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  1. I've warmed to the block "C" and the block wordmarks too, but I think it would be better if the Indians went with this wordmark on the creme alts: Also, flipping the text colors on the road uniform would be nice (red text with navy outlines).
  2. Here is the Orlando Magic update, now featuring stars blended into the panels (like my Clippers concept), no arm trim, and a better piping scheme (so that the stars can blend). That way, it doesn't look too dated or too generic. The logo sheet and court are the same as update 2B. Alternate Without a doubt, Orlando was one of the most pain-in-the-ass teams to do. All of their previous looks are either way too dated or way too generic, and it's incredibly hard to find a balance that actually looks good and unique to the Magic. I think I've done it with this one, trying to balance the current look with the past. Up next, the Suns!
  3. I'll post the next Orlando update soon. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but I think it'll do. Anyway, on to the Sixers! PHILADELPHIA 76ERS On this Independence Day, why not celebrate a sense of patriotism with one of the most "patriotic" teams in the US? I don't think it is an unpopular opinion to say that I dislike the current Sixers set. Sure, I get the idea behind it, but I really dislike the execution. The Sixers maintained a primary with bad line weights and a lazy attempt to shoehorn in the city name (a rule that does not exist in this series), omitted wordmark and number outlines, and thought that a bizarre faux-modern template was the way to go. Going neo-retro should have been easy for them, but they screwed it up. This concept is my attempt to give them a proper update of one of their classic looks. The first big change is the primary. It is based on the classic ball logo, but it now uses a rendering of the basketball that features even line weights (sourced from the Knicks' current logo, since my Knicks concept didn't use that logo). There is no city name, as the Sixers have been around long enough to not require it. The secondaries are an isolated "76" and the new Ben Franklin logo, and the tertiary represents a star within a "P" (intended to signify the city on the uniforms). The court is just a color inverted version of the current court, for a more Spectrum-like look. '' Uniforms The uniforms are based off of one of the most underrated looks in basketball, the 1971-78 home/road set. I made some basic changes to this set, such as altering the number of stars on the panels (3 on the shorts vs. the original 2), adjusting the stars' spacing, replacing the display font with a block font for wordmark/numbers, removing the waistband striping, and adjusting the collar/arm striping scheme to better fit the color scheme of the uniforms (also switching the crew-necks to v-necks, which have more history with the team and separate them from the r/w/b of my Pistons concept). I think it goes without saying that the wordmarks/numbers now feature proper outlines. The ball logo is now on the shorts, and the "P" logo goes in the panels. The road uniform also features a red base now (again, referencing the 4/5/4 uniforms). Alternates The blue alternate is a recolor of the road uniform, and now features the classic "PHILA" wordmark (something I'm surprised the Sixers don't use more often). The Hardwood Classics alt is a recreation of the road uniform from Iverson's rookie year (a look that doesn't stray too far from the brand identity, but looks different nonetheless). Up next, the Orlando Magic update and the Phoenix Suns!
  4. Marina Sirtis - Counselor Troi on TNG
  5. Harsh is cool with me. I've never been happy with any look for Orlando. I have my issues with the current set (way too messy with the piping scheme and the curved pinstripes are particularly nasty), but the other sets are either too dated or too generic. I think I'm on the right track with the latest update, and here is my gameplan for the next upgrade (after I get Philly and a few other teams out of the way): -get rid of the shorts stars (clash with the modern logos, and they look a little overdone) -go for a piping scheme more akin to the currents (just without all the unnecessary curving) -keep the star v-neck (I'll probably update the trim scheme to match the panel trim) Have very minimal allusions to the past, and just clean up the current set. Thanks man, I like to be pushed to do more wild/modern things.
  6. Good find! Most recently their jerseys have been more less combination of tweaks not really am overhaul compared to early 90s when they switched from RWB to Purple silver and black.I'd like it if they kept the "Sacramento" wordmark from the current set and moved the NOB on the alt to below the number, but that's a minor issue. I'm liking this tweak (if it's official, considering the logo sheet we saw previously had no wordmark changes).
