black for purple (and vice versa) from the road uniform, and contains a little gag meant to reference the Kings' first uniform in Sacramento: a below-number NOB. It's an extra touch of authenticity I like. The other alt is a fauxback to one of the uniforms worn by The Big O on the Cincinnati Royals (a previous incarnation of the Kings). This alt simply replaces the r/w/b color scheme for black and purple, and also replaces the "Royals" wordmark with a "Kings" one. The team has a long history before Sacramento, and it is nice to honor it every once in a while. Giving one of the best looks from the 90's a much-deserved update not only erases some of the Maloof-era dickery, but also lets the team maintain a unique look to set them apart and make their small market more noticeable. Up next, we go for the fundamentals with the San Antonio Spurs!
  9. 1. The Sharks continue to blow in the playoffs, and eventually leave an aging Shark Tank. Then, they win the Stanley Cup their first season outside of San Jose (whether they're in SF, Seattle, Quebec City, or another place). 2. The Giants make more playoff appearances, maybe win a few World Series (each time with wildly different rosters). However, they have championship hangovers each time they do something big. Offense is hot/cold, depending on the year. 3. The Cardinals crush more dreams of other teams, keep producing great clubs, and maybe win a few World Series. Basically, what they've done this decade goes on. 4. The Red Sox remain a top-tier team, make some noise in the playoffs, maybe even win a World Series. However, these big runs will be separated by some cold years. Bill Simmons writes more books about them. 5. The Warriors get their SF arena, and continue their franchise turnaround. Sure, they'll miss the playoffs once in a while, but they'll remain competitive for some time. The "Golden State" name finally gets replaced with "San Francisco". 6. The Lakers get back to the top, Kobe's retirement becomes a nasty enough affair for ESPN to make a 30 for 30 out of it, and they update the primary logo (that last one is a stretch). 7. Stanford wins a few more Rose Bowls, maybe even gets into the playoff for the national championship once in a while. It's hard to tell with any team, but I'm trying to match trajectories.
  10. In non-ASG related new, Bronson Arroyo will undergo Tommy John Surgery, after pitching 6 starts with a torn UCL. I have no idea how he put himself through that kind of pain (the tendon had come completely off the bone).
  11. I really like what you've done with the Rangers (esp. the primary and the red text white uniform). Great job, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with the White Sox (I'd like if there was a set with white socks)!
  12. Thanks for the C+C guys, I really appreciate it. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS Ah, the Blazers. I love just about every iteration of their classic template (the original, the '90s, and the current), but I definitely prefer the Bauhaus-esque wordmarks from the 70's-1991 (a font that predates the current template). Instead of trying to make the team look more modern with inner-drop shadows, streakier stripes, and unnecessary accent colors, I decided to bring the look back towards a classic form. The original "5v5" wheel returns, in its 90's rotation and without the box containing it. The Bauhaus-esque font returns for the wordmarks, and the Bauhaus-esque "Rip City" alternate logo is now a tertiary logo (I generally don't like city nickname logos, but "Rip City" was the first and it's too good not to use). The court is inspired by their early Moda Center courts, with an empty center key and the isolated "5v5" wheel. Uniforms With the return of the classic wordmarks, the original color balance returns (red text with black outline at home, red text with white outline on the road). The striping scheme matches the current uniforms, but with white replacing the unnecessary silver. The classic sash returns to its '90s form with two stripes that lead directly into stripes on the shorts. Since Bauhaus numbers generally look pretty bad for a basketball uniform, the Sand Knit Varisty Block takes its place. The "5v5" wheel on the shorts now has parts change color on the road and on the alt further down in the post. Alternates The first red alt is a recolor of the home uniform, with the "blazers" wordmark (like their road uniform from 1979-85). The other red alt is a Hardwood Classics Alt, throwing back to their vertical text uniform from their 1977 championship run. It seriously is one of the more memorable 70's looks, and I'm surprised it doesn't come back more often. Simply tweaking the original sash set to include some of the 90/91 and 02/03 improvements really keeps the set fresh and reinforces its classic status. Up next, the Sacramento Kings!