  7. ORLANDO MAGIC - UPDATE ALTERNATE Here is an alternate version of the update. This version uses the current wordmark fonts. Uniforms The numbers now match the color distribution of the wordmarks. Alternate I prefer the first update, but I think it's nice to have the second one as an alternative proposal. Up next, the Philadelphia 76ers!
  8. Thanks for the C+C guys. While I do like the classic wordmarks and wanted to feature them in some capacity, I really think they've aged poorly. I've done a few tests to update those wordmarks to fit better with the number font, and the result is a font replacement. I found that Bulldog Bold works well with Futura Condensed Bold. I retyped the wordmarks using that font, added in the old stars, and presto. It not only fits well with the number font, but also keeps the look modern with elements of the past. Uniforms As requested, I removed the panel pinstripes and added shorts stars. I can't believe I didn't think of it before, as I really like the way they look. Alternate In the next post, an alternate version of the update.
  9. Your latest version of the Wild might just be the best Wild concept I've seen on this site. The vintage style of stripes, the appropriate use of wheat, and the restored hem stripe on the alt really come together. Well done!
  10. This is my favorite Seahawks look from the 2002-2011 set: and my favorite Seahawks look overall: Would have been even better if the numbers will twill and not screen-printed.
  11. ORLANDO MAGIC Another team that receives the "combination of eras" approach. Much like their expansion partners, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Magic have had many great elements in their look but have never had them at the same time. The original pinstripe set is one of the best NBA looks to come out of the 90's, but that set had a poorly-designed number font and overdid the pinstripes a little. The subliminated stars set has a better number font and template, but the subliminated stars really don't translate well to modern design and the attempt to update the wordmark went awry (the fact that there was no "Orlando" wordmark on the road uniform hurt the set a little). The generic set just looks terrible, apart from the star-collar (one of my favorite logo collars), and the current set is a somewhat messy attempt to update the pinstripe and subliminated sets with bland wordmarks and overdone front pinstripes. This is my attempt to clean up the current set by adding in appropriate pieces from previous eras. The wordmarks are from the original set, as they capture the whimsy and "cool" factor that I liked so much from the Shaq/Penny era. They are paired with the modern shooting ball, as the original just looked messy and the modern shooting ball has been successfully paired with the 90's-style wordmarks. The secondary is just the shooting ball, and the tertiary is an O*M insignia meant for hats/other apparel. The court simply gets the new primary and more appropriate baseline wordmarks, and the parquet floor remains. Uniforms The uniforms are where the real "combination of eras" look begins. The template of the uniforms is based off of the current template, but with some modifications/cleanup. Namely, the panel stripes from the subliminated set are added to the panels, the panels now go from top to bottom without tapering or forming some complex trim that jumbles up the look, and the set now has proper arm trim. I kept the silver pinstripes, as they contrasted the best with the wordmarks. Because the crew-neck or the overlapping v-neck looked too out-of-place, a modified version of the star v-neck is implemented. The wordmarks are the 90's wordmarks from the rest of the design package, and the number font is Conrad's recreation of UGA's Bulldog Bold (it was the closest match to the subliminated set's number font). The road uniform now features a contrast-colored number, a feature not present on the original. Alternate The alternate is a black recolor of the road uniform. Originally, the black uniform was going to be primary road uniform, but the electric blue edged it out. Up next, the Philadelphia 76ers!
  12. Here is the final update, the grey has been replaced with a bluish-grey (that contrasts more with the orange) and the thunderclouds have been dumped (the wordmarks work well on their own, and any attempt to do clouds clashed with the angular wordmarks). Uniforms The lightning bolts now angle straight down from the panels (in an even more subtle way), and the shorts logos now have color distributions to match the main wordmark. Alternate Up next, the Orlando Magic!
  13. Apart from moving the chest logo to the right side on the Saturday Alt, these look great! The musical elements and the color scheme really sells the set, and the unorthodox wordmarks separate them enough from the St. Louis Blues. I look forward to the remaining two teams and whatever stadiums may come.
  14. It's grey. I should probably put more of a blue base in the grey, which I'll do for the next update (in which I'll try to fix the clouds).