  13. Now THAT is a good update of the pre-Edge look. The bold stripes really bring the look up, and while I could do without the navy blue, it's used really well.
  14. PHOENIX SUNS While I've slightly warmed to the Suns' current look, I feel they really should've gone in a different direction when they rebranded. Instead of half-assing an update of the 90's uniforms, removing nearly all purple from the set (while also changing the purple shade to something that looks more like navy blue than purple), and using terrible number font, they should have harkened back to their 1968-1992 look. It's a genuine classic, and looks notably less dated than the 90's uniforms (if you want a modernization of those, Conrad made a great concept). I tried several attempts to modernize the look, most of which fell flat due to either copying that look or using too many elements from the current look. I was lost until MBannon92 made his concept of the Suns. I loved how he was able to take the essence of that look and put a spin on it, with more creative fonts and a unique pattern in the sun panels (which looks very southwestern, an aesthetic I love), all while maintaining what made the 68-92 set work. I decided to base my concept off of his concept, modifying it to fix issues and putting my own spin on it. When improving on MBannon92's original, I started out by making the shapes within the primary's sun the same. I felt it improved the gradient effect, and properly accented the spiked ball. I also brought back white outlines and white contrast text to eliminate some of the blurring present in MBannon92's concept. The font is a slightly modified version of the Texas Rangers' NOB font, to give it a more blocky western feel, something the Suns can get away with due to their age and location. The shade of purple is now more reddish, and the orange and yellow shades are lighter and more saturated, to make the whole set more colorful. Because I like the current "PHX" secondary, I decided to replace the sun pattern with a phoenix, colored in the same pattern as the sun. The full sun gradient shows up with the wordmark in the tertiary, to provide a court logo that is easy to center. The court takes a different approach from MBannon92's concept, with the faux-gradient effect in the college lines and the tertiary at center. Uniforms I decided to improve on MBannon92's uniforms by making a series of tweaks. The modified Texas Rangers font is put to good use for the lettering and numbers, giving it more of that block-like western feel with the narrower weight and sharper edges. I've brought back the white pieces of trim on the road uniform to remove any color blurring, and I've also placed the faux-gradient on the waistband striping, to take a mundane striping element and do something wild with it. Alternate This is an orange recolor of the home uniform, but with white taking the place of orange on the trim. The more saturated/brighter shade of orange not only enhances the "solar" feeling, but also helps it stand out from the other orange uniforms in the series (Clippers road and Thunder alt). There will be no black alt, as I don't want to dilute the purple/orange/solar gradient branding. MBannon92 made an amazing Suns concept, and I'd like to think I've improved upon it and taken it in a few alternate directions. Up next, we blaze on to Rip City with the Portland Trail Blazers!
  15. I don't know what it is, but I really like this Cowboys concept. The funky variations on the traditional design feel different enough for it to qualify as a "pro combat"-style alt, but it's not offensive like most of what Nike puts out for this purpose. Even the twist on the sock stripes is nice. Well done, and I can't wait to see the Niners pro combat (esp. if it's in this style).
  16. I've warmed to the block "C" and the block wordmarks too, but I think it would be better if the Indians went with this wordmark on the creme alts: Also, flipping the text colors on the road uniform would be nice (red text with navy outlines).
  17. Here is the Orlando Magic update, now featuring stars blended into the panels (like my Clippers concept), no arm trim, and a better piping scheme (so that the stars can blend). That way, it doesn't look too dated or too generic. The logo sheet and court are the same as update 2B. Alternate Without a doubt, Orlando was one of the most pain-in-the-ass teams to do. All of their previous looks are either way too dated or way too generic, and it's incredibly hard to find a balance that actually looks good and unique to the Magic. I think I've done it with this one, trying to balance the current look with the past. Up next, the Suns!
  18. I'll post the next Orlando update soon. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but I think it'll do. Anyway, on to the Sixers! PHILADELPHIA 76ERS On this Independence Day, why not celebrate a sense of patriotism with one of the most "patriotic" teams in the US? I don't think it is an unpopular opinion to say that I dislike the current Sixers set. Sure, I get the idea behind it, but I really dislike the execution. The Sixers maintained a primary with bad line weights and a lazy attempt to shoehorn in the city name (a rule that does not exist in this series), omitted wordmark and number outlines, and thought that a bizarre faux-modern template was the way to go. Going neo-retro should have been easy for them, but they screwed it up. This concept is my attempt to give them a proper update of one of their classic looks. The first big change is the primary. It is based on the classic ball logo, but it now uses a rendering of the basketball that features even line weights (sourced from the Knicks' current logo, since my Knicks concept didn't use that logo). There is no city name, as the Sixers have been around long enough to not require it. The secondaries are an isolated "76" and the new Ben Franklin logo, and the tertiary represents a star within a "P" (intended to signify the city on the uniforms). The court is just a color inverted version of the current court, for a more Spectrum-like look. '' Uniforms The uniforms are based off of one of the most underrated looks in basketball, the 1971-78 home/road set. I made some basic changes to this set, such as altering the number of stars on the panels (3 on the shorts vs. the original 2), adjusting the stars' spacing, replacing the display font with a block font for wordmark/numbers, removing the waistband striping, and adjusting the collar/arm striping scheme to better fit the color scheme of the uniforms (also switching the crew-necks to v-necks, which have more history with the team and separate them from the r/w/b of my Pistons concept). I think it goes without saying that the wordmarks/numbers now feature proper outlines. The ball logo is now on the shorts, and the "P" logo goes in the panels. The road uniform also features a red base now (again, referencing the 4/5/4 uniforms). Alternates The blue alternate is a recolor of the road uniform, and now features the classic "PHILA" wordmark (something I'm surprised the Sixers don't use more often). The Hardwood Classics alt is a recreation of the road uniform from Iverson's rookie year (a look that doesn't stray too far from the brand identity, but looks different nonetheless). Up next, the Orlando Magic update and the Phoenix Suns!
  19. Marina Sirtis - Counselor Troi on TNG
  20. Harsh is cool with me. I've never been happy with any look for Orlando. I have my issues with the current set (way too messy with the piping scheme and the curved pinstripes are particularly nasty), but the other sets are either too dated or too generic. I think I'm on the right track with the latest update, and here is my gameplan for the next upgrade (after I get Philly and a few other teams out of the way): -get rid of the shorts stars (clash with the modern logos, and they look a little overdone) -go for a piping scheme more akin to the currents (just without all the unnecessary curving) -keep the star v-neck (I'll probably update the trim scheme to match the panel trim) Have very minimal allusions to the past, and just clean up the current set. Thanks man, I like to be pushed to do more wild/modern things.
  21. Good find! Most recently their jerseys have been more less combination of tweaks not really am overhaul compared to early 90s when they switched from RWB to Purple silver and black.I'd like it if they kept the "Sacramento" wordmark from the current set and moved the NOB on the alt to below the number, but that's a minor issue. I'm liking this tweak (if it's official, considering the logo sheet we saw previously had no wordmark changes).
  22. ORLANDO MAGIC - UPDATE ALTERNATE Here is an alternate version of the update. This version uses the current wordmark fonts. Uniforms The numbers now match the color distribution of the wordmarks. Alternate I prefer the first update, but I think it's nice to have the second one as an alternative proposal. Up next, the Philadelphia 76ers!
  23. Thanks for the C+C guys. While I do like the classic wordmarks and wanted to feature them in some capacity, I really think they've aged poorly. I've done a few tests to update those wordmarks to fit better with the number font, and the result is a font replacement. I found that Bulldog Bold works well with Futura Condensed Bold. I retyped the wordmarks using that font, added in the old stars, and presto. It not only fits well with the number font, but also keeps the look modern with elements of the past. Uniforms As requested, I removed the panel pinstripes and added shorts stars. I can't believe I didn't think of it before, as I really like the way they look. Alternate In the next post, an alternate version of the update.
  24. Your latest version of the Wild might just be the best Wild concept I've seen on this site. The vintage style of stripes, the appropriate use of wheat, and the restored hem stripe on the alt really come together. Well done!
  25. This is my favorite Seahawks look from the 2002-2011 set: and my favorite Seahawks look overall: Would have been even better if the numbers will twill and not screen-printed.