  15. Here is the first update. I replaced navy blue with dark grey, and dumped the roundels in favor of thunderclouds. While I tried to make a thunderhead, it just wound up looking like a grey blob. The clouds may be a little cartoony, but I think they work with Mister Vicious' wordmarks (the "n" and "k" make nice lightning bolts). The court has been updated to reflect the new logos and color scheme, and the baseline wordmarks are now white with orange outlines to better stand out against the grey paint. Uniforms The lightning bolts are far more subtle, in that they follow from the bottom of the paneling. That way, they are more subtle and don't take attention away from the wordmarks. By updating it this way, the spirit of the original design remains without making the team look generic. Because grey is the color of the road uniform, the alt is now orange. Alternate Up next, the Orlando Magic!
  16. That's identical to my "Mount Rushmore" for the Giants. It covers various eras of success, and it's arguable that all these guys were the face of the franchise at one point or another. Sure, I could ignore Clark and Bonds in favor of Marichal and/or Cepeda, but that would be a little too biased towards the 60's (this list spreads them out across four decades). Also, I have a "Mount Rushmore" for the franchise's time in New York: New York baseball Giants: Christy Mathewson, Carl Hubbell, Mel Ott, John McGraw Mays would be a potential candidate, but he's tied more to San Francisco than he is to New York (even if he ended his career with the Mets).
  17. I like the update, but I definitely prefer the royal/lime color scheme. I really like that color scheme, and I think you're template makes it work. Well done!
  18. Thanks for the C+C. I've been trying to imitate the shape of a thunderhead, but I'm not sure how to translate it into a simple logo and relay it into the dark grey/orange/yellow color scheme. I'm thinking I can draw a thundercloud from the side, and lay it behind the "Thunder" wordmark, allowing the accent on the n to form a lightning bolt. I would probably do the same thing for the "OKC" secondary as well. This. With the great wordmarks, a subtle jersey design would be best. Also, I would get rid of the blue and use a dark grey as the primary color. That way you don't have grey only appearing in the logos and on the alt uniform, and I think it would look really good paired with the orange and yellow. A HUGE thank you for the new color scheme idea. As far as the uniforms are concerned, I also mocked up a version of them with more traditional paneling, like this. Just replace the navy blue with dark grey, and you'd have the plan for the new alt: I'm thinking of adding a hint of the lightning bolts in the shorts flares, replacing the curves with the jagged edges of the lightning bolts.
  19. Now that the updates are out of the way, let's head on down to Thunder road! OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER Their current set is absolutely awful for a variety of reasons. Not only is their color scheme unfitting of a team named thunder, but the fonts are terrible and the uniform template is just so GD bland. Also, the primary logo and the "OKC" logos are a complete joke in how they're put together. I understand the identity was thrown together quickly, but so was the Winnipeg Jets MK II's identity, and that is a good look (could use more red, but still pretty good). If anything, OKC is the Team Canada Hurricanes of basketball: a modern team that tries to use an overly retro look that just comes across as cheap imitation/lazy. They are a modern team, and should look the part. So, I had to start from scratch. This concept has its origins in 2011, when a member of this board named Mister Vicious made a series of Thunder wordmarks. When I first saw them, I absolutely loved the modern and somewhat outrageous feeling they gave off. However, he never made uniforms or a court to go with the concept, and kept the Thunder's terrible color scheme. So, I made the decision to rectify this with my own adjustments. The most obvious change is that the color scheme is an update of the 1997-2010 Golden State Warriors (which I like, just not for the Warriors), with brighter shades of orange and yellow, as well as grey for the logos and an alternate. When modifying the wordmarks, I combined several of Mister Vicious' "Thunder" scripts to form the primary wordmark, and made it a part of a partial thundercloud logo. A full thundercloud roundel encloses the "OKC" insignia for the secondary. The court is a modified version of their current court, but with college lines to display the accent colors and the new logos (baseline font is Conrad's Straight Block, as the Mister Vicious font looked crushed in the baselines). Uniforms Again, the influence of the 1997-2010 Warriors show up in the template. I knew I had to go outrageous in the template, so I went with an update of the 97-02 Warriors uniforms. The primary difference is that the lightning bolt is on both sides, and designed to be contiguous bolt on the entire side of the uniform. Because the numbers are now off-center on the front, the full "Oklahoma City" wordmark fits perfectly. I decided to taper the v-neck striping, in order to give the impression of a bolt of lightning dashing down from the sky. The number font is an italicized version of the Jacksonville Jaguars' current number font. It does not have the drop shadow of the wordmarks because my attempts to add drop shadow resulted in the numbers becoming blurred and near-illegible. The "Straight Block" font shows up again on the NOB's, and the secondary logo appears on the shorts. Alternate This guy is the "stormy night" alt, as I like to call it. It uses a dark gray base and a gradient treatment of the "OKC" logo. I normally don't like gradients, but I think it works to allude to the lighting changing color as it increases in intensity. I even figured out a way to apply it to a uniform properly (print it on fabric, stitch the fabric onto the twill, then apply normally). Since the Rev30 isn't the base for this series, all this crazy stuff can be done without a problem. It may not be pretty, but it's my kind of not pretty. So, there's the Thunder. I really hope I've done Mister Vicious' wonderful work justice, and I'm glad I broke the Thunder away from their bland garbage. This may be a little too out-there and bit nasty for some, but I like that it's modern and is trying something different with a team that should try something different. Next up, a team that required far less madness, the Orlando Magic!
  20. Things will straighten out once Pagan and Belt get back, and Romo gets dumped from the closer spot. I have a feeling that this team can find its way again and get the lead higher, but maybe I'm being too optimistic. Still, I don't think this will be as much of a mess as 2013, and that these guys can get their groove back.
  21. In the words of a critic who's endured stupidity similar to this: Seagate, I'm not saying you're to blame, but at least let the Sharks fold in the playoffs with a shred of aesthetic dignity.
  22. Thank you for the bump. Looking back at this series, I'm considering doing a couple of updates for a couple teams that I'm not really happy with anymore. After learning so much from my NBA series (so far), I've tweaking/overhauling a few of my MLB concepts.
  23. I had to look it up because I've been waiting for this to happen: Looks good to me! Beautiful. They should not only wear the orange alt on the road more often, but also consider dumping the home cap when wearing the orange alt (heck, dump the home cap period, as the road cap looks great with the home whites).
  24. Here are two updates of earlier concepts, the Hornets and the Mavericks! CHARLOTTE HORNETS - MEGA UPDATE Now that the whole set has been revealed, I decided to tweak my concept to account for things I didn't particularly care for in the released designs. While I do like the court and the uniforms, I felt they could use a degree of adjustment. The court now bears the honeycomb pattern and color scheme of the current court, but with the "Buzz City" logos eliminated in favor of the "CH" insignia. The uniforms have also received some modification from my first versions. The subliminated honeycomb has been dumped, as it really isn't necessary when the court has the glorious honeycomb pattern. The multicolored pinstripes now use a dark teal and the carolina blue found on their color sheet. I've redone the wordmarks to better match the actual uniform wordmarks, but I kept the number outlines (because I prefer teal on the road to purple). The new Hugo goes on the waistband, as I'm not a fan of the silhouetted hornet (and I like the updated Hugo). Road uniform is teal, because I prefer the teal look on the road (only team with a teal road uniform). Court Uniforms Alternate The alternate uses the honeycomb pattern from the practice court in the side panel, with the shorts logos adjusted accordingly. DALLAS MAVERICKS I've never been all that happy with how my original concept turned out. It had too many of the problems from the current set, the green felt kind of forced, and the font really should have been limited to the alternate. So, I went back to the double blue color scheme, ditched the shields from the logos, and removed all of the black accents (just simple cleaning). The current uniform font also returns in the wordmarks and courts, while the alt wordmark remains an alt wordmark. The uniforms smooth out the top of the paneling, allowing for the higher placement of the wordmarks and numbers. The "Mavericks" wordmark now goes on the home uniform, the road goes back to a navy blue base (with no silver outlines on the logos). The alt uses the current alternate wordmark, with my update of the hat logo from the previous version. Courts Uniforms Home Road Alternate Up next, the Oklahoma City Thunder!